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By Katie Dyal

When it comes to choosing a mattress that fits your SUV, you’re looking for something that is lightweight, easy to install, portable, and storable. However, you can’t forget comfort. Choosing a mattress that has the functionality of fitting in an SUV but the comfort to give you a good night’s sleep is a challenge.

Since your vehicle is designed for transportation first, transforming it into a sleep haven means you’ll need a mattress that stores away until you need it. Then, it is convenient and simple to install. Create a vehicle sleep situation that gives you the support and comfort that ensures a restful night’s sleep. Here are the best SUV mattresses.

The best SUV mattress

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Berocia SUV Mattress

Best multifunctional

Useful and instant 

This option is adaptable for nearly any size SUV. 

Inflatable in just 90 minutes, this option is remarkably adaptable and usable. It boasts an adjustable size, a double-sided flocked surface and is odorless. Available in two colors and with it’s own inflation pump, this choice is ready to be stored in the trunk or back for instant inflation.

Why we love it:

  • Odorless
  • Fast inflate
  • Size adjustable
Goplus SUV Air Mattress

Best fast inflate

Convenient and easy

Inflate only the compartments you need with this selection.

This five compartment mattress gives you the ability to inflate only the sections you need for your vehicle, to customize the size that works for you. With a premium PVC bottom and double sealed air nozzles, this choice stays inflated and comfortable.

Why we love it: 

  • Quick inflation
  • Carry bag
  • Custom inflation
WEY & FLY SUV Mattress

Best double-sided

Cold resistant and protective

This choice offers ambient air adaptation so it is comfortable in heat or cold.

Constructed of breathable, composite, this double-sided mattress has a surface layer of polymer and a  corduroy bed surface, so it is butter soft, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and odorless. Supporting a weight up to 260 kilograms, this mattress comfortable supports two to three people. 

Why we love it: 

  • Temperature adapting
  • Eco-friendly
  • Size adjustable 
Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Best flocked 

Soft and smooth

This soft flocked mattress really sports all the bells and whistles.

This mattress comes with two pillows, its own air pump, an inflatable neck travel pillow, two air foot piers, a sleep mask, two sets of earplugs, and a convenient repair pad. In addition, the head anti-collision design adds a level of safety to the convenience.

Why we love it:

  • Air pump
  • Repair pad
  • Head anti-collision design
HAITRAL Portable Inflatable Mattress

Best lightweight

Convenient and customizable

Quick deflation and easy fold-and-store capabilities make this lightweight mattress a go-to choice.

Made of thick PVC and a soft oxford fabric top, this mattress is durable and lightweight but comfortable. It comes with three nozzle attachments for the inflator so you can use the inflator for many options. Plus, the carry case and patch kit add a level of convenience and security.

Why we love it:

  • Foldable
  • Separate supports
  • Quick inflation 
OLIVIA & AIDEN Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Best portable

Organized and storable

Collected in a convenient travel case, this selection offers all the pieces you need for a quick and supported SUV sleep.

Throw the mattress, inflator, extra inflator support, adaptor nozzles, and inflatable pillows in the included case and you’re ready to head out. You can even inflate the separate support section to place in the floorboard to keep the mattress that hangs off the seat from collapsing. 

Why we love it:

  • Carry bag
  • Pump with adaptor nozzles
  • Separate support

How to find the best SUV mattresses

If you’re adding a sleeping option to your SUV consider these mattress factors before buying: inflation speed, flocking, size and sectioning. 

Inflation speed: Using an inflatable mattress when traveling only provides convenience if the inflation and deflation are rapid.

Flocking: Inflatables can sleep too cool without a soft fabric flocking. 

Size: One size can fit all if it can inflate and deflate by section.  

Sectioning: Extras like inflatable pillows and removable support sections will turn any SUV compartment into a supportive bed.


Now that you know what makes a supportive SUV mattress, we hope you’ve found your perfect SUV mattress in this list of our top picks. 

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