The Best Twin Mattress Protectors

By Amanda Lasater

Mattress protectors are an excellent way to ensure that you get the most out of your mattress. They provide you with a simple way to keep your mattress clean and odor-free, without having to go through the hassle that is mattress cleaning.

However, there are tons of mattress protectors on the market today and it’s not always easy to decipher which twin mattress protector is best for your needs. To help you narrow down your options and find the perfect one available, we’ve tested out many of the most popular protectors found in the market today. Browse through our findings of the best twin mattress protectors to ensure that you find the perfect protector for your twin bed.

Our Picks for the Best Twin Mattress Protectors

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saferest mattress protector

Best Protection

SafeRest Twin Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

SafeRest’s name really says it all! This company was designed to provide sleepers with the highest level of mattress protection. Over the lifespan of a mattress, thousands of dead skin cells can accumulate and create the perfect environment for dust mites. SafeRest prevents the buildup of skin cells, dust mites, and other allergens on your mattress, providing you with a clean and healthy sleep environment.

In addition, their mattress protectors are known for their ability to safeguard your bed from fluids, urine, and perspiration. The protector is made from a comfortable, breathable, and noise-free terry cotton fabric and is machine-washable. The fabric contains no phthalates, vinyl, or PVCs and is even registered as a class 1 medical device with the FDA.

sureguard mattress protector

Best Waterproof

SureGuard Twin Size Mattress Protector

The SureGuard Twin Mattress Protector is the optimal mattress protector for kids’ beds’ thanks to its superior liquid-repelling ability. This mattress protector is 100% waterproof, so no matter if your child has an accident while potty training or they spill a drink in their bed, you don’t have to worry that the liquid will leak onto the mattress.

It is made from a premium cotton terry material so, while it is 100% waterproof, it is still highly breathable. The cotton terry fabric also helps to regulate the temperature of your sleep surface, making it perfect for people who suffer from night sweats. This mattress cover also features an advanced impermeable barrier to protect against dust mites and ensure an allergen-free sleep environment.

terrytop mattress protector

Best Deep pocket

Utopia Bedding Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector

Utopia’s twin mattress protector is a high-quality protector that will not break the bank. The cover features extra-deep pockets and their Smooth Grip Skirt System to fit your mattress snugly and securely. The deep pockets will fit mattresses with a depth of up to 15-inches.

The mattress cover implements a fitted sheet-style design that wraps around the base of your bed and stays in place until removed. The protector’s fabric is a blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, so it will preserve the plush, cozy, and noiseless feel of your mattress. It features an impermeable TPU backing that protects your mattress from spills, accidents, and perspiration, while still offering high breathability.

linenspa mattress protector

Most Secure Fit

Linenspa Mattress Protector-100% Waterproof-Hypoallergenic-Top Protection

No one enjoys constantly having to adjust their mattress protector just because they moved around in bed the previous night. Thankfully, the Linenspa Twin Mattress Protector has a fully-elasticized fitted sheet style that ensures the protector will stay put once you’ve put it on.

No matter if it is you or your child who tosses and turns during the night, the 14-inch deep pockets on this mattress protector will stay in place. The protector also features a 100% polyurethane backing, which means that this mattress protector is completely waterproof and will repel all bodily fluids, perspiration, urine, and accidental spills. The ultra-thin hypoallergenic fabric also makes this protector a noiseless and comfortable bedding accessory.

What to Look For In Your Next Twin Mattress Protector

Look for the following characteristics in your twin mattress protector:

  • 100% waterproof fabric
  • Noise-free fabric
  • Highly breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Not made using vinyl, phthalates, or PVC
  •  Secure fit
  •  Machine-washable

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I buy a mattress protector?

Purchasing a mattress protector will only benefit you or whoever is sleeping on it. The top reasons for purchasing a mattress protector include:

  1.     They keep your mattress clean and odor-free.
  2.     They keep the mattress in a “like new” condition.
  3.     They prevent dust mites from building up and causing allergies.

Can a mattress protector keep my mattress’s warranty valid?

Yes. A stain will void your mattress’s warranty. If you have a waterproof mattress protector, this will help prevent stains and keep your mattress looking new and the warranty valid.

How often should I wash my twin mattress protector?

While this really depends on the use of this mattress, a good rule of thumb is once to twice a month. However, there are reasons why you may wash it more or less. For example, if you have recently had a spill or an accident, you should wash the protector to avoid odors, mold, or mildew from building up. On the other hand, if the mattress is in a guest room and it is only used once a year, you do not need to wash it monthly.


A mattress is an expensive investment, so you should do everything in your power to protect your purchase. Adding a quality twin mattress protector to your bed will protect your bed from odor buildup, dust mites, allergens, spills, and stains, and will ultimately lengthen the lifespan of your bed. Use our list of the top twin mattress protectors to find the perfect protector for you and keep your mattress in tip-top shape.

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