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By Amanda Lasater

With all the responsibilities piled up on top of our already busy schedule, sometimes we need a break to play with our pets. Unfortunately, we can’t drive home every time we need a break to play with our furbabies. So, instead, buying a pet camera can put you right back on your home turf, no matter where you are. 

To help ensure you pick the perfect one for your needs, we have made a top-pick list for best pet cameras that will bring joy into your home from afar.

The Best Pet Cameras

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Stylish and fun

Best treat tosser

Keeping our pets happy is one of the most fun responsibilities we have as their owners.

This treat tossing pet camera makes the experience of playing with your friend enjoyable for both of you. With a 1080p HD camera and night vision, this device will make it easy to see every detail you’d need. At 5.9’’x4.7’’x8.9’’ and weighing just over 2 pounds, this product will fit snug into your home’s decor. These pet cameras also have a barking detector inside to inform you when your pet wants to see you. This is truly one awesome way to connect with your pet whilst away. 


  • Fun for pets
  • Barking sensor


  • Larger size
  • Treats sold separately

A high resolution camera

Most secure

If you’re unsure a pet camera can be properly defended with software and encryption, this security/pet camera should be mentioned.

At 3.3’’x3.3’’x4.7’’, this camera packs a punch when security is the topic. Their software prevents any manipulation of data or forgery of information that can come in between the camera and the cloud it is uploaded to. There is also an option to insert your own SD card to increase security. This makes it a very safe piece of technology. With a 1080p HD camera, you can see your pet’s adorable smiles every time. 


  • Secure
  • Small
  • Motion Ddetection


  • Occasional software issues

Lightweight and high quality

Most discrete

If you want to give your fur-friend some attention while away but don’t want your camera to stick out like a sore thumb, then this dog camera is for you.

Weighing only 9 ounces, this is the smallest, highest quality camera. At 4.7’’x3.5’’x3.5’’, this little guy can hide on bookshelves, under stairwells, or even in the corner of the ceiling. Similar to the off-white color of most interior walls, NETVUE’s pet camera should blend right into your home. 


  • Small
  • Wall mount included
  • Inexpensive


  • Occasional poor audio quality

Affordable and secure

Best budget

Many consumers haven’t thought about getting their pets a camera, it might be a strange idea to them.

It can be costly to buy the brands with all the bells and whistles, so this brand offers a security camera you can use as a pet camera. It’s inexpensive and has great functionality. The 720p camera covers 360 degrees of view, like other cameras. It comes with night vision, two-way communication, and motion detection. For those not looking to break the bank on a product they simply want to try, this is the pet camera for you. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent functionality


  • Less detailed camera
  • Large

How to pick the best pet camera

Shopping for your pet camera has a lot of questions to be answered. Consider the following when choosing the right one for you: 

  • Features: Depending on what you want your pet camera to do, the options for the one that fits your tastes can be vast. If you simply want a camera, then your options will be wider than someone looking for a treat tosser too. Knowing whether you want a two-way communication system or maybe no sound at all are just some of the options to consider. A pet camera that keeps you and your pet entertained is the goal, and determining what you want your camera to do will help you enjoy the experience.
  • Security: Most people are against the invasion of privacy. That’s why it’s important to keep your surroundings secure. A pet camera is no different. Keeping your home protected is important, so finding trustworthy, complimentary opinions of a product’s security will help you in picking the pet camera you feel most comfortable with. Ultimately, the camera you choose should give you warm, pleasant feelings and not unsettling ones. 
  • Discreteness: Do you want your camera to stand out? Do you want your pet cam to be tucked away in a corner? The aesthetic appeal of your decision might not be the top priority, but it is almost always a variable in our decision. Having a camera you know will or will not conform to the themes of your home can help you decide if you’d enjoy a large, bulky product, or something that needs to be hidden. By clarifying these answers early, many of the pet camera options can be eliminated.
  • Budget: Keeping your pets happy is an integral part of your own happiness, but that doesn’t mean everyone should pay top dollar for a pet camera. Having an understanding of the average costs of such products will help one better gauge when a product is reasonably priced, overpriced, or hopefully underpriced. Ensuring you’ll be happy handing over your hard-earned money for time with your pet is essential to making an excellent buying decision.


Checking in on your pet can be the mid-day relief you need – plus, we’re sure your little fur baby would love hearing from you. Use our favorite pet cameras to pick out the perfect one for you and your fluffball. 

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