Best Silk Hair Wraps For Sleeping

By Katie Dyal

If you’re having trouble getting the hair results you want, try giving a silk hair wrap a go. These basic items require zero effort but reveal truly amazing results. Are you having difficulty growing your hair? Oftentimes, the length of your hair becomes stunted due to follicle breakage that occurs while you sleep. When it comes to winding down, add a silk cap to your bedtime routine list so you can provide your hair with a safety net that fosters a safe environment for healthy growth. 

Silk hair wraps also nurture your strands in a way that dramatically changes overall texture. Hair is more sensitive than we think; unless your sheets are silky, the contact between your bed’s fabrics and your hair can prove to be damaging. The silk fabric will protect the follicle, making your mane more manageable. Continue on to find out our top picks for best silk hair wraps for sleeping.

Our Top Picks for the Best Silk Hair Wraps For Sleeping

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Enjoy Holiday 1981

Best Budget

Enjoy Holiday 1981

The Satin Silk Lined Sleep Cap by Enjoy Holiday 1981 will allow you to enjoy beautiful locks with little effort.

The winner for Best Budget is this affordable cap that has a silk lining and an outer layer of bamboo and polyester. This unique material blend keeps you warm at night, provides comfy softness, and offers fantastic breathability. This one-size-fits-all product is extremely stretchy and will accommodate all consumers. It doesn’t fit on too snugly, but it also doesn’t slide. Simply machine wash cold to clean this durable and effective cap.

Savena’s Night Sleeping Cap

Best Luxury


Savena’s Night Sleeping Cap will be your go-to sleep accessory once you see what it can do.

Made out of 100-percent mulberry silk, this luxury cap is constructed with the finest textile for the job. This premium fabric looks stylish and is offered in five sophisticated shades. This one-size-fits-all silk bonnet feels fantastic and won’t bother you at all while you sleep. Another fun feature is the included hair care Ebook that provides you with all of the information you need to maintain this bedtime routine.


Best Variety


The Satin-Lined Sleep Cap by FocusCare is another solid choice that delivers great results.

An inner layer of 100-percent polyester will treat your hair, provide you with comfort, and stay in great condition over time. Knit jersey makes up the outer layer, exhibiting a trendy look that looks more like a beanie than a bedtime accessory. Throw on this hair wrap before bed or while running errands to heal your hair with zero effort. Matching its multitude of benefits is its multitude of style options; there are 41 different patterns and colors to choose from. With that many choices, we have no doubt that your perfect cap is waiting for you in this pick. 


Also Great


You’ll be very pleased with all of the perks that the Slouchy Sleep Cap by Alnorm provides.

This option blends viscose and spandex to create a fabric that is silky smooth, ultra-thin, and extra stretchy. In this choice, you’ll find an unbelievable selection of 35 unique patterns and colors. This cap is meant to fit all users and offers plenty of space for those who have a lot of hair. With that said, it still fits nice and snug and won’t slip throughout the night. By wearing this cap nightly, you’ll be amazed at how fast your hair bounces back.


What to Look For in Your Next Silk Hair Wrap For Sleeping

All silk hair wraps serve the same purpose, but how they look, feel, and fit will vary. Consider certain factors like material, size, and style to wrap up your search.

Material: The material doesn’t have to be pure silk to work. Your hair will be better off as long as your cap has a silky, slippery texture. Polyester, satin, rayon, and other blends can create this feel. With that being said, 100-percent silk is definitely the highest quality and most effective option. 

Size: Most of these caps are one-size-fits-all, but make sure to check first. You’ll want to go with an option that fits snugly and is comfortable enough to sleep all night in. 

Style: There are so many color and pattern choices out there and some are even stylish enough to wear outside your home. If you can’t bring yourself to wearing a full cap in public, silk scrunchies are another hair accessory that protects and maintains when in a pinch. Before settling on the first product you see, peruse your choices.


Silk hair wraps are an excellent option for any hair type. Whether you’re trying to nurse your hair back to health or you want salon-worthy locks, this low-maintenance option is inexpensive and really works. Now that you’ve educated yourself on our top picks, we hope that you can easily find yours.

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