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By Katie Dyal

Have you ever considered the health benefits of puzzles? These stimulating games are a great way to pass the time; however, they can also be seen as a valuable mind exercise. They also allow you to bond with your family before bed in a way that doesn’t involve harmful screens or technology. 

If you have a child who suffers from ADHD, it’s imperative they have a solid nighttime routine in place that induces relaxation. We recommend enforcing a family rule to switch out phones and television for puzzles a couple of hours before lights out. Similar to reading, this activity lowers cortisol levels, improves focus, and decreases anxiety. All of these benefits lend to better sleep overall for you and your family members. Here are our favorite picks for the best puzzles.

The best puzzles

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Best space-themed

Detailed and vibrant

Are you looking for a puzzle that will help you or a friend pass the time? If you’re obsessed with space or know someone who is, this space-themed puzzle will fit the bill. 

This large-sized puzzle comes with 1,000 pieces total, making it just challenging enough. You’ll enjoy putting together these non-toxic pieces to form a beautiful illustration of the solar system and all of its planets. This product is for children and adults ages eight and up.

Why we love it:

  • Large size
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Non-toxic
  • For ages eight and up

Best Vincent Van Gogh

Educational and classic

Oftentimes, puzzles feature famous artworks. This puzzle is a replica of the famous painting “Starry Night,” originally created by Vincent Van Gogh. 

By working through this puzzle, you’ll get a glimpse into this artist’s process and detailed brushstrokes. The cool colors and interesting movement of this image will have a calming effect on you while you put it together. This jigsaw puzzle is also a great way to teach kids art history in a way that’s interactive and fun. 

Why we love it:

  • Calming color palette
  • Educational tool
  • Features a famous painting 
  • Great for kids

Best colorful

Interesting and luminous

If you think you get bored easily by puzzles, try one that’s especially colorful and visually interesting. With this colorful puzzle, every piece is a work of art within itself. 

This piece comes with 1,000 pieces total and reveals a beautiful painting of a couple taking a walk at night in the rain. We love this option for it’s vibrant and warm colors, as well as it’s textural brushstrokes. Made of sturdy chipboard, this puzzle will last in your collection for years to come. 

Why we love it:

  • Beautiful choice in colors
  • Features an original work of art
  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Built to last

Best Harry Potter

Iconic and easy

Harry Potter, both the books and movies, are loved by many. This puzzle features the cover image from the movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” 

This product contains a total of 550 pieces and measures up to a seven-inch by seven-inch size when fully assembled. It displays a classic image known by all Harry Potter aficionados, and may even become a collector’s item one day. This option makes a great gift for the Harry Potter superfan in your life. 

Why we love it:

  • Less challenging than other options
  • Beautiful imagery
  • Collector’s item
  • Smaller size

Best Aegean sea

Calming and realistic

Imagine you’re on vacation with this stunning puzzle that depicts the Aegean sea. 

This option features a photo of this clear blue body of water, as well as the crisp white buildings surrounding it. With this purchase, you’ll receive a pack of 1,000 pieces made of environmentally friendly materials. You’ll love the relaxing effect this mostly blue-hued piece will have on you. This activity is great for older kids, teens, and adults alike. 

Why we love it:

  • Made of environmentally friendly materials 
  • Beautiful blue color theme
  • Detailed photo image
  • 1,000 pieces total

Best wooden

Sturdy and simple

If you’re browsing for a puzzle best suited for kids, we recommend an option made out of wood. The wooden puzzles in this six-pack are more resilient than their cardboard counterparts. 

Each puzzle in this set features a colorful illustration with one of these themes; farms, planets, animals, dinosaurs, benthos, and insects. No matter what your kid’s interests are, they’re sure to be covered in this comprehensive set. This choice is a lower level of difficulty than others mentioned in this list. 

Why we love it:

  • Great for young kids
  • Comes in a pack of six
  • Vibrant colors
  • Made of sturdy materials that are harder to damage

How to find the best puzzles

Are you looking for a puzzle, but unsure of where to look first? These interactive and educational games are all great for enhancing your brain’s functions; however, they vary greatly from product to product. Consider factors of materials, difficulty, and image, and you’ll be able to piece together your criteria for finding the best puzzle. 

Materials: If you’re looking for a puzzle for small children, we recommend one with heavy-duty materials and large pieces. That way, the parts won’t get damaged easily, lost or ingested. Wood is a great go-to when it comes to puzzles for kids. 

Difficulty: You’ll want to make sure that the difficulty of the one you choose is appropriate for the person putting it together. These games should be challenging, but not to the point that they’re not fun. 

Image: Image all comes down to preference. Choose an image that you likely won’t get tired of as you spend hours piecing it together.


Puzzles are not only entertaining; they also improve their participants’ brainpower. By implementing puzzles into you and your family’s wind-down routine, you’ll improve the overall sleep health of your household. We recommend any of the aforementioned puzzles for a fun and relaxing night in.

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