Best Murphy Beds

By Katie Dyal

If you’re looking for the best way to utilize a small living space, Murphy beds are a great option. These smartly designed pieces show up on the market in a multitude of ways. Some compact the mattress when closed, resulting in a furniture piece that’s akin to a cabinet or desk. Others fold up to rest against the wall. These are called full wall beds and are usually cleverly disguised by a dual-purpose cabinet or storage unit.

Although they are not the most common mattress foundation choice, they are rapidly increasing in popularity and can dramatically change your dorm room, studio apartment, children’s’ room, or any space that’s running out of space. We encourage you to be open to this non-conventional life hack and check out our top picks for the best Murphy beds below.

Our Picks for the Best Murphy Beds

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Atlantic Furniture

Best Budget

Atlantic Furniture

Measuring in at 40-inch by 17-inch by 8-inch, The Atlantic Furniture Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest is the perfect option for anyone trying to save space in style. 

This particular product is by far the best pick for budget and includes a premium six-inch CoolSoft memory foam mattress. The six-foot mattress folds up when not being used and tucks nicely into this incredibly compact piece of furniture. The benefits don’t stop at it’s expertly crafted design. It is a breeze to use, and with a fully assembled base, it’s easy to set up as well. Coming in six gorgeous neutral colors, there’s an option for every style of home. An extra-large storage drawer gives you another opportunity to hide unsightly storage, while built-in USB charging ports prevent clutter from piling up. Satin-finished hardware adds a little luxe, all in all making this piece of furniture a statement piece, rather than a disguise.


Best Luxury


The Bestar 90-inch Set with Queen Wall Bed and Storage Unit is our top pick for the best luxury murphy bed. 

This functional piece of furniture is also stunningly attractive, sporting a Shaker-inspired look. It is a wall bed style, meaning that your mattress flips upwards to fit neatly inside a faux cabinet against the wall. A dual-piston system offers easy assembly and an effortless set-up every time; simply pull the cabinet handle down to reveal your crash pad. Connected to this cabinet is a tall and spacious shelf that provides ample storage space. Its versatile design and your choice in three colors make this murphy bed a solid addition to anyone’s home, whether that be a loft, studio, condo – you name it. The only thing to note before buying is that it does not include a mattress.

Night & Day Furniture

Best Value

Night & Day Furniture

The Murphy “Cube” by Night & Day Furniture is now available at a highly discounted rate that’s too good not to miss. 

This tiny cabinet only takes up to 10 square feet of floor space when closed, but remarkably reveals a gel-infused memory foam mattress in one fell swoop. Advertised as an instant guest bed, this a great option for a consumer who likes to entertain guests from time to time and also conserve space when not. The gorgeous cherry-colored wood on this handsome piece will add elegance to any room. The rustic finish will have your guests wondering if this murphy cube is a vintage find or heirloom.

Night & Day

Also Great

Night & Day

As seen above, the Murphy “Cube” is a solid bet that offers sturdiness in style. 

Should you take a more contemporary route with your home decor, this specific option shows off a stonewashed finish. Its deep grey gives off an air of modern and minimalistic design, whereas the warm cherry finish looks more traditional. Both are fully assembled, include a six-inch gel-infused memory foam mattress, and boast expert hardwood construction.  

The Benefits of Buying a Murphy Bed

If you’re working with a small space, Murphy beds are absolutely essential; they’ll afford you more square inches when your bank account can’t. Here are some specific benefits that will tell why this kind of bed is a good idea:

  • Utilize your space is the most efficient way possible 
  • Change the function of your space instantly
  • Hide bulky storage
  • Save on an extension to your home
  • Embrace a minimalist lifestyle 

What to Look For in Your Next Murphy Bed

Murphy beds vary just as much as traditional bed frames. When narrowing down your search, your most important criteria will pertain to the space that it will occupy. Design, safety, and style should also have a part in your decision process. 

  • Material: Although merely a style choice, it’s an important one. Your Murphy bed will most likely be a focal point of the room it resides in, so its color and texture should speak to you and your interior plan.
  • Design: The term “design” serves as an umbrella answer for questions of style and function. The design of Murphy beds can be traditional, contemporary, and everything in between. Its design also relates to how it functions. Does it open vertically or horizontally? Is it freestanding? These inquiries will affect your space just as much as the dimensions of the piece itself.
  • Mechanism/Features: Look for certain features to make sure that your Murphy bed will offer ease and not the opposite. A “hinged counterbalanced system” or “spring-balanced hinge system” allows effortless opening and closing. Built-in straps will secure your bed in place and keep it from shifting when stored.
  • Mattress: Read all descriptions very carefully to see whether or not the mattress is included. If your destined Murphy bed doesn’t include a mattress, check out our top picks for the best mattresses of 2020. 


Murphy beds are helpful, and sometimes necessary, in a variety of situations and spaces. Ranging in color, material, design, and format, there’s one out there waiting to make your life easier. 

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