Best vacuum sealer bags

By Katie Dyal

Storing away home linens and clothing can be time-consuming. With vacuum sealing, you’ll save hours of time folding, rolling, and organizing your belongings. This method removes air and compresses items down to their smallest size. It’s also a great way to properly store food and perishable items. By using a vacuum sealer in the kitchen, you’ll increase the shelf life of your refrigerator’s content exponentially.

Vacuum sealing also keeps allergens and bacteria away from your less-used or stored items. This will improve your air quality, reduce the risk of allergic reactions and improve your physical and sleep health. Whether you’re new to vacuum sealing or you’re re-upping on supplies, the vacuum sealer bags below are all fantastic in their own ways. Here are our favorite vacuum sealer bags.

The best vacuum sealer bags

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Best value pack

Perfect for the kitchen

The Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls by Wish will supply you with a large supply of food storage bags.

This option includes a four-pack of 11-inch by 25-foot rolls and is perfect for any chef or avid cook. This high-quantity product doesn’t lack in quality either. Each bag is made of thick, heavy-duty plastic that’s been embossed with an air removal channel design. They are even durable enough for sous-vide cooking and freezing. These bags are compatible with most vacuum sealer brands and should last you for quite awhile.


Best variety pack

Durable and varietal

GONGSHI’s Vacuum Storage Bags will allow you to store all of your belongings, big and small.

This variety pack of vacuum sealer bags comes in a 12-pack and includes jumbo, large, medium and small-sized bags. Each bag features a double-sealed zipper, ensuring that no air can flow in or out. This option also wins for convenience. It comes with a travel hand pump, allowing you to vacuum seal wherever you are. By taking this set on a trip, you can vacuum seal your suitcase’s contents whenever it’s time to pack up. These durable bags don’t disappoint and will reduce space by up to 80-percent.


Best for food

BPA-free and multi-layered

FoodSaver’s Vacuum Seal Rolls Multipack is our favorite pick for food items.

This option includes five rolls total featuring both eight-inch and 11-inch widths. These continuous rolls allow you to customize the length of each bag according to its contents. They’re also multi-layered, thus providing a sturdy barrier around food and perishable items. These BPA-free bags are boil-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe and reusable. To use, simply fill the sleeve with a chosen food item, seal, and then cut from the roll with a pair of scissors.


Best jumbo


Seal the deal with the Premium Vacuum Storage Bags by Spacesaver.

With this purchase, you’ll receive six jumbo-sized bags perfect for storing larger items. Are you looking for a way to efficiently and safely pack up your winter bedding for the summer? These substantial sealer bags are sturdy enough to compact your favorite fluffy pillows, down comforters, and warm blankets without damaging them. They can also seal smaller, more delicate fabric items as well. This option also comes with a portable hand pump, allowing you to compact your belongings wherever you are.

How to find the best vacuum sealer bags

Vacuum sealing is a process that relies on specific supplies. Before buying vacuum sealer bags or a vacuum sealer, make sure you know the ins and outs of this method of storing. By considering factors such as use, size, and durability, you’ll find your way to your best vacuum sealer bags. 

Use: Vacuum sealing is typically used for the storing of two very different items; fabrics and foods. Although both types of sealing work in a similar way, you’ll find differences in the products they require. Make sure you buy sealing bags and sealers specific to the kind of item you’re storing.  

Size: Size is so important when it comes to vacuum sealer bags. You’ll want to make sure the contents you’re planning on storing can firstly fit in their adjoining bag. When it comes to the desired ratio between a sealer bag and its contents, you should always allow for a roomy fit. Excess room is necessary for creating a tight seal. 

Durability: Vacuum sealer bags serve as a protective barrier for their contents. Because of this, they need to be especially flexible, resilient, and long-lasting. They put up with a lot of pressure, and need to be made with materials that can withstand. 

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