Best Pillow Shams to Dress Up Your Bedroom

By Amanda Lasater

Jun 8th, 2022

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When it comes to your bedroom pillows, the most important thing is to find the best pillows for your sleeping style so you can get the support and comfort you need to get the best night’s sleep possible. 

Once you’ve accomplished this, then you can consider using some of your pillows as a key decoration in your bedroom style. Pillow shams are a great way to highlight your bedding and provide that extra detail needed to bring your entire bedroom design together.

Here are our top picks for the best pillow shams and how to choose the right pillow shams for your bedroom style.

Our Picks for the Best Pillow Shams

NTBAY pillow sham

Best Overall

NTBAY Standard Pillow Shams, Set of 2

Although pillow shams are predominantly for decoration, these pillow shams are designed as comfortable as a typical pillowcase.

Made with 100-percent microfiber, each pillow sham is extremely soft and protects your actual pillows from dirt and other forms of bacteria. The fabric quality is breathable, as well as stain and wrinkle-resistant.

Each order includes two pillow shams in your choice of color and size. 

pinzon pillow shams

Best Luxury

Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hotel Stitch Sham

Did someone say Egyptian Cotton? The Pinzon Pillow Shams scream luxury. Designed with a 400-thread count and two-ply weave, these shams are tailored to last.

The surface of each sham is constructed with a sateen finish for ultimate comfort. Sateen fabric is sure to give your bedroom a hotel-like feel. Two bands of your choice in color wrap around the sham and are offset by a two-inch flange.

Each purchase includes one sham and is safe to machine wash. 

ALL FOR YOU pillow shams

Best Quilted

ALL FOR YOU 2-Piece Embroidered Quilted Pillow Shams

You can’t go wrong with a quilted pillow sham designed with classic, royal embroideries.

Made with 100-percent cotton filling and a soft, microfiber surface, these pillow shams are comfortable and low-maintenance. You can simply throw these in the wash on cold and tumble dry. Several patterns and color schemes are available.

Each order includes two pillow shams and comes in standard pillow size (20″X 26″+2″ flange).

LIFERVO pillow sham

Best Budget

LIFEREVO 2 Pack Shaggy Plush Faux Fur Pillow Shams Fluffy Decorative Pillowcases

Whether your child is in elementary school or high school, they will fall in love with these fun and furry pillow shams.

Each pillow sham is made with microfiber shaggy fleece that is super soft and wrinkle-resistant. There is a hidden zipper closure on each so it’s safe around young children. You can machine wash these shams on a gentle cycle but don’t forget to turn them inside-out before washing!

Each order includes two pillow shams and comes in standard size, 20” x 26’. 

What are pillow shams? 

Unlike a pillowcase or pillow protector, a pillow sham is the decorative pillow case that offers a deeper look into your style. The purpose of a pillow sham is to work as a cover that brings more detail out in your bedding. When you go to make your bed, having pillow shams gives your bedding the depth and detail it needs to stand out and look polished. After all, achieving Feng Shui in your bedroom does more than just balance out your style. 

How to choose the best pillow sham

There are several options to choose from when shopping for pillow shams. Here are a few things to consider to be confident in your pillow sham purchase. 


First and foremost, pay attention to the size dimensions when picking out pillow shams. You need your shams to correlate to the size of your pillows. Shams are typically available in four different sizes that are intended to match with traditional pillow sizes.


The three most common types of shams are standard, flanged, and quilted. A standard pillow sham is typically designed with solid colors and has a rectangular shape. Flanged pillow shams offer an extra border of fabric which gives a nice contrast from other pillows. Lastly, quilted pillow shams are designed with a decorative stitching that offer a different texture and look.


Pillow shams are a great way to add style and detail to your bedding to improve the overall design of your bedroom. Always consider the size and type when shopping for pillow shams to ensure you’ll find the best ones for dressing up your bedroom.