Best Plush Mattress Toppers

By Laura Mohammad

May 17th, 2023

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Whether you’re trying to bring new life to a mattress or are just starting out on the set-up of your bedroom, plush mattress toppers are always a good idea. Quality of sleep is so important, yet sometimes overlooked. By going the extra mile with a mattress topper, you are investing in your overall health and well-being. 

If you’re not sure where to look first, read this article carefully. Mattress toppers can range in their many factors, such as thickness, density, material, and more. They may even offer additional features that your mattress doesn’t. Do the proper research now so that you won’t be tossing and turning later. Discover our top picks for the best plush mattress toppers and what to look for when shopping for your own. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Plush Mattress Toppers

Nolah Mattress Topper Corner with Bands

1. Nolah Mattress Topper

Best Plush Mattress Topper with Customizable Thickness

The Nolah Mattress Topper’s proprietary AirFoam memory foam provides both pressure relief and temperature regulation to keep you crisp and comfortable all night long. It conforms to your body’s natural curves and evenly distributes your weight for optimal support. Backed by a CertiPUR-US certification, the Airfoam is free from harmful toxins.


The Nolah Mattress Topper is available in two firmness options: plush and luxury firm. It comes with a removable cover that’s made from a luxurious blend of organic cotton and polyester, and includes elastic bands that allow you to secure it to mattresses up to 15” thick. Nolah offers free shipping, a 10-year warranty, and a 30-day sleep trial.


  • Price: $299 – $449
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars




  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • Two firmness options
  • CertiPUR-US certified




  • Short 30-day sleep trial
  • Relatively pricey
tempurpedic topper

2. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Topper

Best Hypoallergenic Plush Mattress Topper

With its adaptive pressure relief and cooling cover, the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Topper provides excellent support and comfort for back sleepers and some side sleepers, as well. The topper has a 3” thick foam core blanketed by a soft knit cover that helps you stay cool and dry all night, thanks to its temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties.


It’s resistant to dust mites, molds, and allergens, which makes it a great match for those suffering from allergies or those with sensitive skin. Thick elastic corner straps prevent your topper from shifting and can fit mattresses up to 13″ thick.


Tempur-Pedic backs its topper with a 10-year warranty and offers free shipping.


  • Price: $319 – $469
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars, 7692 Reviews




  • Adaptive pressure relief
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Good match for people with sensitive skin or allergies




  • Straps can only fit up to 13” mattresses
  • Not enough support for stomach sleepers
  • Relatively pricey
saatva foam topper

3. Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Cooling Plush Mattress Topper

The Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper wraps a breathable, organic cotton cover around an ultra-soft memory foam core to provide you with optimal comfort for a good night’s sleep. The memory foam is infused with cooling graphite gel, which is designed to wick away excess heat and keep hot sleepers cool throughout the night.


The mattress topper is especially well-suited for back sleepers who want extra back support due to its exceptional support and pressure relief. It comes with elastic straps to ensure a secure fit.


Saatva provides free shipping across the U.S., a 1-year warranty, and a 180-night sleep trial.


  • Price: $325 – $650
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split king
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, 172 Reviews




  • Cooling gel-infused memory foam
  • Luxury feel
  • Great pressure relief
  • Long 180-night sleep trial




  • Non-removable cover
  • Not enough support for stomach sleepers

4. ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper

Best Plush Mattress Topper for Larger Body Types

True to its name, the ViscoSoft Select High Density Mattress Topper is one of the densest mattress toppers we’ve ever reviewed. It comes in two thickness options: the 3” base model and a 4” model that’s specifically designed for sleepers with larger body types.


Its dense foam construction evenly distributes body weight, relieving pressure points while contouring your body’s curves for healthy spine alignment. It’s also infused with cooling gel which keeps you cool and comfy throughout the night when paired with the topper’s breathable mesh base. Last, the topper also comes with a removable, easy-care cover and adjustable straps for a secure fit.


ViscoSoft provides free door-to-door delivery, a 5-year warranty, and a 90-day return policy.


  • Price: $215 – $400, depending on size
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, queen short, king, Cal king
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 2914 Reviews




  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Two thickness options




  • May feel too soft for most stomach sleepers
  • Relatively expensive
  • May be hard to set up due to weight
Coop Home Goods Retreat Mattress Topper

5. The Coop Retreat Mattress Topper

Best Memory Foam Plush Mattress Topper

Memory foam lovers, rejoice! If you’re looking for an ultra-plush memory foam topper, we recommend the Coop Retreat Mattress Topper. For a super-soft, cloud-like feel, this mattress topper is filled with cross-cut memory foam that’s complemented by its soft microfiber polyester cover.


To avoid clumping, it features a baffle-box construction that maintains an even distribution of filling. It also comes with elastic straps on each corner to prevent it from slipping, making it a good match for those who toss and turn a lot in bed. The topper is CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified, so you can sleep soundly knowing it’s free from toxic chemicals.


This Coop mattress topper has free shipping within the contiguous U.S. and a 5-year warranty. If you’re unsure, you can try it out and see if it’s a good match for you, thanks to Coop’s 100-day risk-free trial.


  • Price: $299 – $399, depending on size
  • Sizes: Queen, king
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, 65 Reviews




  • Has elastic corner straps for a secure fit
  • CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • 100-day sleep trial



  • Only available in king and queen
  • May feel too soft for most stomach sleepers
Brooklinen Down Mattress Topper

6. Brooklinen Down Alternative Mattress Topper

Best Down Alternative Plush Mattress Topper

Love the feel of down but get terrible allergies from it? Brooklinen’s Down Alternative Mattress Top should be your pick. This mattress topper features a microgel fill that imitates the soft, plush feel of traditional down, minus the allergies. The tufted design ensures that the fill is evenly distributed throughout the topper for equal support and cushion.


The soft cotton cover is lightweight and breathable, bringing an extra cooling feel to the microgel fill’s natural temperature-regulating property. It comes with a long stretchy cotton skirt that can fit taller mattresses up to 18” thick.


Brooklinen provides you with free shipping, a 1-year extended warranty, and a 365-night trial period.


  • Price: $109 – $145
  • Sizes: Full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars




  • Deep pockets that can fit up to 18” mattresses
  • Long 365-night trial period
  • Machine-washable
  • Inexpensive




  • May not provide enough support for larger body types
  • Only 4 sizes available (no twin and twin XL sizes)
Parachute down mattress topper

7. Parachute Down Mattress Topper

Best Down Plush Mattress Topper

The Parachute Down Mattress Topper has a unique design consisting of two layers—the upper chamber is made from an organic European down, and the lower has a soft feather fill. The topper has a baffle-box construction that prevents the fill from clumping together, ensuring that there’s an equal level of support and cushion everywhere.


Both layers are wrapped inside a 100% cotton cover that’s soft, breathable, and lightweight. Despite being 3” thick, this mattress topper doesn’t retain much heat thanks to the airy down fill that contains air pockets for airflow.


This Parachute mattress topper comes with free shipping, a 3-year warranty, and free returns within 60 days.


  • Price: $299 – $429, depending on size
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, 440 Reviews




  • 100% natural down and feather fill
  • Unique dual-chamber design
  • Baffle-box construction



  • Relatively pricey
  • Not recommended for those with allergies
  • Non-removable cover
Layla Topper

8. Layla Memory Foam Topper

Best Plush Mattress Topper for Couples

The Layla Mattress Topper’s 2” cooling memory foam contains copper gel beads that dissipate excess body heat and keep you from sleeping so sweaty. For additional cooling, the topper’s cover has a polyester blend construction that incorporates PCM (phase change material) to help you stay temperature-neutral and comfy throughout the night.


It feels more soft than firm and has that “hugging” feel you get from traditional memory foam. It also does a fantastic job of isolating motion, making it a great choice for couples and co-sleepers.


Layla offers free shipping in the contiguous U.S. This mattress topper also comes with a 5-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.


  • Price: $289 – $449, depending on size
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 612 Reviews




  • Copper gel beds for cooling
  • Long 120-night sleep trial
  • Removable, machine-washable cover




  • May feel too soft for stomach sleepers
  • No elastic straps
helix topper

9. Helix Plush Mattress Topper

Best Lightweight Plush Mattress Topper

If you’re looking to add a touch of softness to your mattress but don’t want anything heavy, the Helix Plush Mattress Topper is for you. Even at 1.5” thick, this Helix mattress topper can mimic the soft feel of luxury hotel bedding, thanks to its super-soft Revoloft Cluster fiberfill.


Although it doesn’t have any cooling features, the topper’s fiberfill is made with breathable threads that allow easy air circulation. Helix’s topper also features baffle-box stitching to prevent the fill from clumping, ensuring that there’s an even distribution of support and cushion. Since it’s a lightweight topper, it can easily fit in your washing machine for cleaning.


Helix provides free shipping in the U.S., a 1-year limited warranty, and a 100-night sleep trial.


  • Price: $119 – $169, depending on size
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 437 Reviews




  • Copper gel beds for cooling
  • Long 120-night sleep trial
  • Removable, machine-washable cover




  • Not much pressure relief
  • Low motion isolation

What is a Plush Mattress Topper?

Is there a difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad? The answer is a resounding “yes.” A mattress pad is usually a thinner mattress add-on that serves the main purpose of adjusting firmness. Mattress toppers are bigger, better versions of pads. They are thicker and aim to succeed on many levels such as comfort, firmness, and protection. Mattress pads are great, but they probably can’t transform your bed in the ways that toppers can if you have a firm mattress that you want to soften up.

There are many differences in the mattress topper family as well. The biggest variation lies in the material. Toppers can be made of anything from memory foam, to alternative down, to latex rubber, and anything in between. Comfort is the most important factor and greatly depends on your material preference, so start your search here.

What to Look For in Your Next Plush Mattress Topper

Where to begin; there are so many differences between mattress toppers, so you’ll need to carefully weigh out your pros and cons. Pro-tip; looking at material, density and thickness will help.

Material: If “plush” is what you’re after, softness is probably a priority. If that’s the case, cotton or down options are the obvious choice; however, certain foams can also rise to the occasion. The material you choose will be the most telling element of your topper. 

Density: Soft, medium, or firm? This really comes down to preference. However, if you’re having back problems, you might want to learn to like a firmer density. 

Thickness: The thickness of your plush topper will tell you how much your mattress will be affected by it. A more generous thickness will transform your bed; whereas, a thinner style will enhance it. 

Additional Features: Some of these options are infused with oils, textured surfaces, or ventilation pathways. You may learn that you want something in a mattress topper that you didn’t know you needed.


As you’ve gathered by now, impeccable comfort is the name of the game when it comes to plush mattress toppers. Comfort means something different for everyone, hence the vast selection in types of toppers. We hope that through this article you have found which type is right for you.