Best Wood Headboards

By Laura Mohammad

May 19th, 2022

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Whether you’re going for a rustic look or you like a bold style, you can find what you’re looking for in the world of wood headboards. Different styles, shapes, and sizes abound, all of which will bring a unique look to your bed. Headboards in this traditional material have come a long way, and some modern options even have intricate elements of design or added features. 

These bed frame toppers are also a fantastic choice when it comes to functionality. Whichever wood headboard you choose, chances are it’s incredibly easy to care for and built to last. We’re confident there’s a wood headboard out there that you’ll never get bored of. Continue reading to see our top picks for the best wood headboards.

Our Top Picks for the Best Wood Headboards


Best Budget

Atlantic Furniture

The Mission Headboard by Atlantic Furniture is the perfect crown to any bed. Made of sustainably sourced solid hardwood, this option is durable and eco-friendly. 

This safe choice is free of chemicals, using a non-toxic sealant for its finish. It comes in a warm caramel color. This light neutral is a nice departure from the darker shades that are more commonly seen in bedroom furniture. Its classic look exhibits a mission-slat style that’s sure to mesh well with any traditional decor. This headboard works best with metal bed frames.


Best Luxury

Signature Design By Ashley

The Drystan King Panel Headboard by Signature Design By Ashley will surely make your bed stand out. 

The style of this headboard combines a rustic look with modern, industrial details. The wood of this panel headboard has a weather-worn finish that showcases the contrasting warm and cool tones of the wood. Two light sconces outfitted in matte black metal adorn each side of this headboard. This added feature is highly useful and will allow you to skip out on using a lamp. Keep your beautiful nightstand less cluttered with the use of this gorgeous and practical wooden headboard.


Best Multipurpose


Zinus’s Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed With Headboard will change the game of your whole bedroom. 

Made of an elegant combination of black metal and pine wood, this chic item will instantly upgrade your space. This product makes achieving a contemporary style so easy. With this purchase, you will receive a platform bed complete with an attached headboard. It’s incredibly easy to assemble, and even easier to keep clean. This 2-in-1 option will comfortably cradle your mattress in style. You’ll sleep well knowing that the platform is secured with a sturdy slat system.


Also Great

Ameriwood Home

The Farmington Headboard by Ameriwood Home just may be the wood headboard you’ve been looking for. 

If it’s a rustic-style bed topper you’ve been after, this is it. The look and feel of weathered wood pairs nicely with the decorative panel style. High-quality construction ensures that this product is built tough and will remain stable even after years of use. If you’re absolutely in love with the look of this headboard, this company also makes a dresser and nightstand that matches.

The Benefits of a Wood Headboard

Wood headboards are a fantastic move for a few reasons. In terms of aesthetics, wood headboards come in all kinds of styles. They often sport a rustic look, but there are a plethora of options that bring something a little different. Wood can reflect all kinds of styles – we’ll bet there’s a headboard out there that perfectly compliments your bedroom. 

Wood is also a brilliant choice for headboard material due to its low level of maintenance. To keep this material clean, all you need to do is a little dusting or wiping, and then you’re done. Upholstered headboards are a different story. if you ruin the fabric of an upholstered option, you’ve ruined the headboard as a whole. This leads us to our last point; wood headboards are incredibly long-lasting.

What to Look For in Your Next Wood Headboard

If you’re thinking wood could be a good choice for your headboard, we can help with the details. Matters of style, size, installation and added features play a part in your quest for finding the wood headboard that’s right for you. 

Style: Your bed is an important visual focal point of your bedroom, and it should look as good as it feels. Dressing up your bed in a premium duvet cover or fun pillow shams is great, but have you thought about using a headboard to make a statement? Wood headboards are a great opportunity to show personality and add sophistication to your decor. 

Size: Size is a technical choice as well as an aesthetic choice. First off, it’s absolutely essential that your headboard fits the size of your bed. But also pay attention to the visual power of size as well. You don’t want to end up with a wooden headboard that overpowers your bed more than it accentuates it. 

Installation: Wood headboards can often be heavier than their upholstered counterparts, so make sure that the installation process is something you’re up for. You may want to plan ahead if you’re going to need a little help. 

Added Features: Some headboards feature additional elements, like light fixtures for example. Allow yourself a look around to see if there are added features that would suit your preferences and lifestyle. 


Wood headboards are always a sophisticated choice, no matter the size or style. By choosing this durable and easy-to-clean bed accessory, you’re saving yourself time and money. They also are a great way to make a bold statement or tie the decor of a bedroom together. We hope that our list has inspired you to find a wood headboard that beautifully suits your bedroom.