The Best Queen Comforters

By Amanda Lasater

Not only do you need a good night’s sleep each night, but you also deserve it. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to upgrade your sleep environment and enhance your sleep experience is to purchase a quality queen-sized comforter. To help you find the perfect queen-sized comforter for your bed, utilize our picks for the four best comforters available. 

Our Picks for the Best Queen Comforters

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easeland comforter

Lowest Maintenance

EASELAND All Season Queen Size Soft Quilted Down Alternative Comforter

Whether you are looking to add a comforter to your room, your guest room, or a child’s room, Easeland’s All-Season Quilted Down Alternative Comforter is the perfect addition to any bed.

The comforter features a box-stitch design and whole-piece polyfill so you have absolutely no possibility of clumping. The premium polyfill filling is fluffy and will help to maintain a cozy temperature all year long. The comforter is covered in a brushed fabric that is soft, breathable, and highly durable. Plus, this entire comforter is machine-washable and will resist shrinkage and fading than other comforters experience after a few washes.

linenspa comforter

Most Plush

LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Linenspa has grown into a well-respected name in the world of bedding and their all-season comforter is a great example of why. This comforter utilizes an ultra-plush alternative down microfiber filling that is expertly weighted to keep you cozy and comfy throughout all seasons.

This alternative down filling offers the same comfort and luxury as natural down but without the odors, sharp quills, and feathers. In addition, the comforter is 100% hypoallergenic, so it is the perfect comforter for anyone who suffers from allergies. It is designed with a box-stitch design to keep all filling in place and maintain that recently-fluffed look. Finally, this comforter has an added bonus of being fully reversible – simply flip the comforter and you can switch up your whole room’s décor. 

utopia bedding

Best Budget

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert

If you are searching for a cloud-like sleeping experience without breaking the bank, then Utopia Bedding’s Quilted Comforter Duvet Insert is your perfect option. It is filled with an ultra-plush, siliconized fiberfill and features a box-stitch design that keeps the filling evenly dispersed throughout the comforter.

With a high-density of filling, the comforter is perfect for use during the winter or the summer. It also features four corner tabs that make it extremely easy to put in any duvet cover so you can quickly and easily change the look of your comforter depending on your bedroom décor. Finally, it is machine-washable so you don’t have to worry about stains, spills, or odors and can rest assured that this comforter will look great for years to come. 


nestl bedding comforter

Most Pet-Friendly

Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set

If you’ve ever slept with your fur baby, then you probably know how easy it for their nails or claws to snag a whole in your bedding. Nestl’s Duvet Cover was designed specifically with pet owners in mind to help prevent rips and tears when your pup hops into bed with you at night.

Their pet-friendly bedding is super durable and less likely to snag or tear from your pets, but it is still super soft and silky. Also, pet hair, fur, and dander won’t cling to the microfiber fabric and can be easily removed by machine washing. The three-piece queen-sized set comes with a 90” by 90” duvet cover and two 20” by 26” pillow shams.

What to look for in your next queen comforter

When you are picking out the perfect queen-sized comforter, you will want to consider the following:

  • Fill Type. Fill type mainly comes down to down or alternative down. If you have allergies or you find yourself sensitive to allergens, we recommend you go with a hypoallergenic alternative down filling as down tends to cause issues in people with allergies. If you do not feel you are sensitive to allergens, then you may want to give down a try as it is super lightweight but works as one of nature’s most effective insulators. Read more about the difference between down and alternative down here
  • Warmth and Weight. Your climate and your temperature preferences while you sleep will dictate how warm of a comforter you need. For example, if you live in a warm climate, you will probably want a lighter-weight comforter. On the other hand, if you deal with very cold temperatures, you will want an extra warm weight.
  • Fill Power. When it comes to down, fill power is the volume of one ounce of down. The higher the fill power, the more insulation power it holds, but the less it weighs. You will want a fill power of at least 550, but anywhere between 650 and 700 is extremely superior. When it comes to alternative down, look to see if they list a fill power equivalent for the comforter. 
  • Ease of Care. Make sure to read the label on how to clean a comforter before buying. Some comforters will require you to dry clean while others are machine-washable. 


What is the difference between a down comforter and an alternative down comforter?

Down comforters are made with a specific type of feather from either geese or ducks. Down feathers are the feathers located closest to the bird’s skin, under another layer of larger feathers. The down feathers are super soft and provide superior insulation and warmth during the winter. When used in a comforter, down makes for a super lightweight yet warm comforter. In fact, down is so lightweight that even people who suffer from night sweats love these comforters. 

Alternative down comforters are made with materials that mimic the feel and warmth of down feathers but do not have the feathers, odor, sharp quills, or allergenic properties of down. In addition, alternative down is usually less expensive than down. 

Do I need a comforter protector?

While you do not need a comforter protector, they definitely come in handy. Comforter protectors keep out pesky allergens and can even help protect your queen comforter from stains. Plus, it is typically far easier to wash a comforter protector than to wash the actual comforter itself.


We all know that a good night’s rest is critical for our mental health as well as our physical health. And, when something as simple as adding a comforter to your bed can enhance your sleep environment and promote a full night’s rest, then why wouldn’t you choose to do so? Use our picks for the four best queen-sized comforters to find the perfect comforter for your bed and start waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

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