Best Silk Comforter Sets

By Laura Mohammad

May 19th, 2022

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Silk is easily known as one of the most luxurious bedding fabrics. It drapes beautifully and will give you a cozy, cuddly sleep. Exceptionally light, the soft hug of a comforter filled with silk fibers is the epitome of comfort. But did you know that silk also hosts a wide array of benefits beyond its sublime feel?

Because silk is an all-natural fabric, it is inherently hypoallergenic. It’s also great at regulating body heat and wicking away unwanted moisture. You’ll sleep well at night knowing your comforter set doesn’t contain chemicals or other harmful substances. In fact, the substances that silk contains are beneficial, such as amino acids that enhance cell health. Look below for top picks for the best silk comforter sets.

The Best Silk Comforter Sets


Best Mulberry Silk


You’ll be over the moon about the Mulberry Silk Comforter by MOON’S SLEEPWARES. 

This product is encased in 100-percent cotton sateen fabric with a filling of 100-percent pure mulberry silk filling. This brilliant idea by MOON’S SLEEPWARES allows you to reap all the benefits of silk without having to worry too much about damage. Cotton also promotes better breathability, allowing you to enjoy this comforter just as much in the summer as you will in the winter. You’ll love it so much, you’ll never want to switch it out. To be extra safe in matters of maintenance, this company recommends throwing on an easy-to-clean duvet cover.


Best Hypoallergenic

Silk Camel

Silk Camel’s Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter will keep allergens far away from your bed so you can rest easy. 

This option features a cotton shell with 100-percent long-strand mulberry silk filling. It’s super lightweight and fantastic at wicking away moisture to keep you cool. Because of this, Silk Camel recommends using this comforter during warmer months only. This product is the perfect choice for nights where you can’t seem to beat the heat. Its ability to make moisture disappear combined with its hypoallergenic nature makes this is our top pick for someone who suffers from allergies. It also comes with a travel bag that allows you to tote this special piece of bedding from place to place. 


Best Satin

A Nice Night

A Nice Night’s Satin Silky Comforter will give you a great night’s sleep every night. 

This alternative option is not silk; however, its material mirrors it quite well. Made of microfiber polyester, it definitely exhibits a satiny silk-like texture and feel. This faux silk comforter set is extremely easy to take care of as well. Polyester is very durable and will last for years with little maintenance. This comforter can stand up to nightly wear and countless machine washes fabulously. If you want an element of silk on your bed but don’t want to spring on a duvet cover, splurge on a set of sheets instead.


Best All-Natural

Since Silk

The Silk Duvet by Since Silk has high-quality silk written all over it. 

This 100-percent cotton and silk duvet is completely made of all-natural materials. This comforter can be used all-year-round; however, it works best in the summertime or warmer indoor temperature. The cotton casing is breathable and cool to the touch, while it’s silk filling will layover you luxuriously. In order to maintain the quality of this product, it’s important to air it out periodically to make sure no unwanted moisture is trapped within the casing. For a little extra fluff, simply give your comforter a little pat.

What are the Benefits of a Silk Comforter Set?

Wow, where to begin – silkworms can do so much for our quality of sleep. For starters, it will regulate your temperature wonderfully by wicking away moisture. A silk comforter set in a lighter weight can actually be great in the summertime for this reason. 

Also, if you’re worried about allergens, bacteria or bed bugs bothering you, this naturally hypoallergenic fabric will keep your worries far, far away. Make sure all your bases are covered by investing in some hypoallergenic pillows as well.

What to Look For in Your Next Silk Comforter Set

So, you’ve decided to spring on a silk comforter set. There’s no doubt that you’re looking forward to a sumptuous sleep in your near future. But how can you feel sure about the product you choose? Compare and contrast material, grade, and type for peace of mind about this investment. 

Material: This may seem like a no-brainer, but you may want to check to make sure your pick is the real deal. Bedding described as “silky” is often not silk. 

Grade: Silk comes in three quality grades; A, B and C. An “A” rating is won by silk that has longer fibers and fewer impurities within the color. “B” level silk has some signs of impurities and clumping but is still of decent quality. Stay away from “C” grade silk; it will contain short strands, impurities, and a yellowish color. 

Type: Silk, like other natural materials such as cotton, is an umbrella term for a slew of sub-categories. You’re most likely to run into mulberry silk, as it makes up 90-percent of the silk produced. However, other kinds of silk abound; tasar, eri and anaphe silk are just a few.


Silk is widely considered one of the most luxurious fabrics on the market, and for good reason. It’s gorgeous, extremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and keeps you at the right temperature while you sleep. Can you think of any other benefits you might be looking for in a comforter set? Considering all that it can do, the purchase of a silk comforter set is a small price to pay for the years that you’ll cherish it. Through our list of favorites, we hope you’ve become inspired to take home a silk comforter set of your own.