Best multi-surface cleaner

By Katie Dyal

If you could only buy one cleaning product, a multi-surface cleaner would be it. These products, as stated in their name, work on all kinds of objects and surfaces. There is no limit to what you can clean with a multi-surface cleaner. 

The regular use of one of these germ-fighting solutions is absolutely imperative to the cleanliness of your home. Sweeping, vacuuming and laundering are great steps towards a healthy home environment; however, they’re not enough. Unfortunately, bacteria and allergens can congregate without us even knowing it. Multi-surface cleaners should be used just as often in preventative care as they are for cleaning up visible messes. Luckily, you’ll be able to do both with the purchase of one of these products. Keep reading to see our favorite multi-surface cleaners.

The best multi-surface cleaner

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Seventh Generation Professional

Best value

Safe and clean

The all-purpose cleaner by Seventh Generation Professional solves any mess.

This formula is certified by the USDA to be 91-percent bio-based. No VOCs, chlorine or other harmful chemicals are added – this cleaner is purely plant-based and biodegradable. With that said, it is definitely just as tough and reliable as its competitors, if not more. Use this product on a variety of surfaces for easy and effective germ removal. With this purchase, you’ll receive two generously sized bottles which collectively contain 128 fluid ounces of product.

Bissell’s Multi-Surface Pet Floor Cleaning Formula

Best safe option

For the pet owner

Bissell’s multi-surface pet floor cleaner is safe for pets and specifically targets pet messes.

If you’re a pet owner, it can sometimes be concerning to use cleaning products on floors, furniture, or anything your pet can get in contact with. This product by Bissell doesn’t contain any metals, phosphates or dyes, meaning you’ll be able to quickly remove dirt and grime without worry. What’s more, it can be used on all kinds of surfaces, from glossy hardwood floors to fluffy area rugs. Coming a pack of three, this purchase will provide you with plenty of cleaners for months to come. By purchasing this product, you’ll also be donating to the Bissell Pet Foundation, an organization that works to save homeless pets.

Better Life

Best all-natural

Effortless and cruelty-free

Better Life’s all-purpose natural cleaner will instantly make your life easier.

Coming in a pack of two, these spray bottles allow you to effortlessly clean any surface. This formula works on all kinds of materials and objects, from floor baseboards to boats to sporting equipment and everything in between. This option sports calming clary sage and citrus scents, two essential oils known to promote relaxation and sleep. Last but not least, this 100-percent plant-based cleaning product is free of alcohol, parabens, and other harmful additives. Better Life is a cruelty-free brand.


Best hypoallergenic

Convenient and refreshing

Pledge’s allergen and dust multi-surface spray pledges to keep your house clean conveniently.

Sometimes the most harmful bacteria is hard to see – that’s where this cleaner spray comes in. This three-pack of spray cans specifically target dust and allergens. This product works on all hard surfaces and will dissolve germs on contact. It also provides a lustrous shine to whatever you’re spraying on and leaves a refreshing lemon scent. If you’re especially sensitive to allergens, we recommend using hypoallergenic bedding as well to play on the safe side.


How to find the best multi-surface cleaner

Multi-surface cleaners are all-around great products for their versatility, affordability, and easy use. With that said, the similarities between products might make it hard to choose one. By considering a product’s use, formula, quantity, and scent, you’ll be able to get clear on your preferences. 

Use: Most multi-surface cleaners are safe to use on practically anything, from hardwood floors to different kinds of fabrics. Some, however, may cause damage to certain materials. If you’re planning on cleaning something valuable or made of a delicate material, check the label before you spray away. 

Formula: Clearly the most important factor, a cleaner’s formula will tell you everything you need to know. Make sure the one you choose doesn’t contain harsh additives. If you’re concerned about the safety of your pets or young kids, an extra-gentle formula may be in order. 

Quantity: To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, check to see how much product you’ll actually be getting with your purchase. We recommend going with a value pack – you can never have enough multi-surface cleaner. Besides, it’s always nice to have back-ups in case one runs out unexpectedly. 

Scent: Multi-surface cleaners come in all kinds of scents. Make sure to pick a scent you especially love. You’ll most likely be using this product a lot, so your house will eventually start to reflect its smell. 


No cleaning kit is complete without a multi-surface cleaner. This standard product can be used in all kinds of situations, for all kinds of messes and in every room of your house. When it comes to your bedroom, the use of one of these products is especially important. These cleaners instantly kill germs and bacteria, which will improve air quality and your sleep quality as well. Although multi-surface cleaners differ slightly, they’re all great at keeping your home clean as a whole. We hope you’ve found a multi-surface cleaner that fits the bill in our list of recommendations.

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