The Best Projection Night Lights

By Dr. Sheryl Grassie

There is something mesmerizing about watching the night sky circle above you as you fall asleep; this was the idea behind the first moon and stars projectors. Originally designed for young children, they have become popular for all ages and there are plenty to choose from. See our projection night light top picks for best kids, best multi-use, best sleep-inducing, and best travel versions of these well-loved lights.

Our Picks for the Best Projection Night Lights

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moredig night light

Best for Kids

Moredig‌ ‌Night‌ ‌Light‌ ‌Projector‌ Remote‌ ‌Control‌ ‌and‌ ‌Timer‌ ‌Design‌ ‌

This adorable 360-degree rotating night light is perfect for your little one. It can operate in 3 different modes; as a starry night projector, an animal world projector, or a stationary baby nightlight with solid colors.

There are 9 different light combinations that can be formed from the colors red, blue, green and white for lots of variety. It comes with a timer, a remote, and 12 bedtime songs to soothe baby or toddler. Battery operated with an LED bulb.

star light rotating projector

Best Multi-Use

Star‌ ‌Light‌ ‌Rotating‌ ‌Projector, ‌ ‌MOKOQI‌ ‌Night‌ ‌Lighting‌ ‌Star‌ ‌Moon‌ ‌ Projection‌ ‌Lamp‌

The Star‌ ‌Light‌ ‌Rotating‌ ‌Projector has an egg shape to fit a more sophisticated home décor. It can be used for either adults or children in a living room, bedroom, or nursery.

It works well for putting kids to sleep, for a romantic evening for two, or for a fun party atmosphere. It can be used as a nightlight or desk lamp with white or colored light and has a built-in timer. It runs on batteries or can be plugged into a USB power source.

delicacy ocean wave projector

Best Sleep-Inducing

Delicacy‌ ‌Ocean‌ ‌Wave‌ ‌Projector‌ ‌12‌ ‌LED Remote‌ ‌Control‌ ‌Undersea‌ ‌Projector‌ ‌Lamp‌

What better than ocean waves to put you to sleep? This compact little projector offers 7 different colors for a hypnotic effect. Add the sound of ocean waves through an MP3 hookup or play your favorite music or bedtime meditation.

This projector comes with remote, timer, and automatic shut off so you can fall asleep and it takes care of itself. Great for adults or children.

SOAIY projection light

Best Panoramic

SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp

This small and lightweight projector can easily move from room to room.  It can tilt and project a large panoramic view of the aurora borealis in eight different color modes. It can also be used as a nightlight.

It comes with a built-in speaker for connection to your MP3 player and has an automatic shut off. The laser light level is safe for eyes under normal use. It comes in a choice of black or white and with a 12-month warranty.

What‌ ‌To‌ ‌Look‌ ‌For‌ ‌When‌ ‌Considering‌ ‌Projection‌ ‌Night‌ ‌Lights‌ ‌

If you are thinking about a projection night light, there are any number to choose from. Answer the following questions for yourself to help narrow your search.

What am I purchasing a projection light for?

Is it for your child? For a baby shower gift? For you personally to help you get to sleep. Start with who it is for to help define what you need.

Why do I want a projection night light over a regular nightlight?

Most people are not purchasing a projection night light just to give off light. One feature that they have, however, is that they can be used as a more traditional nightlight with the added bonus that they have a timer. Having a light on all night in your room can inhibit melatonin production and interfere with sleep but having a timer can prevent this.

Still, a nightlight is not the real intent of a projection night light. This more sophisticated type of light is used as a relaxation tool for bedtime. Laying on your back or side and watching the universe move around your room has a spellbinding effect that can help bring on sleep. Especially for little ones who are learning to put themselves to sleep without mom and dad, this can be a way to leave them alone in their room and something other than their parents will help transition them into slumber.

What Is The Décor Where It Will Be Used?

Is this going to be strictly for the nursery? Then you might want a cute kid’s version. Is it going in your teenagers’ room, then maybe something more sophisticated? How about in your all white bedroom? Then look for models with a white version to match your décor. Target where the projection night light is going and narrow your search based on aesthetics.

What features are a must?

Do you need an automatic shut off, so the light doesn’t get left on? Are you sensitive to light and want a dimmer or brightness setting? Do you feel more comfortable with a good warranty? Does your light need to have an MP3 hook-up or built-in noise feature? Do you want to play music through it, so you need a speaker? Make a list of the attributes you would most like and add this list to your search parameters.

What do I want to spend?

A budget is always an important part of every purchase. Although many projection night lights are very affordable, you may have a particular price range if it is for a gift, or you might be willing to spend more for added features. You can find specialty ones that are more expensive and may meet your requirements for specific décor or luxury features.

Are there any specific requirements?

Maybe the night light is for you and you travel a lot. Then a specific requirement might be that the light has to be small and portable. You want it to easily fit in an overnight bag and be very lightweight. Look at the specifications on different lights for size and weight, or search with keywords like lightweight and portable.


Whether you want a projection night light for your little one or for yourself, they are a fun and effective sleep-aid. They come themed for children and adults with a number of different features so you can tailor one to your specific needs. Get one with speakers and hook it up to your playlist. Get one with built-in nature sounds to lull your little one to sleep. Try one to spice up a romantic evening or let your teen use it for atmosphere at a parry. These lights go beyond sleep-aids and can be fun for the whole family or make a great gift.

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