Best patterned throw pillows

Who has the space to store as many throw pillows as we’d like to have to upgrade, freshen or just randomly change-out accessories in any of our rooms? Throw pillow covers in a variety of patterns and colors are the answer. Check out our list of suggestions and tips for creating the perfect collection of patterned throw pillows to compliment all of your style personalities and even decorate all your beds like a pro.

Plush fur accent

Editor’s pick

Enrich any room with a surprise pop of cozy white faux fur that will compliment any faux fur throw you may already have. Plush enough for your guest or master bedroom and durable enough for the kids to throw on the floor and snuggle on.

Why we love it:

  • Two-pack
  • Machine washable
  • Plush trendy style
  • Neutral color

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Upgrade and freshen any room decor

Best modern style

Transform old, stained or unattractive pillows with these smart throw covers. This square-only option is available in five sizes and 10 modern color choices. With its solid but textured color hues, this cover actually corners the market for us on blending into any decor.

Why we love it:

  • Transitional style
  • Machine or hand washable
  • Durable cotton-linen blend
  • Set of two

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Eco-friendly with convenient, hidden zippers

Best for all seasons

Investing in any decorating accessories can be frustrating when the product doesn’t deliver on the style you were hoping to get. This selection takes the guesswork out of the purchase. Offered in 14 color choices and three different sizes, this set of two throw pillow covers offers variety.

Why we love it:

  • 14 color choices
  • Machine washable
  • Set of two
  • Gold accents for a modern touch
  • Soft and cuddly material

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Coordinated, multipack of style

Best pack of four

You’re getting four pillow covers, in two different patterns and you select from the 18 available color shades to purchase the one that speaks loudest to you. These 17-inch by 17-inch covers can be stuff with an 18 inch by 18 inches insert so you can choose a sleeker or fluffier profile.

Why we love it:

  • Crafted with eco-friendly polyester
  • Four pillow pack
  • Adaptable for two insert sizes
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Color-coordinated set

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How to find the best patterned throw pillows

Gone are the days when throw pillows matched the couch or chair they came with—thank goodness. Now our throw pillows can reflect the kind of style and comfort we have even when that style needs to continually change. So, what should you look for when purchasing the best patterned throw pillows for your home? Consider construction, sizing and variety for the best buy.

Construction: Mixing fabric textures is a key way to create variety and increase interest in any room’s decor. However, not all fabrics are durable enough to withstand vigor usage or easily able to be washed. Check material labels and look for interlock or zigzag stitching features if your throw pillow need to be more than just eye-candy.

Sizing: Measurements for most pillow and pillow covers are on the diagonal and not from right to left corners. Carefully measure your existing pillows and take the time to place different sizes in the locations you’ll be placing the new pillows. Since not all throw pillow options come in any size you may need, be sure to select the size that will work for you BEFORE you fall in love with a choice that may not come in that size.

Variety: Consider if a multi-package of two or four pillows to take the stress off of your budget. Since pillow covers are easily stored away, you can use the ones you need right away but save the others for a refresh. And if you need to launder one of the covers you’ll have a backup waiting in the wings.


Making the best patterned throw pillow purchase is less of a commitment with today’s pillow covers than it used to be, so take advantage. Measure carefully, think thrifty but don’t forget to have fun with it!