Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Return Policy Break Down

By Loren Bullock

May 13th, 2022

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress has a stellar track record. Brooklyn Bedding is a family-owned bed-in-a-box mattress company out of Phoenix, Arizona. They are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, affordable price points, and stellar customer service. 

Even with their rockstar reputation, we get that you may not have a great sleep experience the first time around, so fortunately Brooklyn Bedding offers a generous sleep trial and return policy. In this break down, we’ll cover how to request returns and exchanges, the fine print, and FAQs.

120-Night Sleep Trial Period

Brooklyn Bedding mattress customers get a 120-night trial period to gauge whether or not they chose the best mattress for their sleep needs. The sleep trial applies to all Brooklyn Bedding mattress models, including the Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress, Bowery Hybrid Mattress, Brooklyn Aurora, Bloom Hybrid, Spartan, Titan, and Plank.

During the trial period, you can opt to return the mattress for a full refund (minus shipping costs and promo codes) back to your credit card or original form of payment. However, you’ll need to wait until after the 30-day break in period. Waiting a month gives your body enough time to adjust to a new sleeping surface.

If you decide to keep your mattress, it will be covered by a 10-year warranty

Return Process

If you decide to part ways with your Brooklyn Bedding mattress, you can request a return before the 120th day. Here’s the return process step-by-step:

  1. Sleep on your Brooklyn Bedding mattress for at least 30 nights.
  2. Email or call 888.210.8751 to start the return process. Make sure you keep your order number and original proof of receipt, as they will be necessary to process the return.
  3. Your customer support rep will try to help you resolve any issues with the feel of your mattress. They may even send you a free mattress topper. If they can’t resolve your issues, they’ll process the return.
  4. Depending on the condition of the used mattress, you’ll be asked to either donate the mattress or arrange for a recycling pick up. Hold onto your donation or recycling receipt in case you are required to show proof.
  5. After 3-5 business days, you’ll receive your full refund.

Note: Amazon sells some Brooklyn Bedding mattresses wholesale – as opposed to being sold by Brooklyn Bedding through Amazon. If your mattress was sold by Amazon, then it will be subject to their return policy.

Exchange Process

The exchange process is very similar to the return process

  1. Sleep on your Brooklyn Bedding mattress for at least 30 nights.
  2. Email or call 888.210.8751 to start the exchange process. Make sure you keep your order number and original proof of receipt, as this will be necessary to process the exchange.
  3. Work with the customer support rep to determine the best alternative mattress for you (ex: memory foam vs innerspring).
  4. Pay – or be refunded – the difference between the two mattresses.*
  5. Donate or recycle your old mattress and submit the receipt to your customer support rep.
  6. Receive your new mattress via FedEx or UPS bed-in-a-box delivery.

*Exchanged mattresses shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada will be charged for shipping again.

The Fine Print

Make sure you store your mattress on a solid bed frame, adjustable base, or slat bed (max 4” between slats) – not an old box spring. Having the right support system for your mattress prevents sagging that can cause back pain, sleep disruptions, and possibly render your mattress unfit to be returned.

If you choose to exchange your mattress, you can only do so once. Exchanged mattresses can only be returned, not exchanged for another new mattress. If you really need to order another mattress, the customer support rep we spoke with suggested placing the order under a different name. 



Can I test a Brooklyn Bedding mattress before I buy?


Brooklyn Bedding has showrooms or mattress retailers in Arizona, Utah, Texas, New York, Montana, Minnesota, and Illinois. You can find the closest location to you on their website. Otherwise, utilize the trial period. You can test out factors like pressure point relief, edge support, and motion isolation in the comfort of your own home. If it’s not a great fit, you get all your money back, hassle-free.


How do I contact the Brooklyn Bedding customer support team?


You can email, call 1.888.210.8751, or use the online chat. Customer support is available Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM PST and Saturday-Sunday 9AM-5PM PST.


Is there a way to adjust the firmness level of my mattress without exchanging it for a new one?


Actually, yes! If the firmness of your mattress doesn’t feel right, let the customer care team know, and they’ll ship you a free foam mattress topper. It turns a firm mattress into a medium-firm mattress or can add extra pressure relief to a mattress that feels too stiff for side sleepers or stomach sleepers.


How do I care for my Brooklyn Bedding mattress?


The team at Brooklyn Bedding recommends rotating your mattress every 6 months so it breaks in evenly. We suggest using a waterproof mattress protector to keep spills or stains off of the top layers of your mattress.


Can I cancel my order if I made a mistake?


If you made a mistake in your order, call customer support right away at 1-888-210-8751. They may be able to correct your order before it goes into production. Once your order is shipped, it can’t be altered. If you cancel your order, Brooklyn Bedding will charge you a $60 cancellation fee.


Do I need to rebox my mattress when I return it?


No, simply remove your bedding and prepare it for transportation to a donation center or recycling facility.