Best queen orthopedic mattress

By Katie Dyal

In bed, tossing and turning because you can’t get the perfect spot where you feel comfortable and supported. Input heavy sigh. You can picture this awful scenario if you wake up feeling unrested and stiff from an old or uncomfortable mattress. The addition of a good quality queen orthopedic mattress can make all your dreams come true.

As its name suggests, an orthopedic mattress has been at the center of orthopedic studies which means its technology and qualities focus on supporting your joints, spine, and body. Explore our top picks for the best orthopedic mattress and how to choose the right one for you.

The best queen orthopedic mattress

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Swiss Ortho Sleep

Best orthopedic mattress 

Dream come true 

Drift off to dreamland on the Swiss Ortho Sleep queen mattress. This 12” individually wrapped pocketed coils mattress is body forming, alleviates pressure points, and is temperature-sensitive. What more can you ask for?

Why we love it

  • Body forming 
  • Temperature-sensitive
  • Breathable bamboo cover  
Classic Brands

Best gel mattress 

Satisfied slumber 

The Classic Brands mattress is an innovative design with incredible comfort. The cool gel foam is unique and draws heat away from your body and creates a cool surface to sleep on. The conforming memory foam reduces pressure points and assists with aligning the spine. 

Why we love it

  • Cooling 
  • Hybrid 
  • Joint support 

Best antimicrobial mattress 

The comfort that keeps on giving 

Lights out the second your body hits the Purple mattress. Nothing else like it, the Purple mattress has a patented technology that feels like you are floating. This non-toxic and hypoallergenic mattress cradles the body with help from the Purple Grid technology. 

Why we love it

  • Motion isolation 
  • Nontoxic 
  • 100-night trial 
Dream cloud

Best contouring mattress 

Breathable sanctuary 

Drift off to sleep on your Dream Cloud queen orthopedic mattress and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Their gel-infused memory foam mattress is working overtime as it provides a soft and comforting feel while also contouring your body perfectly to ensure your body is supported and gives pressure point relief. 

Why we love it

  • Supportive 
  • Gel-infused 
  • Breathable 

Best spinal support 

Superior slumber 

The Snuggle-Pedic queen orthopedic mattress offers universal comfort and support for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The two-layer mattress structure allows for a soft feel allowing the relief of pressure points while conforming to your body. 

Why we love it

  • Non-toxic components 
  • Airflow transfer system 
  • Bamboo cover 
Signature Design by Ashley

Best innerspring mattress 

Sleep made simple 

Doze off on the superior orthopedic Chime queen mattress made by Ashley. You can get the best of both worlds for your back with this orthopedic mattress. The high-density gel memory foam is phenomenal in assisting in lumbar support. This helps with pressure relief and also aids in temperature control. A win-win. 

Why we love it

  • Lumbar support 
  • Quilted foam 
  • Simple to unbox 

How to find the best queen orthopedic mattress

When it comes to shopping for an orthopedic mattress, many factors should be considered before making the final decision. Consider the following when shopping for your orthopedic queen mattress. 

  • Lumbar support: A good mattress should provide optimal support to your body as well as conform around the natural curves od your body assisting in spinal alignment. Look for a mattress that has a medium-firm feel to provide more back pain relief and provide lumbar support. 
  • Quality materials: On average we spend six to eight hours a day in our bed. A mattress that is made of quality materials is non-toxic and hypoallergenic is a total plus. Research what the mattress is made of prior to purchasing your mattress. 
  • Sleep positions: Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, its important to research what level of firmness is best for you. 


Getting a good night’s rest is not only vital but an essential part of life. Get the best rest of your life on a queen-sized orthopedic mattress that conforms to your body and give you the best lumbar support. Sweet dreams! 

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