The Best Nightgowns For Every Occasion

By Dr. Sheryl Grassie

Long or short, flannel or silk, black, red, or a colorful print; there are about as many styles of nightgowns as there are types of people. What you want to find is one that meets your needs and maybe even helps with a good night’s sleep. Check out some of our top picks and things to consider so you can purchase the perfect nightgown.

Our Picks for the Best Nightgowns for Every Occasion

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hotouch sleepwear

Best Loungewear

Hotouch Sleepwear Women’s Nightgown Cotton Sleep Shirt

The Hotouch tee-shirt nightgown is soft and cozy. It is made from cotton, nylon, and spandex and is lightweight and cool.

Long-sleeved or short-sleeved, there are 9 different solid color nightgowns with a front print. They come in sizes S through XXL and are perfect for transitioning from evening lounging to sleeping in bed.

avidlove nightgown

Most Romantic

Avidlove Women’s Lingerie V Neck Nightwear

A teddy is the perfect nightgown for some women. Short, it is cool for summer and is soft with silky satin that’s comfortable for loungewear or sleepwear.

Babydoll straps and a V-neck keep it minimalist. It comes in 11 different colors and both regular and plus sizes. Great for a romantic evening.

amerimark nightgown

Best for Day or Night Wear

AmeriMark Lounger House Dress with Pockets

Need a night gown that can double as a house dress? This AmeriMark lounge dress is perfect for day, evening, or sleeping.

Below the knee length, mid-length sleeves, and pockets make it very functional. Sizes medium through 5X, it is made of 100% easy care polyester. This hand-sewn muumuu comes in 48 different patterns for incredible variety. Choose just one or select one dress for every day of the month!

ekousaer nightgown

Most Comfortable

Ekouaer Sleepwear Women’s Nightgown Sexy Sleep Shirt Dress

Do you like your sexy to be a little more subtle? This demure sleep shirt is trimmed and accented in lace for a hint of sexy. It comes in a variety of colors and styles with sleeveless, short, or ¾ sleeves.

An easy-care rayon/spandex blend, this nightgown is soft and flattering. It comes in solid colors, and red and white, or black and white stripes. Sized small through XXL.

When It Comes To A Nightgown, How Do I Choose?

What you wear for sleeping can have a profound effect on how well you sleep. The fit needs to be just right, and that means the correct sleeve length, body length, fabric, and weight. Of course, things like price and care instructions factor in too.

Sleeve Length – Many nightgowns come in a choice of sleeve length. Sleeveless can be great for summer or if you don’t like something covering your arms at night. Short sleeved gowns are comfortable and great for all seasons. A ¾ length or long-sleeved nightgown is a wonderful way to stay warm. Pick a nightgown for a season or for all year.  

Body Length – From hip length to floor length and everything in between, the body of a nightgown can have greatly varying lengths. Choosing the right length for you could be based on warmth, or sleeping style, or how much fabric you can tolerate. If you move around a lot at night you might prefer a shorter nightgown that doesn’t get tangled when you turn over. If it is cold and you like to wrap your feet in an additional layer of fabric, go for a long nightgown.

Fabric – Flannel, silk, satin, cotton, or linen can all make a great nightgown. You should choose based on what feels good against your skin. If you sweat at night you might prefer a breathable fabric like cotton.

Weight – Some people feel soothed by a heavy weight material like a dense flannel, others prefer a very lightweight fabric like silk. Weight and temperature generally go hand in hand so really heavy weight will equal warmer and lightweight cooler.

Price – You can spend $10 or $1,000 on a nightgown. Especially if you are searching online, it can help to narrow down a price range beforehand. This can also help you determine the stores you will shop in.

Care Instructions – Most nightgowns are easy care, wash and dry, but not all. Some need hand washing and line drying. Read the instructions ahead of time to determine exactly how much work maintaining a particular nightgown will be.


Nightgowns are a wonderful sleep garment that can keeping you snuggled and warm or leave your legs free to move around. They come in unlimited varieties from short-sleeved to long-sleeved, from cotton to silk, from dressy to causal. They can be worn all day or just for sleep. Check out our favorites to wear for a romantic evening or for time in bed with a good book.

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