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By Amanda Lasater

Although most of us know that good posture is important and it can help to maintain our health, as a society, we don’t really speak about it much. When you realize how little we talk about the importance of a healthy posture and spinal alignment, it makes sense that many people are unaware of just how critical good posture is in the long run. 

When it comes to our posture, it can be extremely difficult to correct on our own. Thankfully, there is an affordable tool that has helped countless people improve their posture and overall well being. 

The best posture correctors

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Best overall

Works quick and effectively

Once the BetterBack posture corrector was released onto the market, it became an instant hit. Why? The BetterBack is one of the most effective posture correctors available and we love it because it can fix years of bad slouching habits. According to BetterBack, wearing this posture correcting belt for just 15 minutes each day can actually fix years of poor posture. The posture trainer turns anywhere you sit into an ergonomic chair. It features a comfortable lower back pad that is attached to two adjustable harness straps on each side.

To instantly and effortlessly fix your seated posture, simply wrap the BetterBack around your lower back like a belt and hook the harness straps over top of your knees (don’t worry – it has knee pads) and voila, you are now sitting ergonomically and with perfect posture. The BetterBack posture belt can be easily folded to fit inside of your purse or bag and will fit women and men with up to a 36” waist. 

Best discrete

Comfortable and water resistant

The Truweo posture corrector is an effective, affordable, and discrete way to correct your posture and regain your self-confidence. The Truweo corrector acts as a clavicle brace in order to provide clavicle posture support and promote proper spinal alignment. It is made out of durable and lightweight neoprene, so it is breathable, comfortable, and water-resistant. It can be worn under your shirt when you are at work or out in public for a discreet way to correct posture long-term.

In order to achieve naturally perfect posture, Truweo suggests wearing the corrector for 20 to 30 minutes each day and then gradually increase the time spent wearing it by 5 to 10 minutes until you have reached an hour. According to Truweo, by the time you are wearing it for an hour your posture should be significantly improved and you will only need to wear the posture corrector occasionally. 

Best for plus size individuals

Works quickly on bad posture

Unlike the other posture correctors we have reviewed, the VOKKA Posture Corrector comes in three different sizes and fits waists from 23” to 52”. The x-large size fits wearers with a waist between 38” and 52”, one of the largest sized posture correctors on the market.

The harness-style posture corrector is to be used for about 20 minutes a day until your body begins to adapt, then you can gradually increase the time by 5 to 10 minutes a day. 

Most comfortable

High quality materials

The TUBNVOOT corrector focuses on providing full spinal support with a comfortable design. The harness-style back brace comes in three sizes: medium, for waist circumferences of 25” to 33”, large, for waist circumferences of 33” to 37”, and x-large, for waist circumferences of 37” to 42”. This posture corrector is recommended for use from 1 to 4 hours each day to improve your natural posture and promote a healthy spinal alignment.

It is made with high-quality, athletic materials that are both comfortable and breathable and the posture corrector can be worn under your clothes for discretion. In addition, the TUBNVOOT posture correct offers a 1 year warranty and lifetime service to back their product and ensure your satisfaction. 

How to find the best posture correctors

So, what should you be looking for in a posture corrector? To find the best posture corrector for your body, consider the following:

  • Comfort. The most comfortable posture correctors are the most effective because you are far more likely to wear them consistently than if they are uncomfortable. No matter how effective it is, if it is too uncomfortable, then you will struggle to wear it – and, if you don’t wear it, the efficacy of the posture corrector goes out the window. The most comfortable posture correctors are often the ones made from the softest materials, but make sure to read the reviewers’ comments on comfort. 
  • Ease of Use. The last thing you want is to have to ask someone else to help you put your posture corrector on or take it off. Ensure that you purchase one that you can put on, adjust the tension, and take off, all by yourself.
  • Discretion. More than likely, you won’t want to call attention to your bad posture while you are trying to fix it. If you plan on wearing your posture corrector in public then you will want one that can be worn under clothes. 


Once your body has become accustomed to the posture corrector, you then increase the time you wear it by 5 to 10 minutes each day until your perfect posture is achieved. After you have achieved optimal posture, you can then switch to only occasionally wearing the posture corrector.

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