Casper Memory Foam Pillow Review

The Casper Memory Foam Pillow is one of the most supportive pillows we’ve seen, making it an ideal candidate for side sleepers who need extra support and cushion.

By Nicole Gleichmann

Aug 15th, 2022

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Since Casper first came out with the Original Casper Mattress, they’ve made a name for themselves as one of the most popular hybrid and foam mattress brands that sell online. Their high quality, affordable prices, and generous trial periods apply not only to mattresses but to their line of sleep products as well. 

Another fan favorite is Casper’s line of pillows. In this review, I’m going to share my experience with the Casper Foam Pillow. I’ll share what it feels like in every sleeping position, its pros and cons, and who it’s best (and worst) for. Spoiler—it’s a close runner-up as one of the best pillows for side sleepers!   

✔️Customer Rating: 4.5/5
✔️Mattress Advisor Score: 8.6/10
✔️Type: Memory Foam Pillow
✔️Free Shipping
✔️1-Year Limited Warranty
✔️30-Night Sleep Trial

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Overview: The Casper Foam Pillow is a low loft supportive pillow designed to keep your neck aligned while you sleep. With three layers of foam, it’s uniquely huggable. Plus, Casper offers 30 days to try it out risk-free.

Read on to find out if the Casper Foam Pillow fits your needs based on its materials, product details, and Mattress Advisor testing scores.

Who is the Casper Foam Pillow Best For?

Casper Foam Pillow is best for: Casper Foam Pillow may not be best for:
  • Side sleepers
  • Back sleepers
  • Those with neck pain
  • Fans of memory foam
  • Hot sleeper
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Shoppers wanting a low-maintenance pillow they can throw in the wash
  • People who prefer down alternative pillows that they can fluff


How We Scored the Casper Foam Pillow

When reviewing pillows, we rate each factor on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being exceeds expectations and 1 being has significant room for improvement. To reach our final score, we calculate a weighted average from all 5 categories. Read more about our review process here.

Mattress Advisor Test Score (Out of 10)
Temperature Regulation 9
Support 9
Responsiveness 8.5
Durability 8.5
Construction 8
⭐Total Score for the Casper Foam Pillow: 8.6/10⭐

Casper Foam Pillow Performance Highlights

✅ Pros

  • Always Supportive: The 6” of foam only slightly compress, and the pillow never goes flat. You won’t need to fluff this pillow for it to stay supportive every night for years on end.
  • Plush Feel: Thanks to the outside layer of soft polyfoam, the Casper Foam Pillow offers ample cushioning along with its reliable support.
  • Sleeps Cool: Most memory foam pillows trap heat, which is uncomfortable for hot sleepers. Thanks to perforated foam and a cooling cover, this pillow supports a cool night’s sleep.
  • Durable: The Casper Foam Pillow is ultra-durable. Its all-foam construction is likely to outlast most other pillows, including many down pillows and down alternative pillows.

❌ Cons

  • Not Good for All Sleep Positions: Because the Casper Foam Pillow is thick and supportive, it doesn’t work well for most stomach sleepers and some back sleepers.
  • Pricey: With prices ranging between $89-$169, this pillow costs more than the average pillow, but Casper has regular sales, making it more affordable.
  • Relatively Heavy: Due to its all-foam construction, this pillow is heavier than most pillows.

Our Favorite Things

With a feel like a plush yet supportive marshmallow, there’s lots to love about the Casper Memory Foam Pillow. I’ve chosen the top three things that make the Casper pillow stand out to help you decide if this pillow is the one you’ve been searching for. 

It Sleeps Cool: If there’s one thing that memory foam pillows aren’t known for, it’s sleeping cool. Thanks to Casper’s perforated foam and touchably cool pillow cover, the Casper Memory Foam Pillow doesn’t trap excess body heat. Its breathability makes it one of the best all-foam cooling pillows for hot sleepers. Plus, you can choose to add Casper’s signature Snow Technology, to give the pillow a cool-to-the-touch outer layer.

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It Doesn’t Go Flat: Do you find yourself fluffing your pillow in the middle of the night, just to keep it comfy and supportive? Thanks to Casper’s 3-layer design with different density foams and an added gusset, you won’t have to fluff the Casper pillow. This is one of the very few pillows that offer the same support from the first minute you lie on it until you wake up the next morning. As a side sleeper, I need this reliable support to sleep peacefully and wake up without neck pain. 

You Can Try It Out: Casper’s generous sleep trial doesn’t only apply to their mattresses. Every one of their pillows comes with a 30-night trial. This means you can try the pillow out in the comfort of your own home. If you don’t fall in love with its balanced foam feel, simply return it for a full refund! For anyone who’s struggled to find a pillow that works, this trial removes any financial risk from seeing if the Casper Foam Pillow is the pillow you’ve been waiting for. 

Pillow Construction

Casper uses a unique pillow design in each of their pillows that helps to keep them from going flat by morning. The inside of their pillows is denser and more supportive, while the outer pillow layers are plush and cozy. 

The Casper Foam Pillow has a 3-layer construction. The inner pillow layer is made from high density viscoelastic polyurethane foam—more commonly known as memory foam—that ensures lofty support all night long. Sandwiching this layer are two layers of plush polyurethane foam. These outer layers of foam add a marshmallowy softness that cradles the head and neck. 

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Another design feature that I love is Casper’s gusset. A thick gusset along the pillow’s perimeter supports the pillow’s structure. The gusset not only keeps the pillow from collapsing, but it gives extra space so that the soft outer layers stay fluffy and huggably soft. 

All three foam layers are perforated, allowing airflow to sweep away excess body heat. To further protect sleepers from overheating, Casper’s jersey knit cover is made from a breathable polyester and spandex blend. This pillow cover feels cool-to-the-touch, soft, and incredibly stretchy. 

The cover has a zipper so you can easily remove and launder it. However, I still recommend using a pillowcase to protect the foam from spills and other potential damage. 

Best For/Not Best For

There’s no one pillow that’s perfect for everyone. Personal preference and sleeping position are the primary factors that influence which pillow will work best for you. To determine who is best served by the Casper Foam Pillow, we examined the feel in every sleeping position and listed its pros and cons. Here’s what I found. 

Best For: Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, I know how hard it is to find the right pillow for this sleeping position. When side sleeping, you need a pillow that’s supportive enough to keep your head from dipping out of alignment with your spine. Yet, to feel comfortable, it needs a plush surface to cradle the side of your head. 

With a 6” loft, the Casper Foam Pillow was thick enough to keep the spine properly aligned. And with the ultra-soft outer foam layers, it was super comfy to cuddle up with. Thanks to its 3-layer foam design, there is zero flattening over the night. The contouring, responsive foam, and thick profile are ideal for side sleepers

Good For: Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a pillow that’s at once plush and supportive. Too soft or thin of a pillow leads to the head not feeling supporting, while too thick or supportive of a pillow kinks the neck upwards. 

As a smaller female, I found the Casper Foam Pillow slightly too thick for back sleeping. However, someone with a larger frame would likely find the thickness and plush comfort perfect for back sleeping. As such, I recommend the Casper Foam Pillow for back sleepers who find most pillows too flat. 

Not Ideal For: Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a soft, thin pillow that flattens out when laid upon. The Casper Foam Pillow is simply too thick and supportive for most stomach sleepers. When stomach sleeping, the Casper pillow makes the neck bend upwards in an uncomfortable position. 

If you sleep on your stomach, I recommend the Original Casper Pillow. This polyester microfiber fill pillow has a removable inner layer, so you can choose how thick or thin you want your pillow. Most stomach sleepers prefer the squishy, soft feel of Casper’s original pillow

Other Things to Note

The Casper Memory Foam Pillow has medium firmness, with just enough support and cushion for most side and back sleepers. While the Casper Foam Pillow does have memory foam, it also uses plush polyfoam for a more responsive, softer feel. Thanks to this variety of foam, I didn’t find this pillow to offer the same close contour and slow sinking feeling of 100% memory foam pillows

One thing that sets Casper’s pillow apart is that it sleeps much cooler than the average all-foam pillow. Its perforated foam and breathable cover make it an excellent choice for hot sleepers who want a substantial pillow. 

Because the Casper pillow is made from three layers of foam, it’s heavier than a microfiber or down pillow. Its construction yields a balance of contouring support and plush give that’s great for sleepers who want reliable support night after night. But if you’re someone who likes to fold or move your pillow around with you when you sleep, the best pillow is probably a lighter pillow, such as the Casper Original Pillow.

Product Info

Now that you know who the Casper Memory Foam Pillow is built for and what it feels like, let’s delve into what you should expect when buying a new Casper pillow.

Casper Foam Pillow Sizes, Dimensions, and Pricing

Size  Dimension Gusset Price*
Standard 16″ x 24″ 1.25″ $89
King 16″ x 32″ 1.25″ $119

*Prices listed are standard without sales or Mattress Advisor exclusive discounts. Click below to find the best price for the Casper Foam Pillow.

Purchase Details

Delivery Free shipping, ships within 1-28 business days
Trial Period 30-night sleep trial
Warranty 1-year limited pillow warranty
Return Policy Free returns during the trial period
Financing None available

Shipping and Returns

Casper ships for free to most locations in the United States and Canada. Additional fees apply to those who live in Hawaii or Alaska. Casper pillows arrive in 1-5 business days, depending on where you live. Home delivery and setup orders typically take 2-4 weeks after the ship date to schedule.

Casper is one of few companies with an exceptional pillow return policy. You can return your pillow anytime within the first 30 days after receipt for a full refund. Casper covers return shipping, so all you need to do is print a return label and drop your package at any UPS location.   

Trial and Warranty

Casper pillows come with a 30-night sleep trial, which is slightly shorter than the 100-night sleep trial that comes with the Casper mattresses. From the day that you receive your new pillow in the mail, you have a month to try it out and make sure that it’s the right one for you.

If you decide to return the pillow, contact Casper’s customer service. They’ll walk you through what to do to get a full refund. You will need to ship your pillow back to Casper, but Casper covers the return shipping cost. After it’s received, the pillow will either be donated or recycled. 

The Casper Foam Pillow comes with a 1-year warranty. If there’s a problem with the materials or workmanship within the first year, Casper will replace your pillow at no cost to you.



How do you clean the Casper Memory Foam Pillow?


The pillow cannot be washed, only spot cleaned. The cover is machine washable. To wash the cover, remove it from the pillow and put it in the washing machine on low with cold water. Hang dry or dry it flat.


How does the Casper Memory Foam Pillow compare to Casper’s other pillows?


Casper sells 11 pillows. Their most popular ones are the Casper Original Pillow, the Casper Down Pillow, and the Casper Memory Foam Pillow. The Foam Pillow is thicker and more supportive than either of Casper’s other pillows. Both the Original Pillow and Down Pillow are fluffier and lighter than the Foam Pillow. Cost-wise, the Original is the least expensive, Down the most expensive, and Foam falls right in the middle.


Can I try the Casper Foam Pillow in person?


Some retail stores carry Casper pillows, with Target being the most widespread. You can also try out the Casper Foam Pillow at one of Casper’s retail locations. Alternatively, you may test out the Casper pillow in the comfort of your bed at thanks to free delivery and their 30-night sleep trial.

Final Breakdown

The Casper Foam Pillow is one of the most comfortable supportive pillows that I’ve laid on. Its three foam layer balance support with a soft, huggable feel. Thanks to its thick profile, the Casper Foam Pillow is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers who find most pillows too flimsy.

Because it’s so supportive, stomach sleepers and those who prefer light, fluffy pillows would be better served with one of Casper’s other pillows, the Original Casper Pillow or the Casper Down Pillow. It also has a higher price tag than other pillows on the market, which may be unappealing to those on a tight budget.