Best Pima Cotton Duvet Covers

By Katie Dyal

Cotton is widely known as the go-to material for bedding. Consumers like it for its low maintenance, soft comfort, and breathability. But when it comes to categories within cotton, how do you know which to choose? In terms of premium cotton choices, Egyptian cotton seems to reign supreme. However, Pima cotton can just as easily fill that slot. 

Pima cotton, primarily made in Peru, stands out from the rest due to its exceptionally long fibers. These fibers make for a smoother, tighter weave; therefore, a better sleep. It’s sturdy weave also creates an incredibly resilient fabric that is unparalleled in terms of durability. If you’d like to know our top picks for the best Pima cotton duvet covers, keep reading below.

The Best Pima Cotton Duvet Covers

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Editor’s Pick


You’ll find luxurious comfort in the Pointehaven 400 Thread Count Pima Cotton Duvet Set. 

It sports a gorgeous sateen sheen as evidence of its high-quality weave. A 400 thread count on this cover is another nod to the luxury that this choice has in store. Finished with a button closure, it seals in your insert with sophisticated details. When choosing this Pointehaven product, you’ll have the option of six beautifully subtle colors. If you’ve been eyeing Pima products for a while, now is your time to take the plunge. 

Peru Pima

Best 100 percent Pima

Peru Pima

Peru Pima’s Peruvian Pima Cotton Duvet Cover is one of our top picks because of its luxurious picks. 

As you can probably already tell, Pima cotton products are this brand’s specialty. This particular duvet cover is made out of 100-percent Pima cotton from Peru and contains extra-long staple fibers to prove it. Coming in a classic white, this duvet cover has style covered in its gorgeous sateen sheen alone. It’s smooth, matte look is a result of its quality construction, and with the proper care, it will remain that way for years to come. Luckily, this product is extremely easy to care for. All you’ll need to do is toss it in the wash and use gentle settings.


Best Pima Alternative


Bedsure’s Cotton and Linen Duvet Cover will rock you right to sleep without rocking your budget. 

It may not be Pima cotton, but it comes pretty close. This unique blend of 45-percent cotton and 55-percent linen mimics Pima cotton by overlapping on a lot of the same benefits. If you’d like to see more linen-based products, check out these fantastic linen sheet sets. This blend is very breathable and excellently allows air flow. It is also incredibly strong and durable, without feeling rough or utilitarian. This duvet cover is, in fact, very soft and lightweight. Due to the natural materials used, this cover is inherently hypoallergenic and will keep bacteria, bed bugs, and other unwanted visitors far from your sleep space.

Eikei Solid Color Luxury Duvet Cover

Best Color Variety


Eikei will show you just how sophisticated Pima cotton can be with the Solid Color Luxury Duvet Cover. 

It boasts a 400 thread count that causes this cover to look and feel silky and soft.  This duvet cover wins top pick for variety for its many color options to choose from. Each one is rich, unique and modern, ranging from “chartreuse mist” to “dusty cedar.” Because of Pima cotton’s natural sheen and absorbency, it wears color beautifully.

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is a luxurious type of cotton that is unique for its extra-long fibers. These fibers are about 50-percent longer than regular cotton and are known for being incredibly absorbent and super durable. This higher-end cotton is primarily grown in Peru. For the sake of comparison, Egyptian cotton is its closest relative due to similarly lengthy fibers.

Benefits of a Pima Cotton Duvet Cover

Based on the trademark characteristics of high thread count and long fibers, you can probably guess that Pima cotton is very soft and comfortable. But do you know why? 

This fabric provides comfort through its power of absorbency, meaning it will wick unwanted moisture away and regulate your temperature while you sleep. It’s also recommended as one of the top materials for sensitive skin. Longer fibers mean less exposed fiber ends within the weave. Although tiny, these ends add up and can irritate you throughout a night of sleep. You won’t be irritated by allergens or bacteria either due to the hypoallergenic nature of Pima cotton. If you’re impressed by all that Pima cotton can do, go for a set of matching sheets to give your bed a full Pima make-over.

How to Pick the Best Pima Cotton Duvet Cover

When browsing for a duvet cover, you may find yourself amongst Pima cotton options. If you’ve never heard of this type of cotton before, you may not know what you’re looking at. Luckily, Mattress Advisors has you covered. There are a few factors that make Pima cotton different from the rest. Consider fiber length, thread count and maintenance to narrow down the search for your best Pima cotton duvet cover.

Fiber Length: The fibers of Pima cotton will always land somewhere in the one-and-a-half to the two-inch range. If you’re eyeing a Pima cotton product that can’t boast this length, you’ll know that something isn’t measuring up. 

Thread Count: Thread count is one of the reasons why Pima cotton is so luxurious. Your Pima cotton duvet cover should be within the 400 to 600 thread count range. With that kind of thread count, you’ll know that a product is the real deal and of the utmost quality. 

Maintenance: Pima cotton is a luxurious fabric, and obviously you want to treat it with thoughtful care. Always read instructions first to see if your product’s care process is something you can handle. Most bedding made out of Pima cotton is extremely easy to care for, but it’s always good to check.


As you can see, Pima cotton is a premium fabric that will bring you plenty of restful nights. It may not be talked about as much as its close relatives Supima cotton and Egyptian cotton; however, it should be. You’ll be impressed by the immediate comfort and lasting quality it provides. Through this article, we hope you’ve discovered the Pima cotton duvet cover that will tie your bed together.

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