Best Reading Glasses

By Katie Dyal

Most individuals will have to wear reading glasses at some point in their lives, especially after the age of 40. It’s common for close-up vision to diminish the older you get. 

Reading glasses are available over-the-counter or by prescription, depending on the level of strength needed for your eyes. The purpose of reading glasses is to have the ability to read up close without squinting or scanning in an abnormal way. 

Since we live in a digital world that involves small-text communication, it’s becoming more common for younger individuals to need reading glasses. Here are our top picks for the four best reading glasses and why you may need to wear a pair yourself.

Our Picks for the Best Reading Glasses

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4 pack reading glasses

Best Overall

READING GLASSES 4 Pack Spring Hinge Comfort Readers Plastic Includes Sun Readers

You can purchase these stylish reading glasses in a two-pack or four-pack. You may be wondering why you’d need more than one pair of readers. With multiple, you can keep a pair near your bed, by the computer, or in your purse!

Not to mention, these reading glasses can be worn by both men and women, so you can even give a pair to your spouse. The frames are plastic, lightweight, and in a solid black and tortoise color scheme. The lenses are made out of plastic as well, and designed with a flexible spring hinge to ensure a comfortable fit! 

gamma ray blue light reading glasses

Best Blue-light Blocking

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses Amber Tint Anti Glare UV Digital Eyestrain

Bluelight blocking glasses may be trending but for good reason. If you spend a lot of your time looking at a screen, you could benefit from a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

Designed with a plastic frame and plastic lenses, these glasses are made with an amber tint that prevents digital eye strain. Blocking out the blue light that radiates off computer and phone screens will reduce visual fatigue and discomfort while browsing the internet or working digitally. These glasses also have built-in UV400 protection and glare reduction! 

kercesen reading glasses

Most Stylish

Kerecsen 5 Pairs Fashion Ladies Reading Glasses Spring Hinge Pattern Design Readers (5 Pack Mix Color, 2.25)

You shouldn’t have to jeopardize your fashion sense while wearing reading glasses. These readers serve as an additional fashion accessory, all while serving as an effective tool to seeing and reading better.

Available in a pack of five, you can have a pair of readers for every circumstance. Each pair of glasses is made of a plastic frame and lenses, remaining lightweight and preventing any uncomfortable pinching. The fun designs constructed on the frames make these readers an accessory that you’ll enjoy putting on. 

pair of reading glasses

Best for Travel

Reading Glasses 2 Pair Black and Gunmetal Readers Compact Folding Glasses for Reading for Men and WomenCase Included +2

Most individuals carry a pair of reading glasses in their bags, so they never have to worry about straining their eyes while overlooking the menu at dinner or reading a document at work. If you’re looking for something that’s compact and effective, look no further!

These reading glasses can hold up into a lightweight case that comes included with your purchase. Designed with plastic lenses and a metal frame, these glasses are high in quality and well-crafted to last. Your order will include two sets of readers with the lightweight, plastic travel case. These folding glasses are unisex and come in black. 

Why you should use reading glasses (especially before bed!)

For all the people that read before bed, scroll on social media, or watch TV, reading glasses need to become a part of your routine.

In order to protect your eyes from blue light or blurriness, you should wear readers. Reading glasses help to reduce eye strain, headaches, and dryness. Reading glasses will also prevent your eyes from getting worse. Screens are a culprit to affecting eyesight negatively. Wearing readers can prevent your eyesight from getting worse or experiencing irritation and discomfort.

When your eyes are comfortable and relaxed, you will fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed and ready to start the day. No one wants to wake up with tired, irritated eyes! 

How to choose the best reading glasses

Reading glasses are easy to find over-the-counter considering they can be purchased at most drugstores, department stores, and/or other general retailers. There are a few things to consider when purchasing reading glasses, over-the-counter or by prescription. Here’s what you need to watch out for.

What to watch out for

Consult First

If you start to have trouble reading or viewing things up close, you should always consult with an eye care professional first. Over-the-counter reading glasses can be great for individuals that have the same lens power in each eye and no other eye conditions. That’s why you should always make sure you are keeping up with your yearly eye exam to determine how extensive your eye lens need to be so you don’t further damage your eyes with the wrong prescription. 

Quality of Lens and Frames

Especially for over-the-counter glasses, you need to make sure you’re receiving high-quality lenses and durable frames. If you’re purchasing a pair online, be sure to read up on reviews and the manufacturing process to ensure you will receive quality readers. 

Price Point

Pricing of reading glasses will vary based on whether you purchase a prescription or non-prescription option. A pair of over-the-counter readers typically cost anywhere from $1 to $50; whereas, a pair of prescription reading glasses can rise to $200 or more. Consider how much you are willing to spend and if you choose a cheaper option, make sure the quality is still there. 


Once you receive your glasses, test them out by grabbing a book or checking an email on your phone. If your eyes feel in the slightest bit strained, consider talking with an eye care professional about what may be right for you.   


Reading glasses are a great way to protect your eyes for a short period of time while reading or viewing things up close. If you are having a hard time seeing things clearly up close, you should consult with your eye care provider to understand your condition in full. 

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