Best RV Sheets

Find RV sheets that will both fit your mattress and your personal preferences and sleep wrapped in comfort anywhere on the road.

By Lizzy Sherman

Jun 29th, 2023

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In recent years, RV travel has surged in popularity. While the RV lifestyle may offer a unique adventure, one thing that can detract from its appeal is an unpleasant sleeping situation.

But there’s no reason to be uncomfortable just because you’re on the road. You have a number of options if you’re looking to level up your RV sleep experience, including buying a new mattress, adding a mattress topper for extra support, or—your easiest option—replacing your set of sheets.

But first, there are a few things to know about RV sheets before you start shopping. Since RV beds can come in unusual sizes, it’s important to find sheets that will both fit your mattress and your personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly options or rare sizes, we’ll help you find the best RV sheets for a well-rested night’s sleep

Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds

nestl bedding deep pocket sheets

Nestl Sheet Set

Best Value

Looking for an affordable sheet set made in the perfect color to fit your RV style? Nestl Sheet Set comes in a wide selection of sizes and budget-friendly prices. The sheet set comes in a fun selection of 36 colors, ranging from neutrals to vibrant shades like Beach Blue, Radiant Orchid Purple, Hot Pink, and Garden Green.


These low-profile sheets are 10 inches deep and feature a continuous, stretchable elastic around the fitted sheet to keep them in place. The Nestl sheet set is made from a lightweight double-brushed microfiber designed for softness and comfort. Reviewers on Amazon praise their excellent fit, color options, and overall softness.


  • Price: $33 – $46
  • Size: Short queen set: Fitted sheet is 60 x 75 x 10 inches. Flat sheet is 99 x 90 inches. Pillowcases are 20 x 30 inches. (This set also comes in 16 other size options.)
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars, 4,099 reviews
hiding under sheets

Cottington Lane Camper Sheets

Best Range of RV Sizes

Cottington Lane makes sheets in sizes that are ideal for RV beds, camper bunks, boat bunks, and other travel-sized mattresses. Options range from cot-sized sheets for narrow twins to sets for short queens and RV kings. The sheet sets are also available in more than 10 color choices.


Cottington Lane sheets are made from 100% cotton with a 400 thread count, and feature a sateen weave finish. The sheets are designed to be soft and breathable, but also made to be durable—with particular attention paid to the high-quality elastic on the fitted sheet. They’re crafted in India by a family-run business.


  • Price: $44.25 – $82.25
  • Size: Short queen set: Flat sheet is 90 inches by 102 inches. Fully elasticized fitted sheet is 60 inches by 75 inches and 15 inches deep. Two pillowcases are 20 inches by 30 inches. (The set also comes in three cot sizes, twin XL, Olympic queen, split king, RV king, and top split king.)
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars, 230 reviews

Aurora RV Cotton Blend Sheets

Best Luxury RV Sheets

These high-quality, pre-shrunk sheets are handmade in Manitoba, Canada, from a 50/50 cotton- and polyester-blend material. They come in sizes designed to fit in RVs and travel vans, including various Unity, Wonder, and Serenity bed sizes like Murphy beds, rear lounge beds, corner beds, and twin beds.


Most Aurora RV Linen sets come in three colors: white, slate grey, and navy. Note that Aurora RV Linen sets come with one fitted sheet and two pillowcases, but do not include a flat sheet. The brand sells blended, cotton, and organic cotton flat sheet options that can be added to the set for an additional $49 to $79. Other upgrades available include king pillowcases and deeper versions of the fitted sheet. (Depth upgrades add an extra two inches, which are recommended if you want to use a foam mattress topper.)


  • Price: $49-$109 (Flat sheet not included.)
  • Size: Sizes are made to fit specific Unity, Wonder, and Serenity van beds. Options for Unity include Murphy bed, island bed, corner bed, twin bed, utility twin bed, and rear lounge. Options for Wonder include rear twin, front twin, and rear lounge. Options for Serenity include power sofa and full-time bed.
  • Rating: Not available.
pile of fitted sheets

Quickzip Fitted Sheets

Best Fitted Sheets for RV

Space in your RV can be tight, so a fitted sheet that’s easy to put on and takes up minimal storage space can be a bedding game changer. Quickzip’s patented zipper sheets come in a variety of sizes, fabrics, and colors to help you find the perfect match for your camper, coach, or RV.


This unique fitted sheet is made with a two-piece design that you can quickly change and easily fold up for storage. Quickzip sheets are constructed with vertical elastic and a wide continuous elastic underside that snugly holds in place under the bed and at the pockets.


Depending on your material preference, you can choose between a smooth and buttery sateen, light and crisp percale, or soft and cozy flannel. The sateen and percale styles are 400 thread count and available in seven color options each. The flannel is available in two choices. Quickzip offers 12 fitted sheet size options, including RV queen and RV king.


  • Price: $120 – $233
  • Size: RV queen: Fits 75-inch by 60-inch mattress with depths of 6-13.5 inches. Other sizes available include twin, twin XL, twin XL dorm, Cal twin, full, queen, king, split king, RV king, Cal king, and split Cal king.
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, 5487 reviews
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheet Set

Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets

Best Organic Sheets

Saatva is best known for its eco-friendly, luxury mattresses, but the brand also offers a full range of bedding products, including sheets. This signature Saatva sheet set is available in three colors and nine sizes ranging from twin to king upper-flex. Saatva offers a bunch of high-end perks with its products, including a one-year limited warranty and returns for up to 45 days for a full refund.


This Organic Sateen Sheet Set is made from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton, and designed to feel silky-soft. GOTS certification ensures the sheets are 100% organic cotton, and that the production process adheres to strict ecological and social guidelines. In addition to GOTS certification, the sheets are Fair Trade-certified, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to providing ethically responsible bedding.


  • Price: $175- $275
  • Size: Queen: Fitted sheet accommodates 60-inch by 80-inch queen mattresses with up to 16-inch pockets. Flat sheet is 96 inches by 114 inches. Other sizes available include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, Cal king, queen upper-flex, and king upper-flex.
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars, 27 reviews

How to Choose RV Mattress Sheets

When selecting RV mattress sheets some top things to consider include budget, material, size, and certifications. You might also consider return policies and warranties.

Price: RV mattress sheets range from budget-friendly to more expensive luxury options. For example, the sheets on this list range from around $33 to more than $200.

Material: RV sheets are available in a variety of fabrics to fit your personal preferences. Examples include cotton, bamboo, and flannel. Each has its pros and cons. Bamboo tends to be soft, breathable, and durable—but can cost more than cotton and might not be as eco-friendly as it sounds, due to the use of chemicals to process bamboo fibers. Cotton is breathable, moisture-wicking, and easy to wash—but it often doesn’t start out as soft, and can require more resources to produce, depending on the type.  Flannel is warmer than both and also less breathable, so it’s a better choice for colder seasons.

Size: RV mattresses can come in unusual shapes and sizes to fit compact spaces. For instance, RV mattresses might be shorter and thinner than standard mattresses. Look for sheets that come in sizes designed to fit your unique mattress needs.

Certifications: If you’re looking for sheets that are made from organic materials or are made with ethical manufacturing practices, look for certifications such as Fair Trade, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Oeko-Tex 100.


RV Bunk Sheets

RV bunk mattresses often vary in size from standard bed dimensions. For example, they might be shorter and narrower than a standard bed. Some RV bunk beds also come in unusual shapes. To find the right sheets for your RV bed, you should look for sheets that fit the dimensions of the mattress. If your bed is a hard-to-find size, look for retailers that specialize in RV and camper sheets, such as Aurora Linens. RV bunks are often around 75 to 80 inches by 28 to 35 inches.

RV Queen Sheets

RV queen sizes vary from standard queens to short queens. RV short queens are typically around 75 inches by 60 inches, while standard RV queens are the same size as a standard queen mattress: 80 inches by 60 inches.

RV King Sheets

Like other RV sheet sizes, the size of an RV king will vary by bed. Common sizes for RV king sheets are 75 inches by 72 inches for an RV short king, and 80 inches by 72 inches for an RV king. (A standard king is 76 inches by 80 inches.)

Where to Buy RV Sheets

You can find RV sheets at a variety of major retailers, including big box stores like Walmart and Target and online retailers like Amazon. You can also find them at specialty bedding retailers like many of the online stores for the brands on this list.


RV bunk beds come in a variety of sizes, so the best way to ensure you are getting the correct size is to measure the mattress. Common RV bunk sizes are in the range of 75-80 inches by 28-35 inches.

The best fits for RV queen sheets will usually be standard queen-size sheets (80 inches by 60 inches) or RV short queen sheets (75 inches by 60 inches).

Regular sheets may fit RV mattresses since some RVs have standard size beds. However, many RVs have beds with sizes unique to the vehicles. To ensure you are getting the right sheets for your bed, measure the mattress to get the ideal dimensions.

Recap: Our Best RV Sheets

As a quick recap, see our table below to compare the best RV sheets:

Sheets Award Rating
Nestl Sheet Set Best Value 4.7/5
Cottington Lane Camper Sheets Best Range of RV Sizes 4.3/5
Aurora RV Cotton Blend Sheets Best Luxury RV Sheets Not Available
Quickzip Fitted Sheets Best Fitted Sheets for RV 5/5
Saatva Organic Sateen Sheets Best Organic Sheets 4.3/5


Sleeping in an RV doesn’t have to feel like roughing it. The right bedding can help transform an uncomfortable sleeping situation to one that will have you waking up feeling rested and refreshed. Today, you can find a versatile range of RV sheets to best fit your needs. For more ideas on how to improve your RV sleep experience, read our guide to the Best RV Mattresses.