The Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers

By Amanda Lasater

Feb 18th, 2022

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When you sleep, do you constantly change positions? If you find yourself falling asleep on your back, flipping over to your stomach, and then waking up on your side, then you are one of many “combination sleepers.” As long as you are waking up feeling rested, then this is simply your sleeping style, and it is nothing to be concerned about.

As a combination sleeper, you need a more versatile pillow, because you will be using it in numerous sleep positions. To help you find the best pillow for this sleep style, we’ve compiled a list of the best pillows for combination sleepers. 

Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers

xtreme comforts pillow

Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Pillow

Best Cooling PIllow for Combination Sleepers

Xtreme Comfort’s memory foam pillows are unique because they make use of shredded memory foam. Because the memory foam inside of this pillow is shredded, you can maneuver it into any position that works for you.

Also, the foam never goes flat or becomes lumpy; instead, it remains uniform and will continue to conform to your head and neck during every use. The pillow also features an inner zipper that allows you to adjust the pillow thickness and create the perfect pillow for you.

The memory foam used in this pillow is CertiPUR-US certified and is free of flame retardants, heavy metals, and formaldehyde, so you can rest assured your loved ones are using a safe pillow. Finally, the micro-vented bamboo cover is soft and allows for superior breathability, so you won’t wake up with a moist face again.


  • Shredded memory foam allows you to maneuver it into any position
  • Retains uniform shape
  • Adjustable firmness


  • Can have an odor after unboxing, which typically goes away after a few days
  • Pillow may need fluffing every few days either by hand or in the dryer
utopia bedding gusseted pillow

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow

Best Budget Pillow for Combination Sleepers

These gusseted pillows were designed specifically with combination sleepers in mind.

The pillows are stuffed with a plush microfiber filling that fluffs up to provide you with a cloud-like and indulgent night’s sleep. The lightweight filling also means that these pillows can be molded and shaped during your sleep to give you support wherever you need it.

While the gusseted design and double stitching used on these pillows enhances their look, it also increases durability and prolongs their life. The pillows come in two sizes, perfect for either queen beds or king beds, and two come in each pack.


  • Easy to mold and shape
  • Reinforced seams enhance durability
  • Affordable price


  • Dry cleaning recommended to prolong life
  • Not good for people who want a soft pillow
coop home goods pillow

Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Best Value Pillow for Combination Sleepers

Coop Home Goods sought to create an innovative pillow that was perfect for combination sleeps and hot sleepers – and they succeeded with their Eden pillow.

The pillow uses a soft, gel-infused memory foam and microfiber blend to absorb heat and lead to a cooler sleeping experience. The foam filling is shredded, which allows the sleeper to mold and maneuver the pillow into the perfect shape for their sleeping position. Also, the pillow features an inner zipper which allows you to add or remove foam filling to suit your size and sleeping position.

Its gusseted design helps to prevent a flat feeling pillow; instead, you have edge-to-edge support. The pillow cover is made of a highly breathable and super soft blend of bamboo rayon and polyester that is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.


  • Good for hot sleepers
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant


  • Pillow may need fluffing every few days
  • Can have an odor after unboxing, which typically goes away after a few days
beckham hotel pillow

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow

Best Quality Pillow for Combination Sleepers

Beckham has become a trusted name in bedding and pillows, and their gel pillow does not disappoint.

The pillows are filled with 100% poly-gel, a super plush, gel-infused fiber that makes for a supportive and comfortable pillow for all sleeping positions. The fully cotton cover has a 240 thread count, is stain resistant, and machine washable, so you really don’t need a second cover to sleep comfortably with this pillow.

The pillows are dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant, and they are completely chemical and allergen free, which makes them the perfect pillows for anyone with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.


  • Super plush material
  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant


  • Pillow may be too soft for some sleepers
  • Pillow may lose its fluffiness after sleeping on it a while

Pros and cons of combination sleeping

In general, sleeping in multiple positions throughout the night gets your blood circulating, which is a positive aspect of combination sleeping.

On the other hand, switching positions constantly may be a signal that your health is suffering or that your mattress isn’t working for you. When it comes down to the pros and cons of combination sleeping, however, it is best to look at the pros and cons of each of the sleeping positions that you are switching through each night. 

Sleeping on Your Back


  • Reduces facial wrinkles
  • The natural feeling position for your spine and neck
  • Prevents appendages from falling asleep


  • Increases snoring
  • Will exacerbate sleep apnea

Sleeping on Your Side


  • Reduces snoring
  • Ideal for spinal alignment
  • Aids in digestion and can help to prevent acid reflux


  • Arms may go numb and “fall asleep”
  • Could put strain on shoulders
  • May cause facial wrinkles

Sleeping on Your Stomach


  • Reduces snoring
  • Helps with sleep apnea


  • Leads to the spine being put in an unnatural and uncomfortable position
  • Causes back pain, especially lower back pain
  • Causes neck stiffness
  • Due to the potential for back and neck pain, it can cause you to wake up throughout the night and cause you to wake up feeling drowsy
  • May cause facial wrinkles

What makes a pillow good for combination sleepers?

Combination sleepers have challenges when it comes to pillows. That’s because each sleeping position calls for a different type of pillow. 

For example, side sleepers need a pillow with more height to help close the gap between the necks and the bed and keep their spine aligned. Stomach sleepers are at greater risk for throwing their neck out of alignment, and should choose a flat and soft pillow. Back sleepers also need a flat pillow but with a little more loft and firmness. 

Combination sleepers need pillows that they can easily adjust. For example, they’ll want to fluff it for added loft when they turn on their sides, or mash it flat when they roll onto their bellies. 

Why buy a pillow for combination sleepers?

Everyone benefits from a good night’s sleep. But sleeping on the wrong pillow can be a real pain in the neck. Finding a pillow that can adapt to your changes in sleep positions can ease your neck and spine back into alignment to reduce the risk of neck and backaches, enable you to sleep better and stay asleep through the night, and let you to wake feeling refreshed. 

How to use a pillow as a combination sleeper

How you use your pillow will mainly come down to the positions that you spend the most time in. However, in general, you want to shape and fluff your pillow to your liking. You should be able to mold and maneuver your pillow throughout the night so that as you change positions, your pillow will conform to the new position. 

One of the most important things to realize as a combination sleeper is that you will not be able to fully identify whether a pillow is perfect for you by reading the reviews and product descriptions online. Because you change positions, the pillow you use will have to go through the test of time.

For this reason, we recommend that you take advantage of the company’s trial period. Some pillows offer a 30 day trial period while others offer up to 100 days – make sure you use that time to establish whether this is the best pillow for you.  

What to look for in a combination sleeping pillow

When you are searching for a pillow that will work for combination sleeping, the most important thing is that you find a pillow that is good for all sleeping positions. Whether you switch positions a couple times a night or numerous times a night, you will be using the pillow in different positions.

Combination pillows must be versatile enough to accommodate every style of sleeper. Here are the characteristics of the perfect combination sleeping pillow:

Adjustable Build

When it comes to combination sleeping, it’s always a good idea to have an adjustable pillow. These pillows allow you to customize the loft to your liking by reaching in and adding or removing the filling.

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This means that sleepers of all styles can find the perfect loft for their sleeping patterns. For example, stomach sleepers need a low lofted pillow to maintain spinal alignment, so if you want to use the pillow for stomach sleeping, simply remove some of the stuffing. If you want to use it for back or side sleeping, you can add the stuffing back into

Medium Loft

If you choose not to get an adjustable pillow, then it is very important that you choose one with a medium loft. As a combination sleeper, you need a loft that will keep your spine, neck, and head in alignment, no matter what position you end up in. Make sure the pillow’s loft provides adequate pressure relief for your neck but doesn’t elevate your head to a point where your neck is out of alignment with your spine.

Medium Firmness

The firmness of your pillow is more dependent on your personal preference. If you can figure out what position you spend the most amount of time in, it will help you to understand which firmness level works for you. However, if you are unsure, it is best to go with a medium firmness.


As a combination sleeper, you need a pillow that will offer you even pressure relief and a balance between supportive and fluffy. The best way to get that is to purchase a pillow that makes use of a gusset.

The gusset, also called a pillow’s “backbone” by some, wraps around the perimeter of the pillow and serves to maintain the pillow’s shape and loft. This means that no matter how many positions you go through, the pillow will adapt to the pressure and maintain even relief. Gussets ensure that the pillow remains soft for stomach sleeping, conforming for back sleeping, and lofty for side sleeping.


What is a combination sleeper?

Most people change positions during the night, but they generally prefer one position over the others. Combination sleepers are people who regularly shift positions in the night. They may fall asleep on their backs, roll onto their side, and then flip over onto their bellies throughout the night.

 What kind of pillows are good for side sleepers?

Combination sleepers need a pillow that adapts to their sleep position to keep their spine and neck in alignment in order to reduce the risk of waking with neck or back pain. That means, they’ll need a pillow they can puff up when they sleep on their sides, and one that will mash down when they roll onto their bellies.


Compare our top options for the best pillows for combination sleepers below:


Material Best for  Customer Rating
Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Pillow Shredded memory foam Hot sleepers 4.1/5
Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow  Microfiber Budget Shoppers 4.1/5
Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow  Cross-cut memory foam Value 4.4/5
Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow Gel-filled fiber Quality


If you are a combination sleeper, know that you are not alone. Many people end up switching through numerous positions at night and still wake up feeling rested and refreshed, but they have to be careful when it comes to their mattress and their pillows.

As a combination sleeper, pillows are even harder to shop for because you have to find a pillow that accommodates all styles of sleeping – and that’s not always easy. Make sure you reviews our tips and tricks on finding the best combination sleeping pillow to ensure that you get the best night’s rest possible.