Best Throw Blankets For Comfort and Function

Everyone loves a good throw blanket. Check out our top picks for every season and occasion.

By Laura Mohammad

Aug 24th, 2022

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Adding a throw blanket to your bedroom or living room is a simple and comfy decor trick. We’re in the mattress business, here, but our real game is comfort. Like an ice cream Sundae where the mattress is the vanilla ice cream base, throw blankets are the cherry on top of cozy.

Functional and decorative, throw blankets are smaller in size than bed blankets, usually about 50 x 60 inches. They’re lightweight and can be stored in a basket by your couch, spread over your duvet, or kept stowed in a linen closet. Pull them out when you need a bit of extra warmth while cuddling on the couch.

What is the Best Material for Throw Blankets?

The material you choose for your throw blanket is up to personal preference, the season of the year, and your desired use. Here’s a breakdown of the options:


Pure wool throws are made from the coats of sheep, goats, camels. This material is warmer than cotton, so wool throw blankets are ideal for extra warmth in chillier climates and make great Christmas gifts. Beware, though: while extremely warm, wool can be itchy, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Electric (Heated)

Electric throw blankets are a great choice if you want complete temperature control, or if your heating system is expensive or just doesn’t cut it. Made with internal wires that heat up when plugged in, electric blankets are usually soft, plush, and designed to resist high temperatures. Heated blankets tend to prize function over fashion, and may be an item that you keep hidden in the closet and only pull out on sick days when you want to soothe your stomach or super chilly nights.


Fleece blankets are soft, cozy, light, and storable. Fleece can be made from a variety of fibers, but is most commonly derived from polyester. Available in nearly every color imaginable, fleece blankets can even be customized at websites like with an image or graphic, which adds a personalized touch and makes a great gift.


Cotton is a natural material, and cotton throw blankets can be made in a variety of weights, textures, and designs. Many cotton throw blankets are knitted, a cozy design choice for this natural fabric.


Linen and gauze blankets are lightly woven natural materials, making the fabric lights, moveable, and breathable. They provide a nice cover for Summer, when you want to cozy up but don’t want to overheat. They also make for pretty decoration for your outdoor couch.

Faux Fur

Faux fur throw blankets scream glamour and luxury without the ethical issues involved with real fur. They can be supremely soft and luxurious, but beware that cheaper ones may be itchy and won’t hold up in the washing machine.

The Best Throws for Every Season and Occasion

Best For Gifting

Experts agree that faux fur throw blankets are the best option for gifting. Faux fur can fit into a variety of design aesthetics, and fur is a festive, stable that just feels special and expensive. The very best? This luxuriously soft throw from CB2.

CB2 Faux Fur Throw – $129

Why we love it: In light grey, brown, or oatmeal, the natural color scheme will compliment nearly any room. I personally have two of these blankets – one on my bed and one on my living room couch. It’s great- big enough for two people to cuddle under, or for one person to cocoon inside of. It’s a bit of a splurge, but for the size, glamour, and super-soft material, it will be an appreciated effort when you give it as a gift. Size: 48 x 60 inches.

The Best For Warm Weather

Even in the warm summertime, there’s a part of us that just wants to sleep covered up. It’s partially due to Pavlovian conditioning – we’ve been trained since childhood to use a blanket to sleep, and you might find it impossible to sleep without one. The other reason is that your body’s core temperature drops 1-2 degrees during sleep, while you lose the ability to regulate body temperature during the REM cycle. Lightweight throw blankets are one way you can maintain your sleep quality despite the summer heat. By the way, you can read our other warm-weather sleep tips HERE!

For warm weather, we love a linen throw, like this one from The Company Store.

linen throw
The Company Store Fringed Linen Throw – $69

Why we love it: Airy and breathable, linen material is loosely woven, creating the perfect breathable cover which won’t trap heat when the temperatures rise. There’s something breezy and beachy about linen material which screams summer, making linen throws a lovely decor addition to your patio or balcony. Relaxed linen is low maintenance and won’t need to be ironed after washing – as long as you like the relaxed linen look. This blanket is hand finished with fringe. Size: 50 x 70 inches.

Best Value Option

If you are looking for more bang for your buck, Target offers an incredibly soft plush fleece throw blanket by the label Threshold. With a range of solid color options, from bright saturated hues to muted tones, this blanket is great to bring on a road trip, or for warming up college dorm rooms.

Fuzzy Blanket Throw Blanket by Threshold – $14.99

Why we love it: This fuzzy blanket is super soft without being too heavy, making it portable and storable. It’s machine washable, and it’s even made from patented anti-pill fabric. Beware, some commenters say this blanket sheds, but I’ve had one of these since college and it has held up beautifully through the years.  Size: 70 x 50 inches.

Best Luxury Option

Cashmere has long been considered the softest and rarest luxury fabric. Cashmere is a type of wool made from the undercoat of Kashmir goats, once found exclusively in the mountains of the Himalayas, which contributed to the rare, exotic reputation of cashmere. While most wool fabrics are made from the goat’s rough topcoat, cashmere gains it’s smooth, cloudlike texture from the soft undercoat. Though cashmere is now widely available at a variety of price points, more expensive cashmere, made from Mongolian goats, are more resistant to body heat and pilling. Rather than choosing a cheap option that won’t last, make cashmere your pick for a luxury throw blanket. The money you spend will reflect in your space, and you know that with proper care, you’ll hold on to these blankets forever.

Cashmere blanket e1557426921146
Naadam Kilo Cashmere Blanket – $325

Why we love it: This cashmere throw from luxury homeware brand Naadam is made from Mongolian goat fibers, spun for strength and breathability. Not only is it sustainably produced, it has a minimalist, lush design that will compliment any space.

Best for Decor

Your personal design aesthetic will be the biggest influence on your choice of the best throw blanket for decor. Chunky knits, faux furs, soft cashmere, herringbone pattern, or crochet are all lovely textures for decorative throw blankets. Choosing a texture and color that will compliment the rest of your space is the most important consideration, here, as your throw blanket will add depth and visual interest to your space. For a bit of whimsy, we love the 100% cotton printed throws from Calhoun & Co.

Calhoun & Co – Good At Naps Throw Blanket – $108

Why we love it: Calhoun & Co offers fun, youthful 100% cotton throw blankets which will add personality to your living room. There are a ton of playful patterns, prints, and sayings available. This brand is a bit indie, so you can bet that guests won’t be able to resist complimenting your choice. They also make a cute addition to any “lounging around” picture. Size: 44 x 66 inches.

Best Hypoallergenic Option

Those with asthma, sensitive skin or allergies will want to ensure their throw blanket doesn’t trap dust or other allergy-frustrating irritants. Cozy organic cotton is a naturally hypo-allergenic option that resists allergens. That’s why we love this chunky knit cotton throw by Boll & Branch.

knit throw
Boll & Branch Chunky Knit Throw – $125

Why we love it: This chunky knit throw not only provides a classic cozy look in three muted tones, it’s also crafted of organic cotton which is naturally breathable, minimizing mold growth. Boll & Branch is dedicated to keeping you cozy in organic materials, which are never exposed to pesticides and use eco-friendly dyes. They promote complete transparency about the quality and origin of their materials, keeping you healthy as you cuddle. Size: 50 x 70 inches.

Best Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have gained traction in the past year for their ability to improve sleep quality for those with sensory issues, insomnia, or anxiety. Weighted blankets are filled with glass beads surrounded by fiberfill.

weighted blanket 1
SensaCalm Weighted Blanket – $119

Why we love it: SensaCalm weighted blankets are completely customized to your body weight, as well as, any health conditions (like anxiety) you may have; thus, optimizing the benefits you’ll receive from your weighted blanket. The additional weight provides the sensation of being held, which can be very soothing. Weighted blankets typically come in soothing colors like gray, and the extra insulation can create a noise-barrier and calm your mind while watching a movie on the couch, lulling you into slumber.

Other Factors to Consider

Picking a fuzzy microfiber blanket is really a matter of a few simple considerations outside of the material.

  • Size – What are you going to use your fuzzy blanket for? Will it cover your bed in place of a comforter? Will it primarily be used on the couch as a throw or will it travel from room to room to keep you warm? Assess how you will use the blanket to help determine the right size; bigger for beds and smaller strictly as a throw.
  • Style – There are endless choices of colors and fabrics and prints when it comes to fuzzy blankets. Do you want a bright color for a kid’s room, an animal print for the living room, or a solid for that chair in your den? You can sort by color, texture, and pattern when browsing online.
  • Price – Most microfiber blankets have a reasonable price point with throws starting under $20. You can even get a king size blanket starting under $50. Figure out what you want to spend and look at blankets in that price range to start.