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Casper vs Tuft & Needle Mattress Comparison

Deciding between a Casper and Tuft & Needle mattress? We can help you decide by ratings, features, pricing, and more.

Casper and Tuft & Needle are two early adopters of the bed-in-a-box concept. Each of these mattresses has been through multiple iterations based on customer feedback and R&D, which is a big reason why they are two of the most popular brands available today.

Take a look at our Casper vs. Tuft & Needle comparison below to see how these mattresses stack up against each other on things like ratings, price, features, and trial period to help you choose the best mattress for your budget and sleeping style.

Casper vs. Tuft & Needle at a Glance

Customer Rating
MA Score
Trial Period


Customer Rating
MA Score
9.1 / 10

Universal firmness mattress for the average sleeper


Medium-firm: 6/10


Memory foam

Trial Period

100 days


10-year limited warranty

Tuft & Needle

Customer Rating
MA Score
8.7 / 10

Budget-friendly mattress for the average sleeper


Medium-firm: 6/10


Foam blend

Trial Period

100 days


10-year limited warranty

Key Similarities

  • Both mattresses were rated medium-firm on our firmness scale.
  • Both mattress companies offer a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty
  • The Casper and the Tuft & Needle both work for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and side sleepers.
  • Both mattresses scored the same on our cooling test.
  • Both mattresses have top layers that prevent excessive sinkage.

Key Differences

  • The Casper is a memory foam mattress whereas the Tuft & Needle is a foam blend. 
  • Tuft & Needle is slightly more affordable than Casper. 
  • Because of its high responsiveness and spine alignment scores, the Casper does a better job of preventing lower back pain.
Casper mattress

Casper Mattress Highlights

  • The Casper scored a 9.5 on our edge support test; edge support assists in motion isolation and prevents the sides of the bed from sinking if you roll too far over.
  • The Zoned Support top memory foam layer provides contouring for your pressure points, supporting areas like your shoulders, hips, and back.
  • Casper offers a few other mattress models: the Casper Hybrid, Casper Element, Casper Nova Hybrid, and Casper Wave Hybrid.
Tuft & Needle mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress Highlights

  • The Adaptive Foam layer promotes breathability and air flow.
  • Speaking of the Adaptive Foam layer, it does a great job of adapting to your movements throughout the night, meaning it’s great for combination sleepers.
  • The Tuft & Needle is a very affordable mattress that is still high-quality.
  • Tuft & Needle offers a mattress for every type of sleeper. Check out our reviews of the Mint, Hybrid, and Nod!

Compare Mattress Specs/Sizes

You’ll notice some small differences between the size of Casper and Tuft & Needle mattresses. Namely, the Casper Twin XL and Full Sized mattresses are smaller than their T&N counterparts by one inch.

Tuft & Needle
Thickness 10″ 10″
Twin Size 39″ x 75″ 39″ x 75″
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ 39″ x 80″
Full Size 53″ x 75″ 54″ x 75″
Queen Size 60″ x 80″ 60″ x 80″
King Size 76″ x 80″ 76″ x 80″
Cal King Size 72″ x 84″ 72″ x 84″

Learn more about mattress sizes.

Compare Casper vs. Tuft & Needle Mattress Prices

These are the base prices for the Casper and Tuft & Needle mattresses. Be sure to check in on our site regularly, as we’ll keep you up to date on sales, promotions, or exclusive Mattress Advisor discounts.

Tuft & Needle
Twin $595 $350
Twin XL $695 $395
Full $995 $495
Queen $1,095 $595
King $1,295 $750
Cal King $1,295 $750

Compare Inside Layers

In order to truly understand how the Casper & Tuft & Needle work it’s important to become familiar with their layers. Let’s take a look inside to get an idea of how these mattresses tick.

Inside the Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress is made up of three different layers of foam, each of which contribute to the overall comfort and durability of the bed. The bottom layer of high-density support foam provides structure and is designed to prevent sinking. The middle layer is made of Zoned Support foam that keeps your spine aligned and cushions your hips, waist, and back. The top layer is Airscape foam, a material that allows for airflow and breathability.

Inside the Casper mattress


  • Airscape Breathable Foam: A top layer of perforated memory foam that keeps you from overheating throughout the night.
  • Zoned Support Layer: Three ergonomic zones that help to support your back and cushion your shoulders and knees. 
  • Durable Support Foam: Keeps you from sinking too far into the mattress and improves your bed’s lifespan.

Inside the Tuft & Needle

Like the Casper, the Tuft & Needle was designed with support and comfort in mind. The innovative foam used in the bottom and top layers make this an excellent mattress for people of all shapes and sizes, and effectively suits all sleeping positions. On top of those layers of memory foam, a graphite infused cover helps to keep you cool throughout the night.

Inside the Tuft & Needle mattress


  • Cover – Graphite infused to increase breathability and wick away heat. 
  • Top layerAdaptive® foam that contours to your body, much like memory foam
  • Bottom layerHigh-density foundation foam that keeps the top layer from sagging.

Compare Mattress Advisor Scores

Let’s see how the Casper and Tuft & Needle stacked up against each other in our Mattress Advisor lab tests.

Casper Tuft & Needle
Shipping 10 10
Trial Period 9 9
Return Policy 10 10
Warranty 9 9
Set-Up Test 8 8.5
Motion Transfer Test 8 8.75
Edge Support Test 9.5 7.25
Pressure Relief Test 8.5 7.75
Spinal Alignment Test 9.5 8.5
Responsiveness Test 10 8
Cooling Evaluation 7 7
Durability Evaluation 8 8
Customer Service Score 9 10
Social Impact Score 9 8
TOTAL SCORE 9.1/10 8.7/10

Motion Transfer

When it comes to motion isolation, the Tuft & Needle mattress is the winner here. While the Casper scored a respectable 8 on this test, the Tuft & Needle really impressed us with its ability to remain calm under pressure. That is to say, you won’t have to worry about the movement of your sleep-partner disturbing you on the T&N mattress

Edge Support:

If you tend to roll to the side of your bed when you sleep then you’ll want a mattress with solid edge support. In this field, the Casper blew us away. Among the mattresses that we’ve reviewed in our lab, it is just about unparalleled when it comes to this feature. Because of its outstanding edge support, side sleepers can’t go wrong with the Casper mattress.


Both the Casper and the T&N mattress scored highly on our responsiveness test, but the Casper scored a rare perfect score. This means that the Casper does a wonderful job of adapting to your body as you move around throughout the night. Casper’s Zoned Support ensures that no matter your position, your pressure points will be supported.


So who wins in the battle between Casper vs. Tuft & Needle? It depends on who is asking!

Both of these mattresses are designed to appeal to the average sleeper, though they have their individual perks. If you’re looking for a budget mattress but don’t want to sacrifice on quality the Tuft & Needle is a great choice.

But if you’re willing to spend a little more, you won’t regret the added qualities you get with Casper’s Zoned Support system to help keep you comfortable and supported all night long.

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