Casper Mattress Topper Review

Casper’s Mattress Topper is well-received, but is it the best mattress topper for you? Hear our thoughts on this latex topper.

By Laura Mohammad

Aug 26th, 2022

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You may have seen Casper sleep products on internet ads, Target shelves, or Casper introduced themselves to the online mattress world with their popular bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress. Since then, they’ve expanded to hybrid mattresses like the Casper Wave and Casper Nova, as well as sleep products ranging from sheets to glow lights.

In their bid for top online mattress company, they developed their latex topper to compete with memory foam toppers from brands like Linenspa, Parachute, and Tempur-Pedic. We took an in-depth look at Casper‘s topper to see if it really gives you that new mattress feel you expect when you invest in a topper.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Advisor may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.

Foam Topper Materials

Casper’s latex mattress topper is 3 inches deep and constructed of 3 layers of premium foams. My first impression was how plush and buoyant it feels. Casper classifies their topper as medium-soft on the firmness scale, and I agree. 


The fabric cover is mostly polyester with a little rayon and lycra. It feels soft to touch. 

The bottom fabric is also mostly polyester with acrylic latex to help it grip to the mattress surface. The topper didn’t noticeably move during the night, but I personally prefer straps on my toppers for extra non-slip security. 

Foam Layers

Top Layer

The top layer is made of what Casper calls alt-latex foam. This is basically high-density polyurethane foam, which is commonly used in mattresses and toppers. Alt-latex foam is also known as “neutral foam” because it’s comfy and has more bounce than traditional memory foam.

Middle Layer

Casper opted for a latex middle layer. Latex is naturally temperature regulating and cool-to-touch. It absorbs body heat similarly to gel. The latex foam is infused with graphite for an added measure of comfort. Graphite is high in thermal conductivity and dissipates heat so it doesn’t build up in the foam under your body. 

I tend to sleep hot on memory foam mattress toppers and need cooling technology in the fabric cover. Casper’s topper does a good job of keeping me temperature neutral, even though the cooling features are only in the foam. It may be a touch too warm for those without A/C in their living space, but if not, cooling sheets can drop the temperature of your bed down an extra notch.

Bottom Layer

Lastly, the bottom layer is viscoelastic foam. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s memory foam. I’m glad the memory foam is on the bottom because I move around a lot while sleeping and need more responsive layers on top. Overall, the memory foam layer added structure to the feel of the topper.

All of Casper’s topper foams are Certi-PUR certified and hypoallergenic, so you should notice little to no off-gassing during unboxing. My room can be a little stuffy since it’s above the garage, so I open my windows and turn on a fan whenever I use new memory foam products. 

What Makes the Casper Topper Special

Breathable Foam: Casper constructs their topper with tiny pores that allow your body heat to travel away from your body and out of the foam. 

Graphite-Infused Latex: The latex core layer improves buoyancy and temperature regulation. The result is faster response times to changes in movement and a cooler sleep experience.

Universal Feel: Typically, a medium-soft feel is best for side sleepers. The beauty of all-foam toppers is that they can also transform a firm mattress into a medium-firm mattress, which accommodates all sleeping positions, including side, back, and stomach sleepers. Also, medium-soft memory foam toppers do a good job of contouring around pressure points, which reduces morning aches and stiffness. 

Best/Not Best for

Casper’s Mattress Topper is a good fit for…

  • Those who want to take a firm mattress down to a medium firmness level
  • Those who want to make a soft mattress even softer
  • Couples who want to improve the motion transfer of an innerspring bed
  • Sleepers with neck, shoulder, or back pain
  • All sleeping positions, and especially side sleepers
  • Shoppers who are willing to pay a couple hundred dollars on a topper instead of buying an entirely different mattress 

The Casper Mattress Topper may not be the best fit if you…

  • Like a firm mattress, since the topper will increase the softness of your mattress surface
  • Are shopping for a pillow top or mattress padmattress toppers tend to be firmer than pillow tops and much thicker and cushioning than mattress pads
  • Want to avoid memory foam
  • Need a topper with a removable cover (Casper’s topper cover is spot clean only) 
  • Are looking for a budget mattress topper

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Product Info

Casper offers their topper in Twin size up to California King. The chart below shows the dimensions and price for each size.

Sizes and Prices

Size Dimension Price
Twin 38.5″ x 74.5″ x 3″ $195
Twin XL 38.5″ x 79.5″ x 3″ $215
Full 53.5″ x 74.5″ x 3″ $265
Queen 59.5″ x 79.5″ x 3″ $295
King 75.5″ x 79.5″ x 3″ $355
Cal King 71.5″ x 83.5″ x 3″ $355

Shipping and Returns

Casper ships their mattress topper for free to the United States (lower 48) and Canada. Additionally, they provide free returns during the trial period, as long as the topper is functional enough to be donated. After you provide proof of donation, Casper will process your full refund.

Trial Period and Warranty

You get a 100 night trial period when you buy Casper’s Mattress Topper. Typically, it takes around 30 days for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface, so we recommend sleeping on your topper for a month before making a final decision. 

Note: Casper also sells their topper on Amazon. The trial period and return policy may differ if you buy your topper from Amazon. If you are concerned about differences in sleep trial, buy directly from

Casper warrants their mattress topper for the same amount of time as their mattresses: 10 years. They will replace your topper if it develops more than 1” of sagging or cracks/splits in the foam from normal use. 

Pro tip: Rotate your topper (and mattress) every 3-4 months to reduce the chance of body impressions developing.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Feel: Enhances the feel of the bed you already have for a fraction of the cost of a new mattress Hard to Clean: Topper cover is not machine washable
Cool: Cooling technologies help to neutralize the temperature of your sleeping surface Price: Not a budget sleep product
Pressure Relief: Provides extra contouring for pressure points


Final Breakdown

Casper’s latex and memory foam mattress topper is comfy and relatively cool. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s much cheaper than a brand new mattress, and definitely not the most expensive topper on the market. Plus, Casper occasionally runs special discounts.

Additionally, while it may feel a tad too warm for extra hot sleepers, we think most shoppers will experience greater comfort and noticeably better sleep.