The Best RV Mattress Toppers in 2023

By Loren Bullock

Sep 1st, 2022

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Are you looking to improve your RV mattress? A mattress topper is a great affordable option to make a not-so-great mattress even more comfortable.

Let’s be honest, the bedroom set-up in your RV probably doesn’t match the comfortability of the one in your own home. With that said, it’s not impossible to turn your crash pad into a sleep palace. 

Mattress toppers can be great if you’re using a makeshift mattress but don’t want to shift gears into buying a new one. This inexpensive option instantly takes the coziness of your bed to new heights, and can even help with back pain and other ailments. 

Learn more about our top picks for the best RV mattress toppers below.

The Best RV Mattress Toppers 



Best Price RV Mattress Topper

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a substantial addition to any ho-hum RV mattress. Sitting at four inches of foam, this affordable RV mattress topper is sure to transform your current situation. One and a half inches of memory foam conforms to your body, while two and a half inches of high-density foam provides support. 

With a plethora of foam mattress toppers out there, Zinus stands out with the use of natural ingredients. This mattress topper is infused with green tea extract and active charcoal. The green tea extract absorbs moisture while the charcoal eliminates odor. Both work in tandem to keep your foam topper fresh. The actual topper itself is so durable that it doesn’t need a special cover; just a quality fitted bed sheet will do. Allow for 48 hours of expansion before use to ensure maximum comfort and support.


  • Will fit under any standard fitted or deep-pocket fitted sheet.
  • Inexpensive upgrade for an older mattress.


  • Sizing may come up short a few inches.
  • Potential wear and tear.

Best Price Mattress

Best Luxury RV Mattress Topper

The Memory Foam Mattress Topper by Best Price Mattress features the perfect example of support foam and memory foam working in harmony. This combination evenly distributes weight and helps to relieve pressure. It is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that it hits high standards of durability.

This mattress topper is your perfect fit if you’re a sleeper who needs extra relief or simply enjoys a firmer feel. Support is its first priority and the use of high-density foam provides plenty of it. Most importantly, it aims to isolate motion transfer between sleep partners. This key quality carries Best Price’s topper to the top of our list, guaranteeing a stable sleep on rocky roads.


  • Dual layers of body-conforming memory foam and high-density base support foam.
  • Regulates temperature by capturing and distributing heat.


  • Foam is on the firmer side.
  • Potential ‘new’ smell lasts.


Best Memory Foam RV Mattress Topper

The Gel Infused Mattress Topper by Linenspa is a solid pick to take on your road trip. The gel infusion works to regulate temperature by distributing body heat and ultimately keep you cool. This feature comes in clutch when you’re confined to small spaces with little to no ventilation, such as an RV. 

The type of foam used is less dense than previous picks, which makes it a great topper for someone who likes a softer sleep. Linenspa cares about providing the best possible fit for their customers every time. The options of either two-inch or three-inch thickness let you control how much cushion you’ll need as you cruise. This product also gives you ample choice in sizing, offering every dimension imaginable.  


  • Distributes weight evenly to align the spine and alleviate pressure points.
  • Rejuvenates an old mattress to prolong mattress life.


  • Can trap heat.
  • Potential wear and tear over time.


Best Rated RV Mattress Topper

The eLuxurySupply RV Mattress Pad breaks the mold of memory foam and offers a more traditional kind of cushion. With a plush blanket-like feel, this topper provides a fluffier, softer landing that is also hypoallergenic. The pad is composed of Revoloft, an alternative fiberfill that mimics goose down without the hefty price tag. 

Stitched into the pad is a double-needle baffle box pattern that secures the filling and keeps it from shifting. This product is encased in 160-thread count cotton, a choice designed to keep you both comfortable and cool. Softness is the priority in this product, making it a great option for someone who has ample support from their mattress but is looking to add an extra layer of coziness to their mobile bed.


  • Silent protection that does not disrupt your valuable sleep.
  • Exclusive and extraordinary fiber technology.


  • May wrinkle, bunch up, and fold.
  • Sensitive to machine washing.

How to Find the Best RV Mattress Topper

When you’re outfitting your bedroom on wheels, your mattress topper can make or break your whole experience. Find one that’s right for you by following a few guidelines. Thickness, material, and type will tell you which road to take.


From gel-infused foam to alternative fill, the material you choose will impact your sleep immensely. Get clear on how much support you need; knowing what your body wants in a bed will point you in the right direction.

  • Latex comes from rubber trees but also can be synthetic. Latex mattress toppers are firm, even more so than memory foam, and so is good for those with chronic pain. Avoid latex if you have an allergy. 
  • Memory foam mattress toppers provide excellent cushioning and support. It is composed of polyurethane with enhanced density. This material is good for those with chronic pain such as arthritis. It’s contouring ability helps keep you in place, even with a tossing and turning partner. It can be expensive, and memory foam can cause you to overheat.
  • Polyester is least expensive and least supportive accordingly. Polyester is initially fluffy but flattens quickly. Polyester blends called fiberfill are ideal for those who are allergic to down feathers, but like that feel. 
  • Wool fleece is harder to find, but the advantages are that it is super cushiony while not holding body heat. It is durable and expensive.
  • Feather toppers, also known as featherbeds, is essentially a duvet filled with feathers. They are super soft but not very supportive. They are less expensive than other options, but you need to find out first whether you are allergic to feathers. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you may have an ethical objection to using feathers belonging to birds. 


A mattress pad or a topper, that is the question. Your understanding the difference between the two will help guide you to the right purchase, based on what you really need and based on what kind of sleeper you are.  Remember that a mattress topper sits on top of your regular mattress for the purposes of extra cushioning, whereas a mattress pad provides thinner cushioning. Mattress pads, while sometimes also called toppers, also can provide the function of protecting your mattress from stains, liquids, allergens and dust mites. 

You should consider if you like the texture of fluffy blankets, and in that case, a mattress pad is the way to go. However, if you want to feel one with your bed where it contours and surrounds you, then a foam topper could be your best bet. If you only plan on using this extra cushioning temporarily or intermittently for a mobile home, a pad is much more flexible and easy to store.


An RV Mattress Topper is designed to fit RV mattresses, which are typically the same width as standard residential mattresses but run a bit shorter in length. For example, a RV queen mattress is five inches shorter than a standard residential queen mattress. 

RV mattress toppers are designed to fit the majority of RV mattresses according to the bed foundation. However, you can also use a topper designed to fit a standard residential mattress but trim it with scissors to fit the following RV mattress sizes: 

  • RV Twin: 39” by 75”
  • RV Full or Double: 49” to 53” by 75”
  • RV Queen: 60” by 75”
  • RV King: 72” by 75.”


Are you looking to add comfort to your current situation or are you trying to transform it? A loftier topper or pad will make your bed feel brand-new, while a thinner one will add a little oomph. The typical topper thickness range is between 2 and 4 inches, where the 5 inch option is available but really constitutes a mattress on its own. 

Two inches is the thinnest, and three inches is the most common. Just an extra inch means enhanced contouring and softness. A four inch thick topper can add years of life to your aging mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RV mattress sizes different? 

Yes. Mattresses designed for RVs are different from conventional mattress sizes for households. They can be a few inches smaller in width and length to best conserve space. 

What thickness mattress topper should I get? 

Look for a topper that is 2 to 3 inches thick, if you are looking for thermal regulation in order not to overheat. This thickness most often ensures comfort as well. 

How do I make my RV bed more comfortable? 

You should consider purchasing any of the following: a topper, which can be feather, wool, latex, memory foam or egg-crate; or an air or latex mattress.

How do I keep my foam topper from sliding?

You have options. You can use a snug fitted sheet and/or tape the sides of the topper to the mattress. Don’t use spray adhesive as it leaves marks on your mattress.

Can you put a regular queen mattress in a RV? 

It depends on the RV bed platform. Bed foundations for a typical RV queen call for the same width but a bit shorter length, like by about 5 inches. RV mattresses also sometimes have curved edges or other shapes designed to help them fit in the space provided. However, it is possible for an RV to have a bed platform that is standard residential size, so in that case, you could use a traditional queen mattress. 

What is the best mattress for RV? 

Make choosing your mattress a priority when revamping the comfort of your RV sleeping area. See top picks for purchasing the best mattress for you.


Compare our top options for the best RV mattress toppers in our comparison chart below. 

RV Mattress Topper Material Best for Rating
Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Best Price 4.2/5
Best Price Mattress Polyester Best Luxury 4.2/5
Linenspa Memory Foam Best Memory Foam 4.4/5
eLuxurySupply Cotton Best Rated 4.5/5

Investing in a mattress topper is the most convenient way to spruce up your RV bedroom. Who says you can’t travel and sleep in style, luxury, and comfort?

You deserve your best possible sleep no matter where you go. Our top picks for best RV mattress toppers crush the myth that poor quality sleep is part of being on the road.