Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds

By Lizzy Sherman

Jun 30th, 2023

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Adjustable beds are designed to provide position options for your support and comfort, whether you’re looking to raise your head to read in bed, raise your legs to alleviate a health condition like lower back pain, or elevate both for an altogether better night of sleep.

If you’re planning to buy an adjustable bed or already own one, you’re going to need the right set of sheets to fit the bed’s shiftable position. Not every type of bedding will be a good fit—there are a few special features that can make a sheet set better meet your needs and that of your bed frame.

We’ll walk you through a few great options, as well as what to look for in this guide.

Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds


saatva mattress e1585768979966

1. Saatva Organic Sheet Set

Best Overall

Saatva is a popular luxury mattress retailer with a commitment to providing eco-friendly products made from premium materials. The brand extends this promise to its collection of sheets, which are made with organic, Fair Trade-certified cotton and woven from long fibers to create a silky yet durable material. The 300-thread-count material is also breathable—and designed to get even softer and cozier as you wash it.


Saatva’s Organic Sheet sets come in nine sizes to fit your needs, including queen upper-flex, king upper-flex, and California king—all great size options for adjustable beds. The upper-flex options are particularly handy because they’re designed to accommodate different mattress positions.


  • Price: $175 – $275
  • Pocket size: Fits pockets up to 16 inches high
  • Rating: 4.7/5, 27 reviews
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

2. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets

Best Bamboo Sheets

You know bedding is going to be good when it has the seal of approval from “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Cozy Earth products, including this sheet set, have made the list five times—and with good reason. The sheets are sourced from 100-percent viscose from bamboo, and crafted to be buttery soft.


If you’re a warm, sweaty sleeper or get hot flashes, Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets can help you stay comfortable; they’re designed to be moisture-wicking, breathable, and far cooler than cotton. Made with a durable weave, the sheets will resist pilling for at least 10 years—a promise Cozy Earth backs with a manufacturer warranty. If you want to fall asleep on the sheets Oprah calls the “softest ever,” you’ll be glad to know that these sheets feature 20-inch pockets, making them a good fit for adjustable beds.


  • Price: $255 – $351
  • Pocket size: 18 inches (Can stretch up to 20 inches)
  • Rating: 4.9/5, 5197 reviews
Birch Organic Sheets

3. Birch Organic Sheets

Best Cotton Sheets

Birch was launched in 2019 by the popular mattress brand Helix to provide sustainable, organic bedding and mattress options. Its all-natural, organic products include pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets—including this platform-bed-friendly cotton set. The sheets are Global Organic Textile Standard-certified and Fair Trade Factory-certified, which shows that they’re 100 percent organic and manufactured in a socially responsible supply chain.


Organic cotton sheets are known for being breathable and soft, and Birch’s 320-thread count sheets entirely live up to that reputation. The sheets are also wrinkle-resistant and moisture-wicking, with a sateen finish that makes them look and feel smooth on your bed. You can find them in five color choices, including white, blue, and beige.


  • Price: $89 – $157
  • Pocket size: 15 inches
  • Rating: N/A (not available)
Brooklinen sheets

4. Brooklinen Linen Sheets

Best Eco-Friendly Sheets
Sweaty sleepers will appreciate that these light linen sheets are designed to thermo-regulate, so they feel cool and dry in the summertime and warmer in the winter. They’re made in Portugal from 100% European flax that meets the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, which means they’ve been tested and cleared of harmful chemicals.


Linen isn’t known for being the softest material, but customers report that these sheets are super-soft, and only get softer over time. It’s also worth noting that the sheets are individually garment dyed, so they have a more distinctive look and style, with 12 colors and patterns to fit every bedroom palette. The fitted sheet fits beds up to 16” in height, which gives the sheets enough flexibility to work for adjustable beds.


  • Price: $259
  • Pocket size: 16 inches
  • Rating: 4.2 /5, 3,710 reviews

5. Puffy Bamboo Sheets

Best Cooling Sheets

Bamboo sheets work well for hot sleepers because they’re naturally breathable and moisture-wicking. Puffy says that bamboo has “climate-adaptive” properties that makes the material ideal for any season, suggesting these sheets will keep you cool during hot summer months and cozy in the winter. The brand offers a lifetime limited warranty on them, and guarantees that the sheets will maintain their comfort, even after years of washes.


Puffy Bamboo Sheets are Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified for being chemical-free, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Bamboo is also a naturally hypoallergenic material that helps reduce the build-up of dust mites and bacteria. The sheets feature a 300 thread count and 15.7-inch pockets; they come in both gray and white.


  • Price: $179
  • Pocket size: 15.7 inches
  • Rating: 4.9/5, 5197 reviews


Helix Midnight

6. Helix Tencel Sheets

Best Soft Sheets

This Helix sheet set is made from Tencel, a super-soft and light material with moisture-wicking properties. According to the official Tencel website, the material is designed to maintain its softness, even after many washes. Tencel fibers are plant-based in origin and made with environmentally conscious practices. The natural fibers of Tencel sheets allegedly use up to 20 times less water during production.


Reviewers on the Helix website say the brand’s sheets have a soft, buttery feel—and stretch easily to fit around a mattress. One also notes that the sheets barely shrunk in the wash, and wrinkled less than their previous bedding.


Helix Tencel Sheets come in two colors, white and slate, and feature a 100-percent Tencel sateen weave with a 300 thread count. A thick elastic helps ensure a secure fit on the fitted sheet; the pockets are a generous 22 inches.


  • Price: $124 – $200
  • Pocket size: 22 inches
  • Rating: 4.5/5, 214 reviews
Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sheets e1550846787511

7. Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton

Best Deep Pocket Sheets


These 300-thread-count Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocket sheets are made from both cotton and bamboo, giving you the best qualities of both materials. Cotton is loved for being a breathable and durable material, while bamboo is cooling and moisture-wicking to help you stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. The bamboo fibers also give the sheets an elegant sheen.


This sheet set from Brooklyn Bedding comes in three colors: white, khaki, and silver. It also features 17-inch deep pockets that are made to retain elasticity, making them an ideal choice for adjustable beds. The Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton sheets are available in seven sizes, including split king.


  • Price: $69 – $139
  • Pocket size: Accommodates mattresses up to 17 inches thick
  • Rating: 4.6/5, 165 reviews


How to Choose Sheets for an Adjustable Bed

When looking for sheets for adjustable beds there are a variety of factors to consider, including size of the bed, size of the sheet pockets, and personal preferences for material.

  • Bed Size: Adjustable beds come in a wide range of sizes from twin beds to split kings.
  • Fitted Sheet: One of the most important things to consider is how the fitted sheet in the sheet set is constructed. It can be tricky enough to get a fitted sheet to stay on a standard bed without popping off the mattress. This is even more challenging when it comes to adjustable beds because the bed itself shifts positions. For this reason, it is crucial to look for fitted sheets that have deep pockets, have enough stretch to accommodate movement, and feature a strong elastic band that will maintain grip after many washes. If possible, the elastic band should go all the way around the entire fitted sheet.
  • Material: Sheet material is another factor to consider. Are you a hot sleeper who sweats in your sleep? Do you have sensitive skin? If so, you may want to select bamboo sheets which are considered both cooling and hypoallergenic. Or perhaps you’d prefer a breathable cotton or a combination of the two materials.
  • Certifications: If supporting environmentally and socially conscious brands is a priority, look for brands with organic, eco-friendly, and ethically-responsible certifications. Examples include Oeko-Tex, Fair Trade, and Global Organic Textile Standard certifications.

Split Top Sheets

If you have a split king mattress, there are two options for sheets that are ideal for this type of bed. One is a split king set that includes a split top fitted sheet that is divided down the middle (going down around 30-34 inches from the top of the sheet) to accommodate six corners. The other is a split king set that includes two twin XL fitted sheets.

Deep Pocket Sheets

No matter what size adjustable bed you have, deep pockets are crucial for a good fit that will be less likely to pop off your mattress. Deeper pockets will be able to accommodate the movement of the mattress without falling off the corners of the bed. Pockets for adjustable beds should be able to stretch to at least 15 inches or more depending on the bed. For the ideal pocket size for your mattress, consult with your bed’s manufacturer.

Where to Buy Sheets for an Adjustable Bed

Many major retailers that sell sheets will offer options for adjustable beds online and in-store. This includes major big box retailers and specialty mattress and bedding stores. For your convenience, all of the options on this list can be easily purchased online.


Adjustable beds come in a range of sizes from twin to split king, but a standard sheet size won’t necessarily have the ideal dimensions for an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds required fitted sheets with deeper pockets—often at least 15 to 16 inches to accommodate for the bed’s movement.

Some adjustable beds may be longer in length as well. Sheet dimensions are usually listed in length, width, and depth (for pockets). It is important to know the measurements of your mattress to ensure that the sheet size will accommodate your adjustable bed.

You can use regular sheets on adjustable beds, but fitted sheets with smaller pockets are more likely to pop off the corners of your bed. This can cause them to bunch up and get out of place.

Each manufacturer’s sheets are made differently, so while one brand’s “regular sheets” may feature deep pockets and continuous elastic around the entire fitted sheet, another brand’s “regular sheets” may have small pockets and minimal elastic. For the best fit, look for sheets that have the right features to accommodate your bed’s size and adjustability.

Look for sheet sets that have a fitted sheet with deep pockets and a durable continuous elastic band. You may also consider using straps or fasteners to keep your sheets in place.

An adjustable sheet set usually includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Twin and twin XL sets often only include one pillowcase. A split king set usually includes two twin XL fitted sheets or a split top fitted sheet.

Recap: Our Best Sheets for Adjustable Beds

As a quick recap, see our table below to compare the best sheets for adjustable beds:

Sheets Award Rating
Saatva Organic Sheet Set Best Overall 4.7/5, 27 reviews
Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Best Bamboo Sheets 4.9/5, 5197 reviews
Puffy Bamboo Sheets Best Cooling Sheets 4.9/5, 5197 reviews
Helix Tencel Sheets Best Soft Sheets 4.5/5, 214 reviews
Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton Best Deep Pocket Sheets 4.6/5, 165 reviews
Birch Organic Sheets Best Cotton Sheets Not Available


Adjustable beds may offer benefits including improved comfort, alleviating back pain, reducing sleep apnea, and giving you position options for watching television or reading in bed. However, a sheet set that doesn’t fit your adjustable bed correctly will impact your sleep experience.

For the best adjustable bed sheets, look for sheets made from your preferred materials, featuring a fitted sheet with deep pockets and a durable continuous elastic band. For more adjustable bedding ideas, head over to our roundup of the Best Deep Pocket Sheets.