Best Upholstered Headboards

By Katie Dyal

Are you inspired to give your bedroom a make-over? If so, our advice is to first choose an upholstered headboard and then make it the stand-out piece of the room. Your bed is a big player in your bedroom aesthetic; it says a lot about your style and the look you’re trying to achieve. By choosing a gorgeous upholstered headboard as the focal point of your bedroom, everything else will effortlessly fall into place. 

No matter which one you choose, these soft bed frame toppers will instantly give a regal look to any bed. Choose the route of upholstered headboards, and soon you’ll be sleeping in a bed that’s fit for royalty. Keep reading to find out our top picks for the best upholstered headboards.

Our Top Picks for the Best Upholstered Headboards

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Flash Furniture

Best Budget

Flash Furniture

The Cambridge Upholstered Headboard by Flash Furniture is just what you need to add a little elegance to your bedroom. 

This panel-style headboard sports a quilted stitching design, which is a pretty detail that also adds plushness to the padding of this option. The styling of this headboard is just enough to add interest without being too overpowering. It also won’t overpower your budget in the way that a lot of these fixtures often do. If you decide to take the plunge with this product, it comes upholstered in your choice of several colors. Classic neutrals and vibrant options are both included in this line-up.

Lucid’s Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard

Best Luxury


Lucid’s Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard will make you say “wow” every time you walk into your bedroom. 

This rectangular-shaped board will run along the entire width of your bed frame and display itself proudly. It comes in your choice of four colors. Choose “pearl” for a lady-like sophistication, or “cobalt” for a strong, contemporary vibe. The linen-like fabric sports a quilted design throughout that looks refined and will maintain its quality for as long as you own it. Its durable frame is made of a Siberian larch wood, which guarantees a sturdy installment and staying power.

Classic Brands

Best All-in-One

Classic Brands

With the Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed by Classic Brands, the responsibility of designing your sleep space will be taken care of in one fell swoop. 

This all-in-one option includes both a bed frame and headboard and can be set up with ease. Eight-inch solid wood legs lift up this regal platform bed. Upholstered in soft brown linen, this warm neutral will blend in with any style of a room. Its tufted design adds an element of style, as well as pillowy comfort to rest your head-on. If you decide on this upholstered platform bed by Classic Brands, you’ll soon be all set for sleep. No box spring necessary.


Also Great


The Trina Upholstered Headboard by Zinus is great for adding a mid-century modern feel to your bedroom appeal. 

This product exhibits a tufted design that distributes padding evenly and elegantly. Outfitted in a goes-with-anything color, this taupe topper will stretch across your bed to make a statement. The padding of this rectangular option is made out of a high-density foam that is especially cozy for a piece of upholstery. All you’ll need is this headboard and a book light to stay up all night comfortably reading. To ensure long-lasting support, it’s steel frame does an excellent job of sturdily staying put.

The Benefits of an Upholstered Headboard

There are many benefits when it comes to choosing an upholstered headboard. For one, these soft toppers come in so many color and style choices, it’s hard not to find several options you love. Also, depending on the amount of padding, these bed supports can provide extra cushioning if you like to sit up in bed. Cleaning can be easy with an upholstered headboard; a mini vacuum or dry cloth works just fine for an easy spiff-up when dirty.

What to Look For in Your Next Upholstered Headboard

Are you thinking about shopping for an upholstered headboard? Once you start your search, you’ll find that these fancy pieces of furniture come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, colors and more. The astounding number of variations may be overwhelming at first, but we can help you navigate towards an option that looks and feels like it was made for you. To find the soft headboard of your dreams, think about the factors of padding, style, fabric, and color first. 

Padding: When it comes to padding, get clear on what’s important to you. Is your headboard just for show, or are you looking for an option on which you can rest your head? Some upholstered headboards have pillowy padding, while others are adorned in fabric alone. 

Style: Choose carefully when it comes to style. Your upholstered headboard will take up a lot of real estate in your room, and it should be a reflection of your aesthetic preferences. 

Fabric: When comparing fabrics used in upholstered headboards, consider what looks luxurious, but also what will feel comfortable. Like any other fabric you put on your bed, you’ll want the upholstered fabric of your headboard to look and feel inviting. This factor presents a fun opportunity to texturally tie in decorative pillows or a gorgeous throw blanket into your decor. 

Color: Color is another way to have some fun with the look of your room. If you’re truly trying to make a statement with your headboard, why not try one in a bold color?


Upholstered headboards will bring a lush, sophisticated look to any sleep space. They’ll complement your bedding, and will undoubtedly make your bed look cozier than it did without. If it’s time for a change, the addition of one of these luxurious furniture pieces can transform a whole room. We hope our list of favorites has led you to an upholstered headboard that upholds all your standards and more.

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