The Best Silk Sheets for Nighttime Indulgence

Silk sheets are considered a luxury item and a way to pamper yourself. If you plan to invest in this item, check out our top picks for the best silk sheets.

By Sheryl Grassie

Feb 18th, 2022

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Silk is a natural fiber made by silkworms. The strands, when woven into sheets, result in an extra smooth and silky fabric. The fabric contains an undetectable level of oil that can act as a moisturizer, leaving skin and hair looking great in the morning. Silk sheets are believed to reduce wrinkles on the face and neck and are hypoallergenic.

They come in different weights or mommes, which refers to the weave count, similar to a thread count with other sheets. The ideal count for silk sheets is between 19-25 mommes.

Silk sheets have the ability to help regulate your temperature. They are cool to sleep on and keep you comfortable in the summer, but they also hold heat and keep you warm in the winter with fewer layers. They feel great to the touch and are a treat to sleep on.

Our Picks for the Best Silk Sheets

manito silk sheets 1

Manito Luxury Silk Sheets

Manito is committed to the highest quality sheets available and invites you to scrutinize their process and quality. The sheets listed below are their top of the line bedding, and they do have less expensive versions. For this price, you get a sheet set with a top sheet, a bottom sheet, and two pillowcases. They have a 100% money back guarantee if the sheets are not used or washed and are returned in 30 days.

Manito silk sheets are made from long strand mulberry silk and are a natural material that retards allergens and dust mites. The momme count is 22, and the sheets come in seven different colors. They are easy to machine wash in cold water and tumble dry at a low temperature. They are very durable and are available both online and in stores (they even have a store finder on their website).

Undecided on whether these sheets are worth the money? You can order up to 3 free samples of the silk in different colors at no cost. They will also send you a 10% off coupon with the samples if you do choose to order.

  • Price: $896.00-$966.00, depending on size
  • Sizes: Queen (60 x 80), King (78 x 80), California King (72 x 84)
lilysilk silk sheets

LilySilk 4Pcs Silk Sheet Sets

LilySilk offers a premium silk sheet set that is Oeko-tex 100 certified, meaning it is free from any harmful chemicals or additives. The natural silk is a balm to the skin and does not wick away moisture like other fabrics. It leaves the skin moist and nourished and is described as a “second skin.” The health effects of silk can reduce wrinkles and even improve acne.

This natural sheet set is 19 momme for comfort and durability. The company care instructions advise washing in cold water and line drying or dry cleaning. Customer reviews mention machine drying on a low temperature with no adverse effects is possible. These very durable sheets will last for years. They come in a range of sizes and 11 different colors to go with any décor.

  • Price: $344.26-$454.44, depending on size
  • Sizes: Twin (39 x 75), Full (54 x 75), Queen (60 x 80), King (78 x 80), California King (72 x 84)
  • Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, 19 reviews
mulberry park silk sheets

Mulberry Park Silk Sheet Set

Mulberry Park silk sheet sets come with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. The sheets come in seven colors and fitted sheets come in two depths to accommodate different mattress types. These are natural, healthy, and hypoallergenic sheets that are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and 22 momme.

Care instructions encourage washing in cold water and a mild, natural detergent. The company suggests using a mesh bag for washing to reduce wear and tear. The sheets can be tumble dried on a low or “no heat” setting or line dried. They do not encourage dry cleaning. A cool iron can be used to restore luster and reduce wrinkles in the fabric.

Samples of the fabric are available from the manufacturer. Reviews on these sheets are almost all five stars with constant comments about the incredible quality, fit, and feel of the sheets.

  • Price: $393.75-$525.00, depending on size
  • Sizes: Twin (39 x 75), Full (54 x 75), Queen (60 x 80), King (78 x 80) 15” or 17” fitted sheet pocket
  • Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5 stars, 35 reviews

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Silk Sheets

Silks sheets come in a range of colors and mommes (silk density). You want to look for 100% silk sheets that are free from any harmful chemicals. Here are some primary considerations when purchasing silk sheets.


Silk sheets are an investment in both money and time. They are expensive and require a bit more care when it comes to cleaning. A set of good silk sheets can run from $300-$1,000, depending on bed size. There are less expensive versions on the market, but they may not be worth it. Make sure what you purchase is 100% silk.


Silk sheets come in a variety of sizes, but not all manufacturers make these sizes. You don’t want to fall in love with a brand only to find out that they don’t carry a California King size for your bed, so check the sizes right away. This can hold true for mattress depth as well, especially if you have an extra thick plush mattress. Find a company that makes different pocket depths to fit your needs.

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A good fit is crucial to the comfort and wear of the sheets; check the size dimensions. Although mattresses and sheets are generally standard sizes, it is not always the case. Measure your mattress and have that information with you when looking at sheet sizes.


Silk sheets are hypoallergenic. They are made from a natural material, and good silk sheets are processed without chemicals and should be Oeko-Tex certified. Allergies to silk are very rare, and researchers hypothesize that it may not be the silk fibers causing an allergic reaction, but chemicals used in the processing of the silk. If you purchase chemical free, 100% silk sheets, you should not have a problem.


Silk sheets are easy to care for as long as you know they don’t respond well to heat. So, no hot water; cold is best. No hot dryer: either low or air setting on the dryer or line dry. Some manufacturers recommend dry cleaning; others do not. Most companies suggest a very mild or natural laundry detergent.


One of the myths about silk is that it is delicate. In its thinner forms, with a low momme count, it can be more delicate. But the range for sheets, 19-25 momme, is quite sturdy: even more so than many other sheet fabrics, and they will last for years. With inexpensive silk you may have to replace the bottom sheet within a year, but with good sheets they should last 4 or more years.


Silk sheets have the capacity to help with temperature regulation. They can keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather and warm and cozy in cold weather. The sheets do generally feel cold to the skin, and help with a good night’s sleep by keeping you at a comfortable temperature. Many people swear by silk for this feature alone. Silk might be a good choice if you find your bedding too hot or too cold.

Return Policy

Many silk bedding companies have short-term return policies like 30-45 days. Be aware that you may need to decide quickly when you have the item if it is something you want to keep or return. Warranties vary by company, but most want the sheets unwashed and with little use. Read through the warranty considerations before purchasing, so you know what their policies are.


Reading the reviews on a particular brand can both give you an idea of quality and help you be aware of things you might not have considered. You can scan the simple 5 star rating used on most products, either on their websites or on Amazon if they carry the product.

After reading a rating, scan the comments and get additional information that way. It may help you understand things like how easy it is to deal with a particular company, make returns, or have a warranty honored.

Silk Alternatives

If you are allergic to silk but love the feel, or if you can’t spring for a $500 set of sheets but want that luxurious feeling, there are some silk alternatives on the market. Sateen-woven cotton is a great alternative, and, although nothing can fully replace the smooth and liquid feel of silk, this cotton blend does mimic some of silk’s qualities. For example, it is good to your hair and skin.


Silk sheets are a luxurious, natural bed cover that has numerous health benefits. Silk can improve sleep by helping regulate temperature; it naturally supports moisture in the hair and skin and reduces wrinkles. It can even help improve some skin conditions. The price for silk sheets is higher than for other materials, but silk is durable and long lasting. If you want to treat yourself to an amazing sleep experience, consider good quality silk sheets for your bedroom.