The Best Thermometers

By Amanda Lasater

A thermometer is a staple item that everyone should have in their home. At some point, you or your loved ones will inevitably get sick and when that time comes it is important that you can monitor their temperature. A quality thermometer allows you to assess just how ill a person is and will alert you to whether they need medical attention.

Unfortunately, simply searching for a good thermometer is no easy task. When you begin to look for a quality thermometer, you quickly realize just how many thermometers are out on the market today. Use our list of the four best thermometers to find a reliable thermometer for the next time you and your loved ones become sick.

The 4 Best Thermometers   

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ankovo thermometer

Best for All Ages

ANKOVO Thermometer

The ANKOVO Thermometer is an easy-to-use thermometer that is perfect for adults and children. It gives you two different operations to take a temperature: forehead mode and ear mode. To measure a temperature in forehead mode, you simply hold the “Head” button and scan the forehead from one side to the other. To use the thermometer in ear mode, you remove the probe cover, insert the sensor into the ear canal, and hold the “Ear” button.

The thermometer has a large backlit LCD display which makes the temperature easy to read, even in the dark. It also features a fever alarm, which turns the LCD screen red when a reading exceeds 37.5/99.5, and audibly makes seven short rings as the LCD screen flashes. Finally, the ANKOVO thermometer comes equipped with a convenient memory function, which stores the last 20 temperature readings that were taken on the device. 

Mosen baby thermometer

Best Features

Mosen Baby Thermometer

Although the Mosen Baby Thermometer is super simple to use, it’s also extremely advanced. The impressive four-in-one infrared thermometer can be used to measure a person’s temperature via their forehead or their ear, as well as the temperature of a room or even a glass of milk.

The thermometer offers an instant read that can take a temperature in just one second, so you don’t have to worry about finicky babies wrestling around while you try to take their temperature. The LCD readout uses three different colored backlights to indicate the range of temperature that has been measured: a green backlight represents a normal temperature, a yellow backlight represents a low fever, and a green backlight represents a high fever. The thermometer also stores the last 32 temperatures taken on the device, allowing you to see a record of your child’s temperatures.  

iproven digital thermometer with product box

Best Budget

iProven Digital Medical Thermometer

The iProven Medical Thermometer will provide you with the highest accuracy in temperature readings. The newest model of this digital thermometer was designed using an optimized algorithm for oral and rectal temperature measurements that takes only 10 seconds.

Aside from reading the temperature, the display also uses three different smiley faces to alert you of a normal, low, or high fever. The flexible tip is highly convenient, allowing you to use the device as either an oral thermometer or a rectal thermometer. Also, the tip of the thermometer is waterproof so it is hygienic and extremely easy to clean. 

goodbaby digital thermometer

Best Overall

GoodBaby Digital Infrared Baby Thermometer 

The Goodbaby Infrared Baby Thermometer is one of the best-selling and most trusted baby thermometers on the market today. The infrared design makes this a hygienic tool for taking temperature readings quickly and easily. Because taking a child’s temperature orally is never easy, this thermometer offers a forehead mode, which allows you to take your baby’s temperature without physical contact, and an ear mode.

Aside from taking you or your child’s temperature, it also reads the temperature of liquids and foods, which will help prevent scalding accidents and undercooked foods. The thermometer can even tell you the temperature of your room. It features a LCD display, an intelligent fever indicator, and can store up to 35 past temperature readings. 

What to Look for in a Thermometer

Due to all of the new features and functions of thermometers, shopping for a reliable thermometer is no longer as easy as running into the grocery store. Nowadays, you really have to search through all the different styles available and hope that you can find a quality one. Next time you are in the market for a new thermometer, be sure to consider: 

  • The method of measuring temperature
  • Customer reviews for accuracy
  • A warranty
  • Display technology
  • Any added features

Method of Measuring

There are a few different methods for measuring a temperature; for example, there are infrared scanning thermometers which require no physical contact, digital thermometers that are place under the tongue, digital thermometers that are placed inside of the ear, etc. While it is said that the inner ear thermometers provide you with the most accurate temperature gauge, they are more intrusive than the infrared thermometers. Therefore, it is important to recognize what type of thermometer will best work for the people in your house. 


Obviously, the accuracy of a thermometer is of the utmost importance. The best way to determine how accurate a thermometer is before buying it is to read the average customer reviews. Or, you could test it against a manual thermometer and see how it holds up.


It is hard to look at a thermometer and know whether it’s a quality thermometer, which is why we like to look at the warranty information. The minimum warranty you should accept is 12 months – anything less indicates that it will likely break quickly. If a thermometer has a warranty about 12 months, that this indicates that it is likely a good quality thermometer. 


Thanks to technology, we no longer have to squint to read the numbers on the red mercury. Now, we have easy to read screens that tell us the temperature. Aside from making sure that the LCD screen is highly visible – even in the dark – check if the screen does anything else. For example, some screens will blink different colors to notify you of a high temperature. 

Added Features

There are numerous features that you may find on newer thermometers, many of which are extremely convenient. Some of the most commonly found extra features include:

  • Pre-warmed tip
  • Sound alerts 
  • Alerts for high temperatures
  • Protective caps
  • Carrying cases
  • Memory recall
  • Quick read


With all the advancements in technology, the way we take temperatures has changed for the better. Now, you no longer have to wait long periods of time to get a reading or struggle to see the temperature on the thermometer. The new and improved thermometers are extremely convenient – especially for those with babies. Babies have always been difficult customers to get a temperature reading on, but not anymore thanks to digital thermometers. Make sure you take our advice and consider all aspects of a thermometer to find yourself a quality thermometer. 

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