Best Twin Mattresses of 2023

By Loren Bullock

Jul 28th, 2023

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Today’s best twin mattresses have all the great qualities of their bigger counterparts, just in a smaller package. A twin might be the smallest standard mattress size, but you can still find the same high-quality materials and innovative designs used in a full, queen, or king.

In this roundup, we review our list of top-rated twin size mattresses—the best choices for kids, adults, side sleepers, people with back pain, and more. Compare our top picks, check out some expert advice in our buyer’s guide, and find a single bed that feels like a home run.

Best Twin Mattress: Our Top Picks

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MA CustomImagery Nectar

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Best for

  • Budget-conscious shoppers
  • Works with most foundations
  • Back and side sleepers
customer rating


our score



Medium-firm: 5.5-6/10

trial period

365 days

Why this is a great twin memory foam mattress:

The original Nectar mattress is a solid choice for the sleeper who prefers a memory foam mattress on a budget. Nectar is compatible with most mattress foundations including solid and slatted platforms, adjustable bases, box springs and bunkie boards. The medium-firm feel matches up with most sleeping positions.

The Nectar’s medium feel coupled with a responsive surface, breathable gel memory foam, and pressure-relieving properties make it a great option for all types of sleepers and most body types. It has the traditional hugging feeling of memory foam, which means it contours to your body to give you custom-feeling comfort and support.


  • Good terms: The Nectar also offers a generous lifetime warranty for as long as you own the mattress. Nectar ships their mattresses for free and delivers within 2-5 business days. The return policy offers free returns and a full-year trial period, giving you time to decide if it’s the best bed for you.
  • Great pressure relief: The mattress does a great job of cradling your hips and shoulders and preventing tension from building up at any one pressure point. We gave it an 8.5/10 for pressure relief, which indicates it’s a good option for side sleepers.
  • High responsiveness: For a memory foam bed, the Nectar is very responsive, which means it’s easy to get in and out of the bed—you won’t feel like you’re stuck in its foam.


  • Warmer than some: Like many memory foam mattresses, the Nectar tends to store heat. Despite its breathable cooling cover, it doesn’t sleep as cool as most hybrid or innerspring mattresses.

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Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

brooklyn signature mattress
Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

Best Mattress for Adults

Best for

  • Average-weight adults
  • Hot sleepers
  • Side sleepers
customer rating


our score



Choose your preference: Available in soft, medium or firm

trial period

120 days

Why this is a great twin mattress for adults:

Not only do twin mattresses make a great option for children, because of their space-saving nature and affordability they also make a great option for adults—just as long as they’re under 6-foot-3. The Brooklyn Signature is an especially great option because of its excellent edge support, pressure relief, and spine alignment.

Because of its solid edge support, sinkage around the perimeter of the Brooklyn Signature is less likely, which is important since the surface of a twin mattress is quite small. The solid pressure relief and spinal alignment in the Signature helps to ensure that you fall asleep and wake up free of aches.


  • Solid pressure relief: The Signature Hybrid cradles your hips and shoulders to give you good pressure relief—so much so that we gave it a 9.5/10 in this category.
  • Good for back pain sufferers: In addition to its pressure-relieving qualities, the Signature Hybrid also boasts excellent spine alignment, so it helps your back maintain a neutral position that cuts down on tension and discomfort.
  • Stellar edge support: The mattress maintains its structure and support all the way to its edges, so if you like to sit at the corner of the bed in the morning, you won’t feel like you’re sagging or sliding off.


  • Off-gassing: The bed might release a slight chemical odor when you unbox it. This is normal of bed-in-a-box mattresses and should dissipate in a few hours.

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Bear Original

bear mattress 1

Best Mattress for Kids

Best for:

  • Back and stomach sleepers
  • Restless sleepers
  • Young athletes
customer rating


our score



Medium firm: 6.5/10

trial period

120 days

Why this is a great twin mattress for kids:

When buying a twin mattress for your child, you want to know you’re making the right choice. The Bear Original mattress can put your mind at ease and keep your child sleeping soundly.

The Bear scores 9/10 for responsiveness and 8.5/10 for edge support in our testing lab, making it a natural for kids who never stop moving, even at night. High responsiveness indicates that it’s easy to move around on the mattress without feeling “stuck’; while good edge support shows that the mattress maintains its support all the way to its perimeter. The mattress can handle back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers, but young side sleepers may find it a bit too firm for their liking.


  • Competitive price for the quality: Parents will appreciate the price for a twin size ($748).
  • Good spine alignment: The Bear helps you maintain the natural curve of your spine when you lie on your back, and a straight spine when you lie on your side. This makes it a good option for young athletes or anyone who suffers from back pain.
  • Excellent cooling: This mattress sleeps cool due to its graphite gel foam and Celliant cover, so it’s a good choice for hot, restless sleepers.


  • Off-gassing: We noticed a slight odor that lingered for a few minutes when we unboxed the Bear mattress. We recommend you give it plenty of time to air out before your child sleeps on it.

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Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic Mattress
Saatva Classic

Best Innerspring Mattress

Best for

  • Fans of the “springy” coil feel
  • People with back pain
  • Hot sleepers
customer rating


our score




trial period

365 days

Why this is a great twin innerspring mattress:

The Saatva Classic is made of a dual coil layer, which makes it a super-durable choice. Luxury materials, such as a coil-on-coil construction, memory foam, and a Euro pillow-top, add to the Classic’s overall longevity. In our testing, we’ve found the mattress to be so long-lasting that we’ve named it among one of our best mattresses that resist sagging.

The Saatva comes in three firmness options—plush soft, luxury firm, and firm—so you can choose the firmness level that best suits your sleep preferences. It’s a great option for people with back pain given its luxury design and near-perfect score in spinal alignment. This means it maintains the natural curve of your spine as you sleep without sacrificing comfort.


  • Great cooling: The Classic is an ideal mattress for hot sleepers; it scored high marks for cooling due to the breathability of its innerspring layer and other cooling technologies.
  • Works for all sleep positions: The mattress is available in multiple firmness options, so you can get the right comfort and support level. We recommend the plush soft and luxury firm to side sleepers, the luxury firm and firm to most back sleepers, and the firm to stomach sleepers. However, this can vary based on your body type and personal preference.
  • Excellent for back pain: We gave the Saatva high marks for both pressure relief and spine alignment, which makes it a great option for people with back or joint pain. So much so that the mattress has been endorsed by themCongress of Chiropractic State Associations.


  • Pricier than many options: The Saatva is a luxury mattress, so it might not suit all budgets.

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Helix Midnight

helix midnight lifestyle
Helix Midnight

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Best for

  • The side sleeping position
  • Fans of foam/coil hybrids
  • Sleepers with back pain
customer rating


our score



Firm: 7/10

trial period

100 days

Why this is a great twin mattress for side sleepers:

A good mattress for side sleepers should have certain qualities to address the strain that this sleeping position puts on your body, especially the shoulders and hips. The Helix Midnight passes the test, thanks largely to its pressure-relieving properties. In Mattress Advisor testing, it earns an 8.5/10 pressure relief score.

The Midnight performs even better for spine alignment (9/10 score), which is important for helping side sleepers maintain a healthy, comfortable sleep posture. The key features include a pressure-relieving layer of Memory Plus Foam and a polyfoam transition layer that sit atop a supportive coil system.

Although the Helix Midnight is a bit on the firm side (about a 7/10 firmness level), the foam layers should keep your shoulders and hips gently cushioned.


  • Near-perfect edge support: The Midnight maintains its structure and support all the way to its edges, so you can spread out on the bed without feeling like you’re about to sag or slide off.
  • Top-notch spine alignment: We gave the mattress a 9/10 for spine alignment—it should keep your spine straight or help maintain its natural curve all night, so you wake with less aching in the morning.
  • Excels across the board: The Midnight scores highly in all our key mattress testing categories due in part to its high-quality design and USA-made, natural materials.


  • Pricey: The Midnight’s cost exceeds that of many other options; however, we think it’s a good value if you have the budget for a luxury mattress.

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MA CustomImagery Dreamcloud

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Best for

  • People who sleep hot
  • People with back or hip pain
  • Seniors


customer rating


our score



Medium-firm: 6.5/10

trial period

365 days

Why this is a great twin mattress for hot sleepers:

The DreamCloud mattress provides a luxury feel at an affordable price. Consisting of three foam layers and a support layer of pocketed coils, the DreamCloud’s construction and feel are reminiscent of that of a high-end hotel mattress—it delivers a similar amount of durability, support, and pressure relief.

Comfort and support are important for sleepers of all ages, but so too is temperature regulation. The DreamCloud scored an 8.5/10 in this area, thanks in large part to its breathable hybrid construction and cooling cashmere cover. So even the hottest sleepers will be able to wake up on the DreamCloud without a sheen of sweat. The mattress also comes with a generous lifetime warranty and 365-night sleep trial, so you can try it out and make sure you like it before committing.


  • Amazing for back pain: The mattress earned 9/10 in both pressure relief and spine alignment—two big indicators that it supports back and joint health.
  • Excellent edge support: The DreamCloud earned a 10/10 here—the mattress maintains its support all the way from one corner to the other, which means you won’t feel any sagging at the edges.
  • Very responsive: It’s easy to get in and out of bed when you sleep on the DreamCloud. The mattress provides unwavering support and responsiveness, even when you shift positions.


  • Long expansion time: It takes up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully take shape, so keep that in mind when you’re setting it up.

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The WinkBed

winkbed lux firm mattress 1
WinkBeds Luxury Firm

Best Mattress for Edge Support

Best for

  • Supportive surface
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Outstanding durability
customer rating


our score



Medium firm: 6/10

trial period

120 days

Why this is a great twin mattress for edge support:

With little room to spare on a narrow twin-size mattress, support around the edges is crucial. The WinkBed hybrid has one of the best testing scores for edge support—a near-perfect 9.75/10—of any mattress we’ve reviewed. You should feel supported throughout the night, even if you toss and turn or change sleeping positions.

Edge support is only one of the WinkBed’s positive qualities, though. It also earns a 9/10 score in responsiveness (good for restless sleepers and combination sleepers) and a perfect 10/10 score for durability. The four firmness options make it easy for you to choose the feel that best suits your sleeping position.


  • Super-responsive: The mattress will quickly adapt to your movements, making it easy to move around or get in and out of bed.
  • Good spine alignment: If you have back pain, the WinkBed can help—it earned an 8.75/10 for its ability to maintain your ideal back posture overnight and support good alignment.
  • Long-lasting: The mattress should last you a long time with little to no sagging. WinkBeds conducted testing to simulate 10 years of use on this mattress, and the results showed only a 2% compression of the foam.


  • Varying pressure relief: Side sleepers should opt for the softer model; the luxury firm didn’t provide enough pressure relief to cushion our hips and shoulders.

Read our full WinkBed mattress review. You can also see our sleep resources section to find out why edge support is important.

Nolah Natural

MA CustomImagery NolahNatural
Nolah Natural

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Best for:

  • Back pain sufferers
  • People with allergies
  • Light- to average-weight sleepers
customer rating


our score



Meidum-Firm: 5.5/10

trial period

120 days

Why this is a great twin mattress for back pain:

Back pain can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, back pain can be mitigated with the right mattress. The Nolah Natural is a hybrid mattress that has a lot of great things going for it, but we think its HDMax™️ Tri-Zone™️ Support Coil System is where it really shines.

This hand-crafted layer of coils provides back support and helps to keep your spine aligned to its natural curve, two essential elements for less pain and better sleep. The Nolah Natural also does a good job of relieving pressure in other sensitive areas like the shoulders and hips, which is especially important for side sleepers.


  • Excellent cooling: Between its Talalalay latex layers and breathable cotton cover, the mattress maintains good moisture-wicking, breathability, and airflow to keep you cooler at night.
  • Solid pressure relief and spine alignment: The mattress not only cradles and cushions your hips and shoulders well, but it also helps your back maintain its natural curve so you wake with less aching or tension buildup.
  • Very responsive: It’s easy to move around on this mattress—it has a slightly springy feel due to its Talalalay latex layers.


  • Disappointing edge support: Nolah Natural doesn’t have the best edge support, so if you’re a larger individual and your aches and pains make it difficult to get in and out of bed then you might find that the Nolah’s perimeter doesn’t give you the support you need.

Read our full Nolah Natural mattress review. Also, see our roundup of best mattresses for back pain.

Twin-Size Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Here at Mattress Advisor, we know that shopping for a new mattress can be confusing. With so many options on the market these days, it’s hard to know which is the best mattress to suit your needs.

In this guide, we’ll cover topics including:

Who is a Twin Mattress Good (or Bad) for?

One of the first decisions you have to make when you’re buying a new mattress is which size you want. A standard twin (38 inches wide by 75 inches long) is the smallest size that most mattress companies offer. Although “kid size” might be the first thought that pops into your mind, twin mattresses are actually useful in more places than a child’s bedroom.

Here’s a look at who a twin-size mattress might be good for, and bad for:

Good for

  • Children past the toddler stage, usually ages 3 and up
  • Pre-teens and teenagers
  • College students
  • Single people in studio apartments
  • Homeowners with small guest bedrooms

Bad for

  • People taller than 6’3″
  • Couples and co-sleepers
  • Single sleepers with kids or pets

For people above 6’3″, the length of a standard twin leaves little if any legroom room to spare. Taller people should consider the twin XL size, which is the same width but 5 inches longer.

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Comparing Twin vs Full Size Mattresses

What separates a twin mattress from a full mattress? No length, but quite a bit of width. A full size is 15 inches (or 1 foot and three inches) wider than a twin.

  • Twin—38″ x 75″
  • Full—53″ x 75″

A full size mattress could be an opportunity to upgrade from a twin or twin XL, if you don’t have the room or the budget to get a queen size. Queen might be the classic couple size, but it’s likely that two average-size adults could sleep comfortably in a full mattress too. Full size mattresses might also be an option for larger, heavier solo sleepers under 6’3” tall.

Keep in mind that a full mattress will probably cost $200 more than a twin or twin XL, but still about $100 less than a queen size.

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What to Consider When Shopping

Sleeping Position

  • Side sleepers: Side sleepers will want a mattress that offers good pressure relief. If you sleep on your side, you may be prone to experiencing heightened tension in your hips and shoulders. In addition to pressure relief, side sleepers will want a mattress that offers good spinal alignment. Otherwise, you may sink too far into the mattress, causing you back pain.
  • Back sleepers: Back sleeping is said to be the best sleeping position for your spine, neck, and back and is known to promote good posture. However, if you sleep on your back, it’s also important that you pick the right mattress. Back sleepers tend to be most comfortable on medium-firm mattresses. Also, you will want a bed with a contouring ability to support your body.
  • Stomach sleepers: If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you are unfortunately more prone to experiencing lower back pain. To counter this, you should look for a medium-firm mattress with a soft top layer and excellent pain-relieving properties.
  • Combination sleepers: People who alternate between sleep positions (usually side and back) during the night are combination sleepers. A medium or medium-firm mattress with good responsiveness makes it easier for them to move around without exerting too much energy.


Knowing what your twin mattress is made of, and why it matters, is one of the keys to making the best decision. Here’s a breakdown of different mattress materials and their respective advantages and disadvantages:

Memory Foam

The benefits of memory foam tend to include good pressure relief, spine alignment, and body contouring. The drawbacks are that memory foam tends to trap heat, so a memory foam mattress doesn’t sleep as cool, and it doesn’t support heavier bodies as well as an innerspring or hybrid.


Innerspring mattresses have the advantage of improved breathability due to airflow through the coil layers. They also perform better for edge support because they tend to maintain their structure well along the edges of the mattress. However, innerspring mattresses also don’t isolate motion as well, nor do they provide as much pressure relief as memory foam mattresses do.


Latex mattresses tend to be responsive and good at cooling and relieving pressure. Their biggest downside is that they tend to cost more than all other types of mattresses due to their high-quality, organic materials.


A hybrid mattress shares the advantages of all other types of mattresses, with a “best of both worlds” design that splits the difference between memory foam or latex and innersprings. They’re often very durable and sleep cool. The downside is that they also tend to cost more—and are harder to set up and move, due to the heaviness of their many layers.


  • Toddlers: When buying a bed for your toddler, safety and support should be the priority. Consider buying a softer, plush mattress for maximum comfort. Also, be sure the bed is a comfortable height from the ground so your child can climb in and out without the risk of injury.
  • Kids: A kid-friendly mattress should be comfortable, safe, and affordable. While mattresses can get expensive, it’s not necessary to spend more than $500 on a child’s mattress that they’ll eventually grow out of. If your child has allergies, consider a hypoallergenic mattress such as one made with organic latex materials.
  • Teenagers: Teenagers need a mattress that accommodates their growth spurts and active lifestyles. Athletes, especially, will benefit from a bed that comes with cooling and pressure relieving properties.
  • Adults: Or maybe we should say adult, singular. At just 38″ wide, twin size is just too narrow for two adults to sleep comfortably, even if they’re slender. Adult solo sleepers should consider the usual factors such as materials, sleeping position, and firmness.


Ideal firmness for a twin mattress depends not just on comfort preferences but also the age and size of the sleeper and their sleeping position. Here are some general guidelines, using the 1-10 mattress firmness scale:

  • Soft mattresses, between 3/10 and 4/10, are recommended mostly for toddlers (kids ages 1-3)
  • Medium or medium-firm mattresses, between 5.5/10 and 6.5/10, cover a wide range of sleepers, including infants and average-weight adults who sleep on their side or back
  • Firm mattresses, 7/10 or higher, are typically good for heavier people, stomach sleepers, and people with back pain

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A good cooling mattress for hot sleepers can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep without being disturbed by night sweats or overheating. Features to look for include gel-infused memory foam, aerated latex, and lightweight covers made with breathable materials.


You can find mattresses anywhere from 6 inches thick to 15 inches thick. As a general rule, a thickness less than 10 inches won’t provide the needed support and durability for nightly use by an adult. On the other hand, twin mattresses for pre-teens can probably be 8 or 9 inches thick with no ill effects.

Mattresses for heavier people, above 230 pounds, should probably be at least 12 inches thick.

Bed Frame

There are many kinds of frames compatible with twin mattresses, including box springs, bunk beds, trundle beds, and day beds. Box springs are the most common and easy to find. Bunk beds are popular among children, while trundle beds and daybeds provide more sleeping space and storage.


One of the primary perks of buying a twin mattress is that they often cost far less than a full or queen. Mattress prices vary greatly based on manufacturer, materials, features, and construction—but for a high-quality twin mattress, you can expect to pay around $500 to $900.

Trial and Warranty

When you purchase an online mattress, make sure you read the fine print before placing your order. Trial periods of 100 days are the most common, but some brands offer full-year trial periods. A 10-year mattress warranty is more of less the industry standard, but some companies offer 20-year or lifetime warranties.

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Recap: Our Top Picks for the Best Twin Mattresses

Mattress Award MA Score
Nectar Best Memory Foam Mattress 8.7/10
Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Best Mattress for Adults 8.8/10
Bear Original Best Mattress for Kids 8.6/10
Saatva Classic Best Innerspring Mattress 9/10
Helix Midnight Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 8.7/10
DreamCloud Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers 9/10
The WinkBed Best Mattress for Edge Support 8.6/10
Nolah Natural Best Mattress for Back Pain 8.7/10

Twin Mattress FAQs

Our best estimate is somewhere between $500 and $900, or you can meet in the middle at $700. The average price for the featured mattresses on this page is around $725, and in terms of quality, their average Mattress Advisor score is 8.8/10. So, paying around $700 for a high-quality twin mattress makes pretty good financial sense.

A standard twin is 38″ x 75″, which translates to 3 feet 2 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. Less common sizes include RV twin (28″ x 75″) and narrow twin (30″ x 75″). The longer standard twin XL (38″ x 80″) is a common size for college dorms and small apartments.

Only if you’re talking about twin XLs. A split king mattress comes in two pieces, each one the size of a twin XL, for a combined space of 76″ X 80″—the same as a one-piece standard king. The combined space of two twin-size mattresses placed side by side would be the same width but 5 inches shorter—76″ by 75″.

Twin mattresses are fine for average-size or smaller adults. People taller than 6’3″ will likely prefer a twin XL, since it’s 5 inches longer and offers more leg room. Twin mattresses are not ideal for couples who share a bed.

Finding the right mattress can improve not only your nights but also your days.

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