Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow Review

In this review, we’ll talk about how the cooling pillow feels, who it best suits, and what you can expect from your Brooklyn Bedding pillow.

By Laura Mohammad

Feb 2nd, 2023

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

[By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.]

Brooklyn Bedding was one of the earliest bed-in-a-box mattress companies on the internet. They first launched their bedding products on Amazon, and have since grown into their own website catalog.

At Mattress Advisor, we’ve had many Brooklyn Bedding mattresses in our lab, so we’re pretty familiar with their materials and construction (check out our Brooklyn Bedding mattress reviews). Now, we’re excited to talk about their other sleep accessories. If you’re interested in the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow, this is a good place to start.

Best For/Not Best For

The Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow is marketed as a pillow for every kind of sleeper. Still, there is no one-size-fits-all pillow, so here is who we think will like and dislike the Brooklyn Bedding pillow:

  • You sleep in any position, including on your side, stomach, or back
  • You are a hot sleeper who needs a pillow that keeps your head cool
  • You like the snug contouring of memory foam
  • You have allergies and are looking for a hypoallergenic pillow
  • You have neck pain or back pain and need a pillow with lots of pressure relief

You may not like this pillow if…

  • You prefer the feel of extra soft pillows (down pillows are an example)
  • You like to manipulate the shape of your pillow (in that case, a shredded foam pillow would be the best pillow for you)
  • You are on a tight budget and aren’t willing to finance your pillow

Inside the Brooklyn Bedding Pillow


Let’s start with the knit cover. The Luxury Cooling Pillow has a breathable cotton-polyester blend pillow cover. Polyester is often used in bedding because it is moisture-wicking and durable. Personally, I love the silky smooth texture of polyester. It feels luxurious without breaking the bank.

Cotton is also a good pick for a pillowcase. It starts soft and gets softer with each wash. The circular knit pattern doesn’t impact the effectiveness of the pillow, but it looks and feels nice.

Brooklyn Bedding also includes Phase Change Material in the cover. This enables the surface of the pillowcase to remain temperature neutral, bordering on cool. The PCM effect doesn’t go away after years of use, which is a big plus. Also, the cover is machine washable, and you can remove it with the zipper on the side.

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The core of the Luxury Cooling Pillow is a piece of plush CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. This construction provides consistent support, but it can’t be molded like shredded memory foam. The firmness of the foam may take getting used to for those coming from polyester or down pillows. Still, it has quite a bit of give, unlike traditional memory foam. The medium firmness level allows your head to sink into the center of the foam without losing neck support.

This pillow also has what Brooklyn Bedding calls dual action cooling technologies. The foam is infused with cooling gel that absorbs your body heat. It also has pin core ventilation, which is just a bunch of small holes in the foam that create channels for airflow.

Finally, the foam is infused with copper graphite. Both of these elements are high in thermal conductivity, which means that they naturally equalize the temperature of the foam. Plus, copper is antimicrobial and allergen-resistant. You don’t need to worry about mold, bacteria, or dust mites taking up residence in this pillow.

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What Makes It Great?

Curious what we love about this pillow? These are a couple of our favorite features:

  • Responsiveness: High responsiveness in pillows is really important if you’re a combo sleeper. I move around a lot when I sleep and need a pillow that can keep up. Brooklyn Bedding’s Luxury Cool pillow is made of open cell foam that snaps back into place after being adjusted. It’s one of the fastest responses that I’ve seen from a memory foam pillow.
  • Cooling: Single pieces of memory foam have a bad reputation for retaining heat. I’ve experienced this firsthand, and it’s very unpleasant. Brooklyn Bedding takes a big swing at cooling technologies with this pillow. After all, it is their Luxury Cooling pillow. The polyester-cotton cover and perforated foam core are both high in breathability, and the gel-infused foam surface instantly cools and continually draws heat away from your head.
  • 2 Loft Levels: Since the foam loft level can’t be adjusted, Brooklyn Bedding offers High and Low loft levels. The High pillow is around 5” tall and recommended for side sleepers and back sleepers. The Low loft pillow is just under 4” tall and better for stomach sleepers.

Product Info

In this next section, we’ll cover the specs for this pillow, including sizes, prices, sleep trial, warranty, and FAQs.

Sizes and Prices

Brooklyn Bedding offers their Luxury Cooling pillow in 2 sizes and 2 loft levels.

  • The queen size costs $129 and measures at 20” x 30″. 
  • The king size costs $149 and measures at 20” x 36″.
  • The low profile option is just under 4” tall
  • The high profile option is 5” tall

You can also opt to finance your pillow purchase through Affirm.

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Shipping and Returns

When you order a Brooklyn Bedding sleep product, you get free shipping via FedEx or UPS, unless you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.

If you need to return your pillow for whatever reason, you can send it back during the 30-day sleep trial. Just email, and they will send you a prepaid shipping label. Package your pillow and ship it back to their warehouse (they’ll give you the address). Once your return is processed, you’ll see the refund on your original form of payment within 3-4 business days.

Trial and Warranty

Brooklyn Bedding gives you a 30-day trial period. This is a little below average for pillow sleep trials, but it’s still plenty of time to decide if it’s not the right fit. During this period, you can also exchange your pillow for a different loft level. Just follow the return instructions, claim your refund, and order a new pillow.

The Luxury Cooling Pillow is covered by a 3-year warranty. Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t specify exactly which defects are covered, but a customer care representative confirmed that you will be eligible for a full pillow replacement if the foam cracks or flattens, or if the cover tears or shrinks from normal use. As with all warranties, hold on to your original receipt, since this is usually required to make a warranty claim. 

Customer Reviews

  • “Great pillow! Nice and cool, hardly ever have to flip it because it always stays so cold. It is honestly cold to the touch. Highly recommended.” – Graham G.
  • “I am absolutely in love with this pillow! Cools like a DREAM! Well made and overall perfect, especially for those of us who get overheated at night! Luxury and then some for sure! Just make sure to get a zippable pillow case because this pillow will move with its super soft and sleek surface, and it needs something to keep it in place!” – Ashley J.
  • “My husband sweats at night. Previous pillows were soaking wet in the morning. Not this one – we are very happy!” – Michelle

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Cooling: Breathable polyester-cotton cover and dual action cooling foam Off-Gassing: You may notice a subtle off-gassing smell after unpacking your new pillow
Pressure Relief: Buoyant memory foam lifts stress off of pressure points in all sleep positions  Size Limits: The Luxury Cooling Pillow is only available in queen and king sizes
Customizable: Two loft levels allow for a more customized sleep experience Price: This is one of the more expensive pillows on the market




How do I clean my Brooklyn Bedding Pillow?


Only the pillow cover is machine washable. Remove it by unzipping the cover and wash it on a gentle setting. You can tumble dry it on low heat or lay it flat to dry. Unlike the washable cover, Brooklyn Bedding advises only spot cleaning for the foam core.


What does it mean for memory foam to be CertiPUR-US Certified?


Memory foam is manufactured with chemicals, so most bedding companies strive for the lowest environmental and health impacts. Only foams with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions are awarded a CertiPUR-US certification. The foam also must be void of heavy metals, formaldehyde, ozone depleters, flame retardants, and phthalates.


What should I do if my new pillow has a factory smell?


Most off-gassing happens before memory foam pillows are shipped, but if you notice a slight factory odor after unpacking your pillow, air it out in a well ventilated room. The smell should disappear within a few hours.


Which pillow height should I choose for my sleeping position?


Loft preference is pretty subjective to each sleeper and their body type. Generally, side sleepers need a higher loft to keep pressure off of their shoulders. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, need a low loft to keep their spine aligned. Back sleepers are most comfortable with a medium loft, and combo sleepers can choose whichever height works best for their most dominant sleep position.


Do I get the same trial period and warranty if I order my Brooklyn Bedding pillow through Amazon?


If you order your pillow on Amazon, make sure the seller is either Amazon Prime or Brooklyn Bedding. If not, your pillow won’t be eligible for a trial period and it won’t be covered by the 3-year full replacement warranty.

Final Breakdown

Overall, the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow is a high-quality, cool, comfortable pillow. It addresses the needs of every sleep position, intentionally tackles temperature issues associated with memory foam, and is supportive without compromising coziness. 

I would recommend the high loft option to side sleepers with a small frame, as well as back sleepers with a large frame. The high loft may be too low for side sleepers with broad shoulders. The low loft option is great for back sleepers with a small or average frame. The foam has enough cushion to accommodate stomach sleepers, but some may find it too tall, particularly if you sleep with your arms by your sides or are transitioning from a down pillow.

Because this pillow has multiple cooling features, it should sleep comfortably for the average person. However, if you tend to sleep extra hot, you may want to veer in the direction of a shredded memory foam pillow.

Lastly, the cost may inhibit some consumers from trying the Luxury Cooling Pillow. Monthly financing is available if you’re set on this pillow model, but keep in mind that Brooklyn Bedding offers a couple of lower cost pillow options and occasionally runs discounts.