Best vacuum sealers

By Katie Dyal

Expert organizational methods aren’t the only way to save space. In fact, there’s a method of making room that’s far and away more effective and efficient than playing Tetris with your belongings. Vacuum sealers are a brilliant way to minimize your belongings with barely any effort on your part. 

These handy tools remove all excess air to literally shrink home fabrics, clothes, bedding and more. Some even cater to food products and protect way past an item’s expiration date. The best part? These magical products are relatively affordable and barely take up any space themselves. By using vacuum sealers, you’ll be able to clear the clutter from your apartment, office or suitcase. More space equals more peace of mind, which in turn means a more relaxing sleep. Here are our favorite vacuum sealers. 

The best vacuum sealers

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Best starter kit

An affordable starter kit

The SUOCO Space Saver Compression Bags with Hand Pump is the perfect vacuum sealer starter kit.

This affordable option comes with a nine-pack of vacuum sealing bags, ranging in size from medium to jumbo. We recommend using this sealer to pack up clothes, bedding, and other bulkier fabrics. Even the fluffiest comforters will be safe when stored in these bags. To use, simply fill the vacuum bag with whatever you’re storing and attach the hand pump to its opening. As you pump, air will leave the bag, causing it to form a tight threshold around its contents. This product also works well with any standard vacuum cleaner.

Simple Houseware

Best heavy-duty

Sturdy and wide variety

The V 15 Vacuum Storage Space Saver by Simple Houseware will wrap up all your home linens quickly and easily.

This product is best suited for bedding, towels, blankets, and even pillows. If you’re unsure of how to carefully store your seasonal sheets and bedding, this sealer is your solution. All you need is a vacuum cleaner with an attached hose to magically shrink these sturdy vacuum bags. It only takes a matter of seconds to compact your belongings safely and efficiently. This option comes with a wide array of 15 clear bags coming in medium, extra-large and jumbo sizes. 


Best for kitchen

Sleek sealer for food

The Vacuum Sealer By NutriChef is our favorite pick for chefs and food enthusiasts.

This luxury item will save you money in the long run by saving the contents of your refrigerator. This sleekly designed sealer prioritizes food preservation. Use it to lengthen the shelf life of foods, store leftovers, or meal prep more efficiently. It couldn’t be easier to use – simply place the vacuum bag in its indicated slot and watch your bag seal within seconds. This high-tech sealer also offers two modes of sealing which can be interchanged depending on what it is you’re storing.


Best portable

Perfect for travel

VMSTR’s Travel Vacuum Storage Bags with USB Electric Pump can be used anywhere at all times.

This handy kit includes small and medium space saver bags, as well as an electric pump that can be charged through any USB port. We recommend this choice for anyone who travels often and doesn’t want to struggle with an overflowing suitcase. With the use of this vacuum sealer, you’ll be able to keep the contents of your suitcase tightly packed and organized without much effort at all. Use that extra hour you’ll save recovering from jet lag, prepping for a meeting or exploring your new environment.

How to find the best vacuum sealer

If you’ve never used a vacuum sealer before, it may be a confusing process to shop for one. However, by looking at the method, use, and size, you’ll find a kit that does the trick. 

Method: Vacuum sealers vary in the way they operate. Some require the use of a vacuum cleaner, while others include a hand pump. Make sure you have additional requirements or tools necessary before buying one of these products. 

Use: The items you plan on storing are an important factor in your decision. If you plan on storing more delicate, lightweight items, we recommend choosing an option that gently removes air. If you’re trying to tuck away bulkier fabrics, you’ll most likely need an option that calls on a vacuum. Food products use a different type of vacuum sealer altogether.

Size: Your sealer won’t be able to shrink your belongings if they don’t fit in their adjoining bags. Vacuum sealing bags come in an array of sizes, so make sure you’re considering this as a factor.

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