Best touch lamps

By Katie Dyal

Lamps of today are not the stand-alone, simple light accessories of years past. Modern night tables now have handy USB ports and AC outlets built in so you can plug in an alarm clock, phone or iPad.

Touch lamps also come in a variety of styles that compliment nearly any kind of décor so your lamps can be additional accessories to customize any room. Just like accent chairs and tables, fabrics and finishes can really make a function item like a lamp so much more. Here are the best touch lamps.

The best touch lamps

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ZEEFO Touch Control Table Lamp

Best overall

Features and economy

Enjoy all of the best lamp features and get two lamps instead of just one. 

This product may outshine its competitors just on value alone. It comes with all the most desirable features like dual USB charging ports, a three-prong AC outlet, three-level brightness choices and touch control. And while the modern black iron base and white fabric shade mean you can place this lamp with most any décor, the fact that it comes in a two-pack means it delivers a next-level kind of set.

Why we love it:

  • Two-pack
  • Touch control and push-button switch
  • Dual USB charging ports.
AUKEY Touch Sensor Lamp

Best multicolor 

Colorful and adjustable 

Enjoy a touch-operating light fixture that adjusts both brightness and illumination color.

This streamlined LED table lamp measures 8.39 inches tall and just under four inches wide, the perfect size for a table or bedside light. Available in both medium and large, it activates with a 360-degree touch base that powers it off, on, changes colors and brightness. Weighing just 24 ounces, this bedside table lamp is built from aluminum alloy and comes with rechargeable batteries.

Why we love it:

  • Brightness adjustable
  • 256-RGB color choices
  • Rechargeable
MAXvolador Touch Control Table Lamp

Best set

Neutral and multifunctional

You can’t beat the modern option of two matching table lamps with multiple charging options build onto the bases. 

This touch-controlled lamp features three-way, dimmable LED lighting, neutral, grey fabric shades that blend with any décor and both AC outlets and digital USB charging ports built right into the bases. Measuring 14.2 inches high and six inches square at the base, this choice also comes with vintage Edison-shaped LED bulbs that save up to 90 percent of the normal energy use and have a low heat output.

  • Set of two
  • LED energy-saving bulbs
  • Dimmable
Mlambert Touch Control Table Lamp

Best gold finish 

Classic and elegant

A touch-controlled table lamp with a neutral cream fabric shade and traditional gold base delivers lighting options for almost any room.

This option is a classic and versatile accessory for any desk, side table or nightstand. Measuring 17.8 inches high and 7.3 inches wide across the shade, this choice turns on and adjusts brightness with just the light tap of the base or light pole. It features two built-in, quick charge USB ports to charge phones and other electronics and also uses energy-efficient LED bulbs that reduce electric usage by 90 percent.

Why we love it: 

  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Three-way dimmable control
  • Touch control on the base and the pole
Shine Hai Touch Table Lamp

Best eco-friendly 

Quality and safety

Imagine a touch control, dimmable table lamp that’s also mercury-free and eco-friendly.

With this touch lamp, safety and security are as important as functionality. While this choice also features two USB charging ports and a power plug outlet like many of its competitors, it also uses natural linen fabric for the shade and is constructed without harmful substances like mercury. The bottom has a mute mat to protect tabletops from scratches and the wire and plug are UL certified for safety. 

Why we love it:

  • Mercury-free
  • Two USBs and a plug outlet
  • Three-way dimmable control
Seealle Beside Table Lamp

Best solid wood

Traditional and minimal

You can have a lamp with a traditional linen shade and a pull-chain power switch that looks expensive enough for a banker’s desk. 

Made of solid wood construction and a classic linen-style fabric shade, this lamp looks substantial and expensive all at once. While the appearance speaks to minimalist, traditional style and function, the surprising addition of a USB charging port adds just a touch of modern functionality. You’ll blend just a touch of the modern with the reliability of real wood in this 10-inch-high table lamp. 

Why we love it:

  • Natural wood and linen
  • Simple pull-on chain switch
  • USB charging port

How to find the best touch lamp

Shopping for home or office accessories but also getting a high level of functionality can leave you wondering what your best choices should be. The options seem endless. Touch table lamps are no different. Look at the features, style, efficiency, and size to get a clear sense of what touch lamp is right for you.

Features: You no longer have to reach for a lamp that just switches a blast of light on or off. Now you can enjoy dimmable lighting, colored lighting, charging capabilities, and even energy efficiency. Make a list of features you want before you start shopping. 

Style: Side table lamps can blend into their surroundings or make a statement. They can help carry a decorating theme through or neutrally connect pieces in an existing palate. Take advantage of the wide range of options you have to consider for your room. 

Efficiency: LED light is the soft, low-heat, energy-efficient option of today. While these bulbs can initially be more expensive, they make up their cost in energy savings and longevity. 

Size: There is definitely a range of sizing that qualifies a lamp as a side table. They are not one standard height or width. Check the manufacture’s dimensions and the table you’ll need to place it on, before you buy.  


Using these four simple tips to help you narrow down the touch lamp field of choices, you’re sure to find the option that will work best in your office, living room or bedside table. We hope you’ve found your perfect selection from our list of best touch lamps. 

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