Best Valerian Root to Take Before Bed

By Katie Dyal

I’m sure you’ve heard of melatonin as an all-natural sleep aid, but have you come across the powerful valerian root? The valerian plant is a perennial flowering plant that contains wonderful natural medicine in its root. This medicinal herb has been used for its sedative properties and pain relief since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. 

Through modern studies, we’ve learned that this extract targets the GABA receptor. This important element of your brain “controls the volume” of anxious thoughts. In pharmacology, benzodiazepines are typically prescribed to monitor this region. Unfortunately, this class of drugs is highly addictive. With valerian root extract, you can find relief in the way that nature intended. Read along to grab our top picks for the best valerian root to take before bed and what to consider when purchasing this supplement.

Our Top Picks for the Best Valerian Root to Take Before Bed

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NOW Foods

Best Budget

NOW Foods

The Valerian Root Herbal Supplement by NOW Foods will bring you great sleep in the most natural of ways. 

A total of 500 mg of valerian root is contained in this capsule, making this a potent yet safe supplement. Furthering its safety rating, it’s A-rated GMP certification means that every step of its manufacturing process is carefully inspected. This option fulfills many classifications; it’s soy-free, non-GMO, nut-free, sugar-free and dairy-free. Add vegan and low sodium to this list and you’ve got a product that is completely allergy-friendly. NOW Foods is a family-owned company that has been widely trusted for over 50 years. With this budget option, you’ll save money and gain peace of mind. 

Physician’s CHOICE’s Sleep Aid with Valerian Root

Best Luxury

Physician’s CHOICE

Physician’s CHOICE’s Sleep Aid with Valerian Root is an extra-strength supplement that does its job fabulously. 

This doctor-approved formula is of great use as a sleep aid; you’ll get to sleep easily and wake up revitalized. Added L-Theanine further facilitates feelings of calm relaxation at night and focus in the morning. Made of 100-percent natural ingredients, this product is 3rd-party inspected and tested to ensure that it meets the utmost level of safety. This option is offered in capsule form, making it easy to take wherever you are. 

Nested Naturals

Best Value

Nested Naturals

The Herbal Supplement by Nested Naturals will be all you need to rest easy.

This pill is gentle enough to either promote relaxation at all hours of the day or help you drift off to sleep. Nested Naturals uses the naturally sourced botanicals of valerian root, melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm, and more. The carefully selected ingredients avoid all common allergies like soy and nuts, to name a couple.  This blend offers great potency without being habit-forming. This brand is also very socially conscious, as seen in its practices. It is non-GMP and has a strict cruelty-free policy that is closely adhered to during manufacturing. Float to sleep calmly, wake up refreshed, and do your part by supporting a brand that believes in doing good. 


Also Great


Carlyle’s Valerian Root Extract will become a go-to herbal supplement after the first time you try it. 

This extra-strength formula gives you a dose of 1200 mg in each quick-release pill. With the use of this option, you’ll be able to combat anxiety and restlessness marvelously. This formula was developed with the danger of allergic reactions in mind. Gluten, soy, and dairy come nowhere near this supplement. In fact, this option is purely made of valerian root and nothing else, letting you experience the true effects of this magical herb. Sleeping may have once been a daunting task for you, but that should no longer be a concern with the use of this supplement.

What to Look For in Valerian Root Supplement

The supplement market is vast, and sometimes it’s hard to find the choice that works best for you. Get to the root of what you’re looking for by examining dosage, instructions, and additional ingredients. 

Dosage: Dosage can greatly range in valerian root supplements, and will determine how you use it. Go for a higher dosage if you’re trying to combat a bad case of insomnia. If you’re just looking to add a little relaxation to your routine, a light dose will do the trick. 

Instructions: We’re here to remind you to always read the instructions. Some of these supplements can be taken on-the-go; whereas, others absolutely must be taken with food and water. Keep this in mind when making your selection.

Additional Ingredients: Some valerian root supplements contain other herbs and ingredients as well. Buying a 2-in-1 product may just save you money and yield a more positive effect.


Valerian root is the hidden gem of herbal remedies that help with sleep. By returning to nature, it’s possible that you could kick your insomnia to the curb. By referring to this list, we hope that you can get to the pick that helps you fall to sleep in no time.

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