Best Weighted Blanket Covers

By Laura Mohammad

May 19th, 2022

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Weighted blankets are fabulous for several reasons. They offer a conforming comfort, invoke a sense of calm and help you fall asleep. They can even last for years if cared for properly. To ensure that’s the case, it’s necessary to get your cherished piece of bedding its own cover. 

Weighted blanket covers are a no-brainer; they’re inexpensive, protective and will upgrade a blanket’s comfort level instantly. By adding another layer of cozy softness, you’ll sleep even sounder than you did with just the weighted blanket itself. These two are a perfect pair, offering restful sleep, improved mental health, and peace of mind. Within this list, you’ll find all of our favorite weighted blanket covers.

The Best Weighted Blanket Covers



Most Stylish Weighted Blanket Cover

The Cotton Duvet Cover by YnM will protect your weighted blanket in style. 

This cover slips on seamlessly and attaches easily with the help of its eight tie strings. Your blanket will fit snugly in its case, helping you to feel snugger at night. This option comes in a variety of stylish colors and patterns that keep every family member in mind. Your kids will love the fun patterns with flamingos, pineapples and comic strips. You’ll appreciate the silky bamboo options in colors like “blue-grey” and “braided apricot.” 


  • Outfitted with tie strings
  • Variety of color and patterns
  • Preshrunk 
  • Breathable 


  • Not as warm as other fabrics
  • Tumble dry on low only


Most Comfortable Weighted Blanket Cover

The Duvet Cover For Weighted Blanket by RelaxBlanket serves as the perfect companion to your favorite bed covering. 

Made of ultra-soft Minky, this fabric is like fleece, except even heavier and cozier. Because of these qualities, it’s a great option for someone looking to add warmth to their weighted blanket. This cover ranks high in durability and will last for years if cared for properly. This one’s for you if you love the effects of your weighted blanket but care for a more snuggly sleep. This product, offered in four variations of soft pink and grey, is made of an extra-plush material that rivals blankets made of more costly materials.


  • Durable
  • Zipper closure
  • Extra-soft 
  • Warm


  • Wash in cold water only
  • Some colors are slightly see-through
  • Can pill without proper care


Most Premium Weighted Blanket Cover

Quility’s Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover is a 2-in-1 option that will check all of your boxes. 

With one low price, you’ll receive a large weighted blanket as well as a velvety cover that fits perfectly. Both feature excellent stitching, making this overall product very durable. The removable cover, made of 100-percent cotton, features a smoother yet soft grey side and a plush, textured navy side. No matter which side you choose, you’re guaranteed outstanding comfort. The blanket itself sports a 15-pound weight that’s just heavy enough to promote a soothing sense of calm. 


  • Includes blanket and cover
  • Dual-sided 
  • Premium stitching


  • Air dry only
  • Bodyweight must be around 150 pounds


Most Sophisticated Weighted Blanket Cover

ZonLi’s Queen Size Removable Duvet Cover for Weighted Blankets looks great on your bed and will lead you to a night of better sleep. 

The smooth surfaces of this product feature-rich, vibrant colors that will add a “wow” factor to your room. The 100-percent cotton fabric is thinner and more breathable. If you hate sleeping hot, pair this cover with a weighted blanket that also keeps you cool. Sometimes weighted blankets can look bulky and out of place. With this high-quality option by ZonLi, your heavy blanket will become a statement piece.


  • Machine-washable
  • Temperature-regulating
  • Vast selection of colors


  • Color may fade over time
  • Will shrink if not properly cared for

How To Find The Best Weighted Blanket Covers

If weighted blankets are a new concept to you, chances are their covers are as well. How can you tell which one is right for your heavy bed covering? We recommend paying attention to a few factors that will lead you to your perfect pick. By considering material, size, durability, and color, you’ll have this decision covered. 

Material: Material is obviously important when it comes to a blanket covering. First off, it’s imperative to choose a fabric that feels great to cuddle up with. Also, the material you choose will tell you about its breathability and temperature-regulating properties. 

Size: Don’t estimate when it comes to size – consider the measurements of a cover in comparison to its adjoining weighted blanket. You’ll want to make sure that the two fit as snugly as possible. 

Durability: If you plan on using your cover a lot and want to own it for years to come, make sure that it’s built to last. You can get a clear idea of durability by examining a product’s quality of stitching and the materials by which it’s made. 

Color: Weighted blanket covers are first and foremost protective bed accessories. With that said, they also serve as an opportunity to show some personality. Why not pick a cover that adds a pop of color?


Here’s an overview of the best weighted blanket covers listed above:

Weighted Blanket Cover Material Best Rating
YnM Cotton Stylish 4.4/5
RelaxBlanket Polyester Comfortable 4.5/5
Cotton Premium 4.7/5
Cotton Sophisticated 4.4/5

Weighted blankets are definitely a great investment, but they can be expensive. Once you decide to go for one of these products, you’ll want to make sure it’s not easily damaged. Weighted blanket covers take this weight off your shoulders. With one of these coverings, you won’t have to worry so much about the upkeep of your fancy blanket. We hope that you’ve found your perfect weighted blanket covering within our list.