Best Sleep Buds

By Katie Dyal

Sleep buds are the elevated version of the classic earplug. Instead of canceling out sound completely, why not replace it with what you want to hear? Sleep buds will allow you to create the environment of your choosing. Whether you throw on some soothing music or settle into a meditation, sleep buds are a great solution for a more restful snooze. It doesn’t matter what chronotype you are – with sleep buds, you can make sleep time whatever time you’d like. 

Nowadays, the world of headphones has changed dramatically through the advancement of noise-canceling features, Bluetooth technology, and app synchronization. Continue on to reveal our top picks for the best sleep buds. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Sleep Buds

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Best Budget


The Noise Isolating Earbuds by MAXROCK will rock you right to sleep. This is a basic option that will fulfill all of your criteria at a fantastic price.

This item is made of silicone, which represents a host of great characteristics; flexibility, comfort, and durability are a few. The in-ear buds exhibit a noise-isolating design that drowns out any and all background noise. They plug in deeply yet comfortably into your inner ear canal, ensuring that they won’t fall out as you sleep. You can take calls or adjust songs with its high-tech microphone. Its high-quality speakers will win you over right away, providing incredibly crisp and clear audio.


Best Luxury


Bose’s Quiet Comfort Headphones do an excellent job at providing you just that. Comfort, stability, and quality is the name of the game when it comes to this premium pair of sleep buds.

They fit like a dream, are hard to damage and provide a level of digital quality audio that can’t be beaten. Put these in, lay your head down on a set of pillows, and you’ll be asleep in no time. One cool feature of this luxury item is it’s “aware mode” that clues you in on what’s happening around you if needed. Use the inline microphone and one-touch button to quickly switch back and forth from telephone calls to music mode. Before buying, be sure to read the fine print – this product is specifically designed to work with a select few devices.

The Bluetooth Headphones by Goojodog

Best Value


The Bluetooth Headphones by Goojodog do a great job of protecting your slumber from unwanted noise. This particular option provides premium value at a very decent price.

Its Bluetooth technology boasts an especially fast connection and stable signal transmission. Whether you’re accepting a call or listening to music, you’ll be impressed by the quality of sound. You’ll also be happy to find how seamlessly these sleep buds fit. They are designed with an ergonomic double layer that goes the extra mile to keep these buds feeling great and staying in. You may even forget that you’re wearing them; they’re that comfortable. Another awesome feature is the charge. They will last up to 15 hours, making these perfect for even the longest slumber. 


Most Stylish


Cancel sound and go to sleep in style with the SoundSport Earbuds by Bose. On a purely aesthetic level, this option offers cute designs and colors, ranging from classic black to ultraviolet. 

These were designed to be sport headphones, which means they won’t budge as you sleep. They are also sweat-proof, weather-resistant and hold up well against wear in general. These buds are compact and completely wireless. If you choose to use these during the day, a powerful microphone is integrated into their small size. This product includes a very handy feature that most sleep buds don’t. Through the connection of the Bose App, you can select “find my buds” to track them down should you lose them.

What to Look For in Your Next Sleep Buds

With all of the fun variations of sleep buds available, you may lose track of what you’re really looking for. Don’t sleep on the factors that really matter at the end of the day. Charge, design, and features are elements that are worth paying attention to. 

Charge: Charge may not be that important to you if you’re using these beds solely for falling asleep. With that being said, remembering to charge technology can be a pain. Also, if you want to use your sleep buds in any other setting, you’ll want a charge that lasts at least several hours. 

Design: Design matters for a couple of reasons. One, how a product is designed directly affects its style. Two, how they feel fits in there as well. Make sure that you’re choosing an option that fits YOU specifically. If you choose a pair that doesn’t pair up well with your ears, they will cause you pain or fall out as you sleep. 

Features: Some of these options offer fun and useful features. If you’re paying top dollar, you may as well choose a set that’s a little more high-tech.


Sleep buds may just be the easiest way to a quieter sleep. This is a multi-use investment that could save you countless hours of tossing and turning. Hopefully, this list of picks leads you to your best set of sleep buds and your best sleep yet! 

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