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By Amanda Lasater

Whether you have a giant collection of bath products or you just need a place to store your bar of soap and loofa, a shower caddy is the easiest way to keep all of your shower products organized and readily accessible.

Shower caddies come in all different styles and sizes to accommodate your bath time needs. Depending on your preferences, you can pick from small caddies, tall caddies, corner caddies, wall caddies, over-the-shower caddies, just to name a few. With the varying types and growing numbers of shower caddies being offered today, we understand it can be a little intimidating trying to find the best one for you. To help you skip the stress and go right for a relaxing bath or shower with all your products just a reach away, we’ve tested out some of the most popular shower caddies out there. Keep reading to find our picks of the best shower caddies for sale today and learn a little more about what you’re looking for in a shower caddy.

The best shower caddy

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Best overall

Storage for all of your shower supplies

The ALLZONE corner shower caddy offers a great amount of storage by utilizing the little-used corner of your shower. The shower caddy features a thick stainless steel pole and adjustable plastic shelves to store a large amount of products in a small amount of space.

The sturdy stainless steel pole is guaranteed for at least 2 years of rustproof performance and the plastic shelves will never rust. Each shelf can hold 2 to 3 big bottles or 4 to 6 small bottles and all the shelves have drainage holes built into them to prevent water from collecting. Also, the corner shower caddy is super easy to install and can be done in just minutes in bathrooms with ceilings between 4.5’ and 9’.


Best chrome design

Non slip and slick look

If you are looking for a simple shower caddy that gets the job done without charging an arm and leg for it, then look no further than this Zenna Home’s over-the-shower caddy. This shower caddy is hung over your shower head and held in place by the slip-proof collar and suction cups.

Each of the caddy’s four baskets slide outwards to allow for custom storage and to enable its use with handheld shower hoses that loop downwards. The four baskets are made of a rust-resistant wire to prevent water buildup, and the basket’s tall design helps to prevent bottles from falling over during your shower. In addition, the caddy features an attractive chrome finish that both looks great and resists rust.


Best corner caddy

Easy installation and plentiful storage

The Zenna Home shower caddy takes the unused corner of your shower and gives you an optimal amount of storage space. The shower caddy has four deep storage baskets that can be easily adjusted to make room for large bottles.

Each of the four storage baskets feature their own razor holder as well as a wired-design that ensures water drainage. The tension construction means that this corner shower caddy can adjust to fit in rooms with ceilings up to 9 feet high. Installation is easy, secure and tool-free, thanks to Zenna Home’s unique non-slip “Twist Tight” technology that is easy enough for anyone to master. 

Best modern

Adjustable and easy to change

The SimpleHuman shower caddy offers an innovative and unique design that allows you to make a great deal of adjustments to the caddy so that it works with your shower space perfectly.

The neck of this shower caddy can be made longer to make room for taller bottles or to help your kids reach the caddy. In addition, you can easily reposition the adjustable wire shelves up, down, or sideways with a quick turn of the adjustment dial. The shower caddy attaches to your handheld showerhead with a rubberized showerhead clamp that supports the caddy from above and dual pivoting suction cups support the caddy from below. 

How to find the best shower caddy

If you are ready to start shopping for the best shower caddy available, then make sure you address the two following questions:

Do I want a semi-permanent caddy or a portable caddy?

Before you start looking for a shower caddy, it is important that you decide between semi-permanent or portable. Since portable shower caddies allow a person to transport their showertime supplies to and from the shower area with ease, this type of caddy comes in handy in communal shower settings. On the other hand, semi-permanent caddies are much better for individuals who do not share a shower space with a large number of people. These caddies are often hung over your shower head, attached to the shower wall with suction cups, or tucked into your shower’s corner. 

How much storage space do I need? Understanding how much space your need for all of your toiletries will also help you to find the best shower caddy for your needs. If you have a large collection of bathtime products, then you will want to pick a caddy that has adequate space and shelves. 


Overall, a shower caddy is a super easy way to improve your comfort level in the shower and therefore the home.

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