The Best Vibrating Alarm Clocks

By Dr. Sheryl Grassie

What would we do without our alarm clocks? They allow us to slumber in a relaxed state knowing we won’t oversleep and miss important commitments.  But for heavy sleepers, or people with hearing loss, they can doze right through their alarm and be late in spite of it going off. One solution is a vibrating alarm.

If you can sleep through sound, you can’t necessarily sleep through motion. Just like having someone shake you awake, a vibrating alarm alerts additional senses and better ensures you will wake up. Most vibrating alarms have a sound component as well. Check out our top picks for best vibrating alarms, including best travel, most powerful, best night light, and best multi-sensory.

Best Vibrating Alarm Clocks

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bed vibrating alarm clock

Sonic Alert SB200SS – Best for Travel

The Sonic Alert Extra Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Super Shaker has all the qualities of a bigger vibrating alarm in a small 1.15-pound package. It is extra loud, has a snooze button, shakes you awake, and has a large display with eye soothing green numbers.

Great for travel, dorm room, or just for use at home if you are a heavy sleeper. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Blue vibrating alarm clock

Sonic Alert’s Sonic Bomb – Most Powerful

This alarm simulates an emergency with red flashing lights and loud alarm and bed shaker. If you need an earthquake to wake you up, the Sonic Bomb tries to simulate one.

It has a volume control and a battery backup and claims the industry’s most powerful bed shaker. Comes in a choice of 7 colors.

Colorful vibrating alarm clock

ROCAM – Best for Night-Light Usage

The ROCAM Vibrating Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker has some features that might just be what you’re looking for. It has, in addition to an extra loud alarm with 3 volume settings and choice of different sounds, a bed shaker, and a nightlight with 7 different colors.

The nightlight is bright enough for nighttime reading. As well it offers an all in one lamp, alarm, bed shaker, and clock. It has a battery backup and 2 USB ports. Use just the alarm, the shaker, or both.

vibrating alarm clock

Clarity 600 – Best Multi-Sensory

The Clarity 600 has a unique added feature; a port for a lamp flasher accessory. If an alarm and a bed shaker aren’t enough, add a flashing light to ensure you wake up your visual senses in addition to your auditory and vestibular ones.

Heavy sleepers like this multi-sensory approach to waking up; use one, two, or all three of the options. Hit the snooze button and give yourself an extra 30 minutes. The Clarity 600 works great for those with a moderate hearing loss.


How to Choose the Right Vibrating Alarm Clock for You

Vibrating alarm clocks come with a lot of features and there are numerous options for the kind you might purchase. Here are some things to consider in order to end up with the right alarm for you.

  • Hearing Loss – If you have hearing loss from age or illness and need a really loud alarm along with a vibrating feature, check for an alarm that has a very high decibel level and a high-volume setting.
  • Sound Sleeper – If you don’t have any hearing loss but sleep so deeply that you can ignore your alarm? You are a great candidate for a vibrating alarm. Look for one that has a loud buzzer, a vibrating feature, and possibly flashing light/lamp feature as well. This will help ensure that some form of alarm gets through and wakes you up.
  • Frequent Traveler – If you travel for work or regularly for pleasure, pick an alarm that has batteries, is small and lightweight, and has a case. Look for clocks around 1 pound so you don’t add much to your overall luggage weight.
  • Important Meetings – Do you need a failsafe alarm for important meetings or appointments? Get an alarm that both plugs in and has a battery back-up. This way you won’t be caught in the event of a power outage during the night or battery failure.
  • Silent Alarm – Do you live in a situation where you need your alarm not to disturb others? If you sleep in a shared dorm room or apartment, or have a spouse or baby you don’t want to wake with your alarm, a strictly vibrating alarm, or one where the volume can be completely turned off on the audio portion, is a great option.

Sleep Easier with a Vibrating Alarm Clock

In order to sleep we need to relax. There is nothing that causes stress like worrying about waking up on time the next morning; in time to make an early flight or be at that important appointment. A multi-feature vibrating alarm can really help take the worry out of waking up and help you get a better night’s sleep. Especially if you are a very sound sleeper, a multi-feature vibrating alarm can reassure you that something will wake you, if not the alarm, then the vibration, and if not those than a flashing light.


Have you ever slept through your alarm? After that, it is hard to trust that the sound can always be counted on to wake you. Having an alarm with a vibrating feature can work wonders. It can be used as an irregular back-up for important days, or all the time especially if you want a silent alarm. More features make for a more versatile alarm. Assurance that your alarm will wake you is a wonderful sleep aid. A dependable alarm is a small investment in a good night’s sleep.

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