Best waterproof pillow protector

By Katie Dyal

Ever been changing your bed linens, remove your pillowcase and notice your pillow doesn’t look as fresh as it did when you bought it? Even if you’re a “pillow washer,” regularly changing your cases and sanitizing pillows, maintaining a white pillow can be a battle. So how do you win that war? Enlist the help of a waterproof pillow protector.

The moisture from our skin oils, saliva and sweat breach pillowcase fabrics causing yellowing and stains. Using a pillow protector to create a moisture barrier not only can prevent stains but protects against allergens and dust mites that turn your luxury pillows dingy. Read below to get our reviews for the best pillow protectors and what to look for when you’re shopping. 

The best waterproof pillow protector

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Best overall

Noise-free and vinyl-free

Silently protect your family with this Linenspa pillow protector.

This choice is available in all three sizes: standard, queen and king. It offers a crinkle-free, 100% barrier from liquids, dust mites and allergens, and can be machine washed and dried on low heat. With an easy zipper closer protecting your high-quality pillow investment, the Linenspa also shields your skin from irritants that can cause congestion, eczema or even asthma.

Why we love it: 

  • Noiseless 
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • Ultra-thin hypoallergenic fabric 
Niagra Sleep Solution

Best value

Breathable, body-temperature sensitive

Niagra Sleep Solution’s 100 percent waterproof polyurethane protector has microscopic, breathable pores to stay cool or keep you warm as the season change.

This selection offers an affordable 4-pack of pillow protectors that not only are liquid-proof to protect your pillow but are constructed with microscopic breathable pores that help your body regulate cold in the winter and heat in the summer. You’ll rest more comfortably as well as enjoy its easy washable functionality.

Why we love it: 

  • Breathable membrane
  • 4-pack packaging
  • Hassle-free returns

Best toxin-free

Toxin, allergen and liquid elimination

Enjoy real peace-of-mind from bedbugs and more with SureGuard pillow protectors.

Protection is clearly the priority with this product. Its extra fine zipper that boasts Invisi-Zip technology, not only seals your pillow from 100 percent of liquids and allergens but also bed bugs. In addition, it’s free of any toxic chemicals, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalates and even fire retardants. With a Greenguard Gold certification from testing conducted in an independent laboratory, this protector delivers a 10-year quality guarantee.  

Why we love it: 

  • Bed bug protection
  • Invisi-Zip zipper technology
  • Noiseless, terry cloth surface
  • 2-pack packaging

Best antibacterial 

Germ transmission prevention

Guardmax Waterproof is all about reducing the impact of colds, flu, viruses and bacteria that can hide in your pillows.

This protector is another 100 percent hypoallergenic and liquid-proof pillow encasement, but it also offers a smooth, stretchy, noise-free fabric that delivers a quiet night’s sleep. Take this easily packable pillow protector on any trip to protect your family from the germs, allergens and toxins that can reside in those unpredictable hotel pillows. All of this protection also comes with a hard-to-beat 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 

Why we love it: 

  • Bacteria repelling
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Plush texture
  • Portable
Four Seasons

Best economy  

Affordable polyester blend

The Four Seasons waterproof protector is a non-cotton option that comes in a money-saving two pack in standard, queen and king sizing. 

Similar to the other pillow protector choices, Four Season’s Essentials offers complete encasement against liquids, allergens and pests. The top is constructed of high-quality polyester and the lining is made of a stretchable, breathable polyurethane that blocks moisture while creating a noise-free sleep experience. If you’re looking for an alternative to cotton fabric, this poly-blend offers the same high-quality benefits at an economical price.

Why we love it: 

  • Noiseless
  • Inexpensive
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Simple Design
Calmnite protector

Best kid-safe

Safe and functional

If you’re looking for a washable product that is soft, safe and silent for kids, the Calmnite protector could be the answer. 

Created from a smooth, polyester knit and with an easy-to-close zipper, this choice is hypoallergenic, waterproof and free of toxins, vinyl, PVC and Phthalates. The high thread count ensures a quiet sleep experience and the three size choices mean every family member gets the fit that’s right for them. Plus, the convenient 2-pack that comes in standard, queen and king means you can pick the sizes that work for your family.

Why we love it: 

  • Safety
  • Quality materials
  • Customized sizing

How to find the best waterproof pillow protectors 

Pillow protectors have come a long way since the day when they only came in standard pillow size and the waterproof material made such crackling noise that you couldn’t roll over without waking yourself up. With so many choices, narrowing down your search means having a strategy. We recommend you consider quantity, sizing, materials and guarantees.

Quantity: Are you covering all of the bedroom pillows in your house or just YOUR bedroom pillows? Do you need one or more for your family to pack when you travel? Buying quantity packs will help you save if you need more than one.

Sizing: If the pillowcase doesn’t fit, you really will have to “quit it,” so choose a product that offers more than one size or at least the size of your pillows. No one sleeps well on a pillow that bulges out of its encasement or swims around inside of it. 

Materials: Even a quality pillow protector cannot shield you from allergies if it’s constructed from materials to which you are allergic. Consult the material content to see what natural vs. synthetic content makes up the encasement.

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