Best Queen Weighted Blankets

By Katie Dyal

Weighted blankets are rising in popularity due to the calming effect they provide. These blankets contain a weighted filling that evenly disperses to fit your body snugly. The result is exceptional comfort that creates a sense of peace, enhances your mood and is conducive for sleep. 

Searching for a simple way to add self-care to your sleep routine? Read on to learn more information about the best queen weighted blankets and what to look for when shopping for your own.

Our Picks for the Best Queen Weighted Blankets

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Best Budget


The COMHO Weighted Blanket contains nano-ceramic beads that are meant to stay quiet even as you move around.

Dressed in breathable 100-percent cotton, its multi-layer build is also dust-proof, warm, and durable. This product features an all-over expert stitching pattern that’s guaranteed to prevent leaking or tearing, and minimizes the movement of beads.


Best Luxury


The Premium Weighted Blanket by ZonLi is your best high-density option.

Made up of two layers of 100-percent cotton microfiber and glass beads, this weighted blanket is designed for a consumer of bigger stature or a queen-sized or king-sized bed. What’s more, this option has a wide variety of great colors to choose from.

YnM Weighted Blanket

Best Value


The YnM Weighted Blanket uses an advanced seven-layer system that is designed to expertly conform to your shape.

This blanket is filled with more glass beads than fiberfill, which allows for better temperature regulation. Its quality stitch pattern creates smaller compartments, that stop beads from shifting and provide even distribution.

Weighted Idea

Also Great

Weighted Idea

The Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea ranks number one in style for its vast selection of fun colors and cute patterns.

But don’t judge a blanket by its cover; this option scores high in terms of function as well. A construction of 100-percent natural cotton balances heaviness with excellent breathability. Because of its ability for airflow, this is a perfect option for all-year-round use. The size is 60-inches by 80-inches making it a soft, cozy accessory for either your couch or bed.

What to Look For in Your Next Queen Weighted Blankets

Beneath these specific covers lie scientific facts. Weighted blankets are meant to mimic “deep touch pressure therapy.” A psychological concept that has been proven to alleviate issues of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This therapy proves that the warm hug of a blanket can be enough to increase oxytocin in the brain, creating a powerful feeling of relaxation almost instantly. Because weighted blankets have such a strong impact, choosing one that is suited for you is absolutely necessary. Here’s what you need to look for when shopping.

  • Body Weight: Your body weight will tell you exactly what weight blanket you should buy.  Weighted blankets can range from as little as five pounds to 25 pounds. With such a large range, how do you decide which one is right for you? Your body weight will tell you exactly what weight blanket you should buy. Simply follow this one easy rule: your blanket weight should be roughly 10 percent of your body weight.
  • Weight Filling: The substance that adds heaviness, more commonly known as “weighted filling” is usually a type of pellet or bead. From plastic to glass, to ceramic, the material used can dramatically change the feel of your blanket. Plastic pellets are the most used filling. Micro glass beads are popular because they mimic the texture of sand, spreading more evenly across your bed. Nanoceramic beads are arguably the most luxurious material used due to their durability, small size, and quiet sound.
  • Fabric: The inside of a weighted blanket is the most important factor, but what’s the point if you don’t want to cuddle up with it? Choose an outer fabric that is as welcoming as it’s weight. Also, keep in mind that a duvet cover might be a good call; weighted blankets are usually not machine-washable and therefore a little harder to keep clean.


The science behind weighted blankets is proof enough that these products reign supreme in the blanket kingdom. Facilitating a chance to find calm and raise your oxytocin levels can dramatically change the course of your day, week, or month. With a huge variety of these snuggle accessories on the market, differing in terms of fabric, size, and weighted material, it’s no wonder that these items have gained wild popularity. Take a load off and add a weighted blanket to your queen bed or relaxation routine.

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