Best shoe storage

By Katie Dyal

Sleep experts and interior designers agree that keeping a serene and clutter-free bedroom can have a positive effect on sleep quality. To help you take back your bedroom and get the peaceful night’s sleep you deserve, let’s start from the bottom…the floor.

Prevent shoe pile-ups by giving them a proper home. Here are our picks for the best shoe storage, and what to look for when buying your own.

The best shoe storage

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Best over-the-door 

Sizable space saver

The genius of over-the-door shoe storage is that it occupies previously unused space on the back of a closet door…no floor space required.

This 36-pair, over-the-door shoe rack is an organizational powerhouse that makes only a small storage-space footprint. The rack is made with non-slip coated steel bars for superior durability and prevents shoes from falling off. The bars also have a unique flip-up feature that allows for more customized storage, accommodating shoes of all sizes, heights, and heel styles.

Why We Love It:

  • Space saver
  • Large capacity
  • Non-slip construction
Seville Classics

Best stackable 

Stylish stackable shelves

This attractive three-tier, stackable shoe rack fits up to nine pairs of shoes on its shelves, with room to store three more pairs of low-profile shoes beneath the unit. 

Within its sturdy metal frame, you can choose more traditional slat shelves in warm espresso brown, or more modern mesh shelves in satin pewter or espresso. The handsome design and color options will look equally at home in a bedroom, closet, entry hall, kitchen, or dorm room. For larger spaces, stack up to three units vertically, or connect units horizontally for a modular shoe storage solution. It’s also available in six and nine-tier versions. 

Why We Love It:

  • Stylish designs
  • Stackable and modular
  • Five-year coverage against defect
Simple Houseware

Best for closets

Clear compartments

When it comes to organizing the closet, this over-the-door hanging shoe organizer is the clear winner. 

It boasts 24 clear plastic pockets to fit up to 12 pairs of shoes and is finished with backing material available in brown, grey, or pink. You can hang this shoe organizer on the back of a door to take up practically zero extra space, or on a closet rod. Those clear plastic pockets are great for visibility, keeping dust off your shoes, and even for organizing items like beauty accessories, kids’ toys, craft materials, and more.

Why We Love It: 

  • Inexpensive
  • Space saver
  • Versatile

Best customizable

An elevated shoebox

It’s hard to improve on the protective properties and neatness of cardboard shoeboxes, but these lightweight plastic stackable shoe storage boxes do just that. 

Limitless configuration options and unique color choices render them especially customizable. A crystal-clear plastic front door makes it easy to see shoes inside and get them in and out. Doorframes, available in blue or pink, sturdy the box structure and offer a colorful opportunity to show your design flair. Attach shoe storage boxes in a single horizontal row for easy under-bed storage, stack vertically to create a tower, or in any combination to fit your space. They’re sold in sets of 12 and fit one pair of shoes to each box.

Why We Love It: 

  • Fun doorframe colors
  • Configure to fit any space
  • Neat and uniform
Simple Houseware

Best soft-shelf

Lightweight and simple in design

Sleek and simple, this attractive four-tier shoe rack is constructed of a sturdy metal frame and washable 600 D polyester fabric shelves, making it a strong, but lightweight shoe organizer.

Available in bronze or grey, its minimalistic good looks will fit in anywhere. The four fabric shelves can store up to 20 pairs of shoes, plus, there’s room to stow additional pairs of slippers or sandals underneath. Have lots of boots, high-tops, or hikers? Simply remove a shelf to create a personalized rack that accommodates taller shoes.

Why We Love It: 

  • Minimalist design
  • Sturdy, lightweight construction
  • Easy to clean

Best portable

functional and large

As long as it’s well-designed, shoe storage doesn’t need to be subtle or hidden away. 

Available in black, brown, or grey, this cabinet-style shoe rack provides generous storage (for shoes, clothes, accessories, toys, and more) with a design aesthetic that can complement any décor. Strong, easy-to-assemble steel rods and a durable, waterproof fabric cover with shelves keep it lightweight, so it’s easily portable. Fabric “doors” can be rolled open and secured for easy access or zipped closed to keep shoes neatly tucked away and dust-free.

Why We Love It:

  • Stylish design
  • Large capacity
  • Portability

How to find the best shoe storage

We all love shopping for shoes, but may not be as well-versed in shopping for the right shoe storage solution to house them. Finding the best storage options for your home is tricky in general. Consider these key elements and you’ll be prepared to choose the best shoe storage for you. 

Collection Size, Storage Space & Location: Get a solid count of the shoes you have, and be realistic about the potential for additions to your collection. Then, consider where it makes the most sense to house your shoe storage solution. Get an accurate measurement of the area, including width, height, and depth. Double-check the dimensions of the shoe storage you like best, and select a solution or combination of solutions, that will fit the space properly.

Product Design: Shoe storage comes in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors. As with any home accent, choose pieces that best represent your design aesthetic and complement your décor. Also, consider whether your shoe storage solution has the versatility to be used for the storage or display of items other than shoes.

Product Material & Functionality: Manufacturers have built in a variety of elements to protect and let you easily access your shoes. Their choice of materials and features may make their products more durable, portable, easier to clean, or customize. Decide which factors suit your needs and lifestyle most, and select shoe storage solutions with those elements.


Whether you rack ‘em, stack ‘em, hang ‘em, or stow ‘em, a simple, well-designed shoe storage solution will keep your shoes organized, accessible, and in their place, so your bedroom can be the haven it was meant to be.

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