Casper: They’re Not Just for Mattresses Anymore

Casper plans to offer everything you need to sleep better. Learn about their new business model here.

By Andrea Pisani Babich

Now that the bed-in-a-box model has taken off with abandon, following Casper’s lead in 2014, the company plans to emerge from the peloton of DTC mattress companies as “the Nike of sleep” according to Casper founder Neil Parikh. If things go as planned, Casper will be the brand consumers think of when they need anything related to sleep.

Casper’s product line already includes

  • Bed frames
  • Mattress toppers
  • Nap pillows
  • Dog beds
  • Duvets
  • Sheets
  • Pillows

Nothing too remarkable there; many companies that began by selling mattresses have expanded into bedding accessories.

Casper stomach sleepers

But Casper is reaching beyond bedding into the wellness arena where physical health intersects with mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Casper hopes to capitalize on the fact that wellness begins with restful, rejuvenating sleep by offering products beyond bedding that promote sound and sufficient Zs. Philip Krim, Casper CEO, says he wants Casper to be “a destination for all things sleep,” and that includes advice.

To that end, Casper has assembled a Sleep Advisory Board consisting of sleep experts from top-flight universities and medical practices who will, among other tasks, teach Casper’s 500 employees the ins and outs of how to get a good night’s sleep. Well-rested Casper associates will surely have better interactions with customers, but also their new-found knowledge can be passed on to customers who want advice about how to sleep better. That’s a totally new take on the job description for bedding sales reps. Look, Toto, we’re not at Matt’s Mattress Mart anymore.

Casper’s New Line of Sleep-Promoting Products

Casper’s dreamy ambitions mean new products rolling out that you might not expect from a company that has its roots in foam mattresses. This year, Casper began offering a cordless bedside Glow Light that helps you fall asleep naturally by dimming gradually. In the morning, Glow wakes you gently by slowly brightening like the sun peaking over the horizon. Designed with a simple pleasing shape and with no cords to clutter your space, Glow helps to build on Casper’s comforting, gentle ethos established way back in 2015 with those early TV commercials featuring mesmerizing graphics, tranquil colors, and a voiceover that melts over the airwaves like warm molasses.

Need more help getting to sleep than a great mattress, premium bedding, and a cool night light? Casper’s got you covered.

With lots of soothing relaxation and mindfulness apps out there, why shouldn’t a company devoted to sleep try their hand at creating calming vids. Enter the Casper Sleep Channel. Here you’ll find a collection of videos designed to lull you to sleep or into a calm meditative state. Hosted by a character called June the Moon, each video features hypnotic animations and binaural beats combined with voiceovers by actors whose somniferous voices guide you on your journey to Dreamland (or away from writing about Casper). Launched this spring, Casper will surely expand this channel with more offerings in the sleep and wellness category.

And just when it seemed a mattress company couldn’t wander further from its original mission, Casper is producing gummies. But not just any gummies. These gummies contain CBD and melatonin in just the right amounts to ease your passage to the Land of Nod. Produced by the CBD experts at Plus, sleep gummies are currently available only at their site.

Need Better Sleep? Think Casper

From opening their own brick and mortar stores where you can buy everything you need for your bed to opening napping pods in their Dreamery in downtown New York City, Casper is busy cultivating a closer relationship with customers than is possible online only. And their new product line promises to differentiate Casper from other DTC mattress brands, making Casper a one-stop shop for all things sleep.

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