Best nightstands

Your nightstand needs to be functional, practical, and stylish, of course. When picking out your nightstand, there are a few things you should consider. Nightstands are meant to serve as an extra storage space, a place for important belongings, and an additional touch to your sanctuary. Read along with us to hear our top picks for the best nightstands and how to choose the best one for your bedroom.

Comes in a set of two

Easiest Assembly

No screws or drills required for this nightstand! The Furinno end table is stylish, easy to assemble, and durable.

Why we love it:

  • With a simple turn-and-tube assembly, you can have your nightstands fully functional in minutes!
  • Available in one size, these nightstands can even serve as an end table in the living room.
  • The sleek, modern design is made with card compliant composite wood and PVC tubes.
  • Offered in several color options and each order comes with a set of two!

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Sturdy storage that adds a warm touch

Best for Storage

If you’re looking for a practical, traditional design, then you’ll love this nightstand.

Why we love it:

  • Each table is constructed with a combination of solid and composite wood, topped off with your choice of a natural or black finish.
  • Each nightstand requires assembly and provides ample storage space.
  • You will have a decent-sized drawer, as well as a small cabinet compartment.

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Gives a rustic look to any decor

Most Stylish

This set of two nightstands is perfect for couples who want a space to store nightly essentials on their own side of the bed.

Why we love it:

  • These nightstands are extremely stylish with a rustic brown wood finish and black metal mesh shelves that are both functional and chic.
  • The mesh shelves are perfect for holding your books, magazines, tablets or any other essentials you like to have for your bedtime routine.
  • They’re also super easy to assemble, as the only tool needed is an Allen key that is included in the packaging.

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Sturdy and stylish

Most Modern

Modern is supposed to be simple, right? Not only does the design of the Zinus nightstand serve simple in style, but also in assembly!

Why we love it:

  • All the tools needed are included in your order, which means assembly time is said to take just a few minutes.
  • Available in a lovely espresso or brown finish, this nightstand can complement most bedroom styles.
  • Designed with an open bottom shelf and squared steel frame, this nightstand is stylish and sturdy.

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How to choose the best nightstand

You need to find the perfect nightstand to place next to both sides of your bed. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the right nightstand for your bedroom.

Height: Your bedside table is supposed to be just that- bedside. This means that the ideal nightstand for you should be the same in height to the top of your mattress. It’s a safe bet to go a little taller rather than shorter, if necessary.

Size: Your nightstand should be able to fit your chosen lamp comfortably. You don’t want something that’s going to take up too much space or something that’s too small where you can’t rest your glass of water. Think of the dimensions in space you need and the size of your lamp when deciding which nightstand to pick.

Storage: If you could use some extra storage, this is the perfect opportunity to get your desired amount without crowding your space. Be sure to consider if this is something that you would want or need when shopping for your bedroom nightstands.

Style: Functionality is important and all, but you should always consider the style of your nightstand before making a purchase. Seek out some inspiration from your favorite home magazine or browse through design boards online. You can most definitely find a nightstand that matches your current furniture to add that desired, stylish touch you’re longing for.


A nightstand is an important piece within every bedroom. Your nightstand needs to be functional while still alluding to your interior style. When shopping for a bedside table, consider the height, storage, and size to find the best pick for your space.