The Best Reading Lights for Nighttime

By Amanda Lasater

For many of us, curled up in bed with a good book is the perfect way to end our day – but, unfortunately, our sleeping partners may not feel the same way. Whether your bedtime reading routine uses a table lamp, floor lamp, or overhead lighting, the brightness levels are often too much for our bed-buddies to deal with when they’re trying to fall asleep. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice your inner bookworm to fix this common bedtime dilemma. Investing in a reading light is the optimal way to read in bed without bothering anyone with bright lights. 

But, with so many reading lights on the market, trying to find the best one for your nightly routine can be tedious and time-consuming. To help you pick out the best reading light, we’ve done the research and compiled our picks of the four best reading lights for nighttime.  

Our Picks for the Best Reading Lights for Nighttime

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Best Wearable


The unique design of Vekkia’s wearable LED neck light offers two flexible arms that can be manipulated to shine light in any direction. The arms are made from a silicone shell and soft padding, making it comfy enough to wear in bed or out on a walk.

Each arm has its own independently working LED lights that can be adjusted between three brightness settings. The rechargeable Li-ion battery gives the reader between 6 to 10 hours of uninterrupted reading time – more than enough time with your favorite book. Overall, this light’s wearability means that it can be used for activities other than reading, like walking your dog or searching through dark spaces.

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Best Design 


LEPower’s reading light is a sleek and modern take on the classic clip-on light. The minimalist design comes in white or black and features a flexible neck that can be adjusted 360 degrees.

Also, the dimmable, color-changing LED bulbs allow you to choose between a pure white light and a soft warm light to help prevent eye-strain. This light offers a sturdy, modern way to read in bed without disturbing your bed partner.

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Best Budget


PerfectDay’s rechargeable reading light packs a big punch into a small package –  and an even smaller price tag. Because the clip-on light is wireless, it can be easily transported from room-to-room or from book to the nightstand.

Plus, the rechargeable battery offers up to 60 hours of reading time. The adjustable goose-neck design features 12 eye-friendly LED lights and three light modes, including a blue light filter to protect you and your loved one’s eyes from harmful blue light. This lightweight and efficient reading light offers any book lover the best bang for their buck.

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Best for Eye Health 

Vekkia B076SVC7SN LuminoLite Rechargeable 3000K Warm 6 LED Book 

Vekkia’s LuminoLite was created to give readers a portable reading light option that would not harm their eyes – and, it does that with its 6 warm LEDs.

The warm-colored light is the most suitable light color for nighttime reading and provides adults and children with a healthy alternative to bright, harmful lights. Also, the rechargeable battery gives you up to 20 hours of reading and will last for 1000 charging cycles. Overall, this portable, clip-on reading light offers a powerful light that will not harm their eyes during those late-night reading sessions.

Why Should You Use a Reading Light at Night?

Not all lights were created equally – which is why the lighting you use when you are reading is incredibly important.

One of the major reasons lighting is so important when reading is because of the pain and damage inadequate lighting causes your eyes. When you try to read in a dim room, your eyes must work even harder than they normally do. The strain that inadequate lighting puts on your eyes can lead to dry eyes, fatigue, and headaches – no thank you! Also, the risks of inadequate lighting are even more dangerous when it comes to children and senior citizens.

What to Look for in a New Reading Light

With so many types of reading lights, deciding which one is best for your household can be tricky. Here are the three main points that you want to look at when shopping for a reading light:

Type of Lightbulb

There are three main light bulbs that are used in reading lights: incandescent lights, CFLs, and LEDs. And, while they all have their own pros and cons, LEDs have emerged as the best lightbulb for most situations – especially reading in bed. Aside from their high level of efficiency, LEDs also offer the best in quality and brightness. These lightbulbs will last you many years and come in a wide range of colors and tones – from soft and warm to bright white. Overall, we recommend purchasing a reading light that uses LED light bulbs.  

Design Features

The design of your reading light will likely depend on how you plan on using it, but there are still a few designs that offer the most versatility, regardless of how you use them. 

Task lighting is going to be your number one best bet when it comes to reading at night because it allows you to see the pages clearly without disturbing your sleeping partner. But, when it comes to task lighting, you will want to ask yourself if you want:

  • Wearable light, or 
  • Wireless, clip-on light

The wearable lights – also called hug lights and neck lights – are perfect for anyone who wants to use the light while they are walking around, or just anyone who would like their reading light to double as a flashlight. Wearable reading lights give readers an ultimate level of both versatility and mobility – but remember to find one made out of soft and flexible material (like silicone) to ensure that it is comfortable to wear. 

The wireless, clip-on reading lights offer slightly less mobility than wearable lights; however, they do still offer a good deal of mobility within your reading environment. They can clip on to most surfaces, from your book to your nightstand, allowing you to have plenty of light illuminating your pages. When purchasing a clip-on reading light, make sure that it offers a 360 degree, flexible goose-neck design, so you can manipulate the light to shine in any direction.


One important feature you’re going to run into when searching for a reading light is the battery. Deciding between a rechargeable battery and a replaceable battery is totally based upon your preference. Rechargeable reading lights will need to be plugged in every-so-often while non-rechargeable batteries will need to be replaced.

On average, they end up lasting about the same number of hours, so it really depends on whether or not you will want to stock up on batteries for the future. 

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Reading Light


  • Reading lights allow you to read in bed without disturbing or awaking your partner
  • More energy efficient than floor lamps, overhead lighting, etc.
  • Can end up saving you money on your electricity bill
  • Help prevent eye strain in a dark room


  • If the reading light uses harsh light bulbs, the light can be harmful to your eyes
  • Some wired lights are not as portable as others
  • The cost ranges from very little to very high on the market
  • There are many makers selling reading lights


For many of us, snuggling up with a good book after a long day is pure bliss, but it’s critical to remember that the type of lighting we use during this time is important for many reasons. 

Whether you are looking for your first reading light or you’ve decided that it is time to upgrade your old one, the reading light you choose should be your go-to light for nighttime reading and should provide you with a healthy form of illumination

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