Best stain removers

By Katie Dyal

In our opinion, there’s no better way to instantly elevate your bedroom than outfitting it in white. Choosing white pillowcases, duvets, furniture and decor is a chic style move that shows sophistication and promotes cleanliness. With that said, nothing puts a damper on the aesthetics of a fresh and clean bedroom quite like a big, ugly stain. 

With that said, there’s good news. Stains may not be able to be avoided; however, that doesn’t mean they have to stay. With a hard-working stain remover, you’ll be able to erase spills, stains and accidents and return your white or light-colored fabrics to their original state. Believe it or not, the aesthetics of your bedroom actually affect your sleep quality. Instead of letting the altered ambiance of your bedroom keep you up at night, call on a stain remover.

The best stain removers

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Safe and effective

Best natural remover

The Natural Laundry Stain Remover by Puracy contains a purely natural formula that will make stains disappear.

Instead of using harsh chemicals, this enzymatic formula fights damage safely and effectively. This method uses the enzymes of six plant-based ingredients and is also fantastic at eliminating unwanted odors. Feel free to spray this product as liberally as you’d like – it’s free of fragrance and completely non-toxic. It can even be used to simply freshen up a room. With this choice, you’ll receive a two-pack of 23-ounce spray bottles.


A formula specifically catered to pets

Best pet stain remover

The PETPLUS Concentrated Formula by Hoover is our favorite choice for stubborn pet stains.

No matter how trained your cat or dog is, accidents happen. Unfortunately, they don’t always happen on easy-to-clean floors either. If you’re cleaning up messes left by your pet, you’ll need a product that specifically caters to these types of stains. This heavy-duty detergent removes odor, urine and dirt simultaneously to bring your carpet, bedding and furniture back to new. This option works both as laundry detergent and spot-cleaning treatment and comes in a generous 64-ounce bottle. 

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co

An enzyme-powered product

Best spray remover

The Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator by Rocco & Roxie Supply Co will reverse damage with just a couple of sprays.

We recommend having this advanced eliminator on hand for everyday use. It’s an enzyme-powered product and is extremely convenient to use whenever mishaps occur. It’s also fantastic at clearing up residual smells while it goes to work. This product is recommended specifically for carpets; however, its uses go far beyond floor upholstery. Grab this remover anytime you need to scrub out a spill in a pinch. 


Treats stains quickly and easily

Best gel stain remover

OxiClean’s Max Force Gel Stain Remover Stick is a conveniently-sized product that packs a punch.

Coming in a pack of two six-ounce gel sticks, this remover works to treat stains quickly and easily. This option’s concentrated formula produces results that last with a minimal amount of product. To use, simply dab the stick directly on whatever stain you’re treating. It will start working immediately, even on tough spots produced by wine, dirt and ink. This choice is so potent, it even works on dried stains. With this option by OxiClean, you can literally keep the solution to tough stains in your back pocket. 

How to find the best stain remover

It’s hard to choose cleaning products based on packaging and reviews alone. If you’re concerned about not being able to try before you buy, taking note of a couple of factors will clear your mind. When perusing stain removers, look at the differences in formula, application, and use. By following these guidelines, you’ll be on your way to restoring your fabrics. 

Formula: Once you start to look, you’ll be surprised by how much the formulas of stain removers range from product to product. There are many different ways and ingredient combinations to get around a difficult stain. Consider what your preferences are, and find out if the labels “non-toxic,” “all-natural,” “hypoallergenic” and “enzymatic” are important to you. 

Application: Stain removers can be applied in a variety of ways. Consider convenience and effectiveness when it comes to choosing between sprays, gels, detergents and more. 

Use: Before choosing a stain remover, get clear on what and where you’re removing. An especially tough stain may require a more aggressive remover. The type of fabric you’re treating also comes into play. It’s important to note that some stain removers and fabrics don’t mix, which can lead to more damage than you originally started with. 

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