Best peel and stick wallpaper

By Katie Dyal

Do you cringe at the thought of hanging wallpaper in your home? Do you ever wonder how people have the patience to install wallpaper, let alone take it down? Well, it’s 2020 — which means that wallpaper is now more convenient than ever before. Hanging wallpaper in your bedroom no longer requires messy glue. Simply peel the backing off and stick the adhesive to any surface imaginable. And the best part is you won’t smell any chemicals while hunkering down for your slumber.

If you are looking for some attractive wallpaper to add a bit of pizzaz to your bedroom, Mattress Advisor has gathered a list of the top peel and stick wallpapers that you can hang all by yourself. Check them out below.

The best peel and stick wallpaper

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HaokHome herringbone peel and stick wallpaper

Top choice

Modern and stylish

Are you looking to add a tasteful and artsy touch to your bedroom or office? 

The HaokHome herringbone design peel and stick wallpaper is just what you need to transform your dull walls into something that makes you proud. With its whimsical and hand-drawn pattern, you won’t want to leave the room after installing it. You can even decorate drawers, closets, kitchen cabinets and so much more with this easy-to-install-and-remove wallpaper.

Why we love it:

  • Mold and moisture-proof
  • Contains 14.5 square feet of material
  • Removable and repositionable
  • Won’t leave gunky residue on your walls or furniture
  • A great paint alternative
Abyssaly black wood-like peel and stick wallpaper

Best wood

Classy and DIY-friendly

Who said you need to install expensive wood to create a classy and timeless look in your home?

Thanks to Abyssaly, you can now enjoy the luxury of installing wood features in your home — without the hefty price tag! This wood-like peel and stick wallpaper will transform your kitchen cabinets, dining room tables, or bedroom wall into a trendy space. This wallpaper is a breeze to install and remove, high temperature tolerant, and resistant to oil and water. 

Why we love it:

  • Comes in three convenient sizes
  • Features an easy-cut grid on the back
  • Extra-strong adhesive layer
  • Water-resistant protective layer
  • Will never bubble
Heroad shabby-chic vinyl wood plank peel and stick wallpaper

Best for indoors and outdoors

Versatile and color-changing

Are you wanting to jump on the shiplap bandwagon?

Heroad makes it easy to add a rustic shiplap look to your home with their gray, vinyl wood plank peel and stick wallpaper. Depending on where you install this wallpaper, you will experience different hues of gray based on light exposure. Above all, you can use this wallpaper inside or outdoors. The high-grade vinyl material keeps the wallpaper dry (even outdoors), and won’t leave a sticky residue when you remove it.  

Why we love it:

  • Adhesive
  • No-mess installation
  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • For use on outdoor furniture
  • Vinyl
  • Color variant in different lights
NuWallpaper gray faux brick peel and stick wallpaper

Best brick 

Realistic and trendy

If you’ve ever been in a loft apartment, there is something about the unique feel of the brick surrounding you. 

It’s edgy, it’s raw, and it makes you feel like you’re in a New York City loft in Manhattan. Amazingly, there is a way to add a realistic loft feel to your own bedroom — without moving into a loft of your own. Install this NuWallpaper faux brick wallpaper in your bedroom, in your kitchen, or even in your bathroom. Made with thick material, no color of paint will ever show through. 

Why we love it:

  • Lies flat when installed
  • Sticks to wood, vinyl, plastic, drywall, and painted walls
  • Won’t leave a sticky residue upon removal
  • Rental friendly
  • Covers 8.1 square feet of wall space
  • Resistant to moisture and mold
practicalWS blue multi-color wood-like peel and stick wallpaper

Best for accent walls

Colorful and convenient

This colorful and beautiful wallpaper is sure to get second glances and is worthy of an accent wall in your home.

Designed to look like painted and stripped shiplap, this wallpaper is perfect for living room accent walls, bar kickboard areas, stair faces, or anywhere else you can think up. It is sturdy, well made, and designed to withstand surfaces that might get wet. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean and remove to reposition seamlessly. 

Why we love it:

  • Features an oil and water-resistant protective film
  • Grid back for easy measuring and cutting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Won’t show the surface color underneath
  • Colorful and unique
RoomMates black and white written word peel and stick wallpaper

Best for intentional spaces 

Inspirational and transformative

If you are a lover of words, you’re going to love this wallpaper.

Featuring black inspirational words on a white background is a perfect addition to a bedroom, office or writer’s room. You could even line drawers with this wallpaper for an inspirational surprise as you open the drawer. You don’t need glue to install this wallpaper, as its adhesive backing sticks easily to any surface. If you need to remove your wallpaper, you can rest assured that you won’t have to scrape gunky goo off your walls as the paper comes off clean. 

Why we love it:

  • Easy to clean
  • Thick and covers even the darkest paint colors
  • Seamless installation
  • Great for bedrooms or creative spaces
  • Removable and repositionable
  • Won’t leave a sticky residue behind

How to find the best peel and stick wallpaper

What do you need to look for in a great peel and stick wallpaper? We’ve answered your questions with the top three things that peel and stick wallpaper should include. 

A protective film layer: Choosing a peel and stick wallpaper with a protective top layer the best thing you could do for yourself. Having a protective layer on your wallpaper keeps the paper safe from moisture, mold, bubbling and high temperatures. It is also easier to clean your wallpaper that includes a protective layer. If you have spills or splatters, simply grab a wet cloth, wipe down and dry with a separate cloth.

Gridlines on the back: There is nothing more frustrating than cutting a piece of wallpaper and not having it fit properly. Choosing wallpaper with gridlines is a smart choice since you can measure your area, mark your cutting zones, and trim the paper to your desired size. You also waste less paper and save money this way.

Repositionable: You may not think it, but being able to reposition your peel and stick wallpaper is a lifesaver. Not only can you fix misplaced wallpaper on the spot (without tearing the material), but you can also remove the wallpaper and transfer it to another surface if you’d like. 


Giving your bedroom a facelift with peel and stick wallpaper is an excellent option for those who live in rental homes, or just don’t want the hassle of painting walls. Peel and stick wallpaper is wonderful for those who like to DIY without a huge mess as well. Whatever your reason, we hope you are now confident in choosing the perfect wallpaper for your home. 

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