Best Vitamin A to Take Before Bed

By Katie Dyal

The first vitamin in the alphabet may be one of the most important ones as well. Vitamin A contains a slew of benefits that will have you covered from your head to your toes. To start, it is most known in the beauty product world for working miracles on your skin. With consistent use of vitamin A, your skin will clear up from acne, heal faster, become more hydrated and gain a radiant glow. 

Internally, many more positive results occur. Vitamin A does wonders for your immune system, vision, bone health, tissue health, and general cellular function. It is also highly recommended for prenatal growth and may lower your risk of certain cancers. The real question is – is there anything that vitamin A doesn’t do? Continue below to see our top picks for the best vitamin A to take before bed.

Our Top Picks for the Best Vitamin A to Take Before Bed

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Horbäach’s Premium Vitamin A Supplement

Best Budget


You’ll start to notice the positive effects of Horbäach’s Premium Vitamin A Supplement after first use.

Your skin and overall cellular health will improve the more you use this supplement. This option is a bulk size, containing 300 soft gels in one bottle. These soft gels are extremely easy to take; consume one with water when you’re settling into bed. If you have allergy sensitivities or dietary restrictions, you won’t need to worry about taking this supplement. No gluten, lactose, yeast, preservatives or artificial additives are used in the making of this product. It is also lab-tested for quality control, ensuring the safety of this option. Vitamin A is also safe for children, so feel free to add this to the whole family’s vitamin routine.

Seeking Health

Best Luxury

Seeking Health

Seeking Health makes Vitamin A Drops that are so potent and beneficial, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

This option is especially great for women looking for new supplements to add to their prenatal regimen. Vitamin A aids in embryonic growth, as it supports and strengthens the heart, lungs, bones, and circulatory health of a developing baby. As a topical treatment, the vitamin is absorbed quicker and gets to work faster. Each drop contains 1,507 mcg RAE of topical vitamin A that shows up as retinol palmitate and beta-carotene. You’ll only need a drop or two a day, meaning that this 3.2-ounce bottle will last through the entire duration of a pregnancy or any other extended length of time. Through this formula, your skin, eyes and immune system will be rescued with continuous use. 

Klaire Labs

Best Micellized Option

Klaire Labs

The Micellized Vitamin A Liquid by Klaire Labs will renew your health, skin and medicine cabinet. This is a high-strength option that comes recommended for its quick absorption.

It’s a highly concentrated formula containing 1,507 mcg RAE per drop. Palmitate and beta-carotene are micellized into the tiniest droplets possible, meaning that they will immediately enter the bloodstream upon use. This option also contains potassium sorbate, making this product hypoallergenic. If you have serious allergies and are wary of taking vitamins, Klaire Labs is a trusted choice. This supplement doesn’t contain any artificial additives, animal products, dairy, gluten, peanuts, shellfish or soy. 600 doses come in this small but mighty bottle.

NOW Foods

Also Great 

NOW Foods

The Vitamin A (Fish Liver Oil) Softgels by NOW Supplements is a great choice to add to the selection of vitamins you take each day.

This product is GMP Quality Assured, meaning that it is thoroughly inspected for safe use. By taking a NOW vitamin A soft gel daily, you’re taking great care of your cell health. The benefits show up externally through your skin; however, this product also protects the tissues you don’t see, like your respiratory, GI and urinary tracts. In one bottle, you’ll receive 250 soft gels, each containing 25,000 IU of Vitamin A. It’s important to eat something with this supplement. Grab a midnight snack, preferably a healthy one that helps you sleep, before taking this vitamin before bed.

What to Look For in Your Next Vitamin A Supplement

It’s pretty easy to find a vitamin A supplement that you’ll be pleased with; however, there are some factors to keep in mind. Read the instructions, check the dosage, and see if any other ingredients are added before making your decision. 

Dosage: This is the most important factor. It is possible to overdose on vitamin A, and doing so can even result in a coma or death. The correct dosage for this vitamin ranges, depending on the age of the recipient and the concentration of the product. Always read labels carefully. 

Instructions: Vitamin A comes in different forms. Some must be taken with water, food or both. Your choice will come down to your preference. 

Additional Ingredients: Oftentimes, vitamin supplements are two-in-one or three-in-one deals. This can be appealing to you if you can benefit from an added ingredient. If it’s just Vitamin A that you’re after, make sure that it’s the main priority within the supplement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does mcg mean?

Mcg is the measurement abbreviation for micrograms. 

What does RAE mean?

RAE stands for “retinol activity equivalent” and basically measures how much retinol is in each dose. 

What does IU mean?

IU is short for International Units, which is a broadly used term for the measurement of various drugs and vitamins.

What does GMP Quality Assurance mean?

GMP stands for “good manufacturing practices.” A GMP Quality Assurance certification guarantees that a brand’s process of making a certain product is safe and up to high standards. 

What does it mean for something to be ‘micellized’?

Micelles are molecules that are attracted to both oils and water. By micellizing vitamin A, the vitamin’s solubility improves and can be absorbed much more easily. 


Vitamin A is so beneficial, you’ll wonder why you’re just learning about it now. Just one dose before bedtime can truly improve all areas of your health. With our list of recommendations, we encourage you to order one of these excellent vitamin A options.

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